The Washington Football Team TWFT Team Overview 2020

The Washington Football Team Overview 2020

The Washington Football Team Est. 1932

The Washington Football Team TWFT Team Overview 2020


Dan Snyder. Snyder is widely not liked in the Washington DC metropolitan area. Snyder bought the team in 1999. His wealth stems from his marketing company called Snyder Communications.

He sold the company in 2000 for around $2 billion dollars. Throughout his ownership, the team has been really bad most years.

Now the team has changed its name from Redskins to the Washington Football Team. The fan base has eroded from years past.

He is now hoping with the hire of Ron Rivera that he can bring the Washington football team back to glory.

General Manager

Ron Rivera (De Facto). Kyle Smith is also in charge of a lot of the general manager roles within this organization.

However, it looks like Dan Snyder wants Rivera to have final say. I think eventually McCloughin will be GM the more that Snyder trusts him.

The previous GM was Bruce Allen and he mismanaged countless things from all aspects of the organization.

Hiring Ron Rivera was a huge move for Dan Snyder and Rivera is steadily changing the roster to reflect the type of culture he wants for this team moving forward.

It will be interesting to see what happens in 2020.

Head Coach:

Ron Rivera. Rivera was a linebacker for the Chicago Bears in the 1980’s.

He then was a coach for the Bears, Eagles and Chargers. While with the Chargers, he was promoted to defensive coordinator.

Then shortly there after he got an offer to be the Panthers head coach in 2011. A lot of people love the hire of Rivera in Washington but I am not crazy about it.

He is a great face of the franchise and he will create an identity for this team which is something this team has lacked for a really long time.

However, his team’s havn’t been consistent. They were always up and down every other season but they were never really really bad.

He always managed to win 6 games every season with Carolina which isn’t impressive but there are a lot of teams that have only won 5 games in the same span that Rivera was the head coach in Carolina.

His highlight in Carolina was that he took the Panthers to the Superbowl but lost to the Denver Broncos in 2015.

He has a lot of work to do in Washington and has to deal with a lot of outside noise as well. As the face of the franchise he will probably have to do a lot of speaking too.

I hope the best for Rivera. This was not an envious or desirable job.

Fantasy Outlook for TWFT

QB: Dwayne Haskins

I’m not a believer in Haskins. I think he is very competitive and will have a better year in 2020 and win more games for the Football Team.

However, he is wildly inaccurate. I watched him play a lot last year and you can’t coach accuracy to a point. Either you have it or you don’t. Haskins doesn’t have it.

This receiving corps also isn’t going to help him win any 50-50 balls either. Stay away from Haskins at all costs.

WR: Terry McLaurin

We are going to continue the trend of stay away from “xyz”. This time it is McLaurin. This is no knock on McLaurin because I think he is going to have a really good NFL career.

However, the stats don’t lie. Once Haskins became the QB, McLaurin’s stats dropped significantly. Your only hope for McLaurin is that Kyle Allen replaces Haskins by week 4 of the season.

TWFT Offensive Preview

Offensive: Scott Turner. Scott is Norv Tuner’s son. Norv’s offenses were known to throw the ball down the field instead of short like the west coast offense.

However, Norv had quite a few different teams throughout his career have tremendous success running the ball. So he definitely had a knack for knowing the talent on his team but his passion was to air the ball out down the field.

Now Scott was the offensive coordinator of the Panthers last season but was definitely influenced and helped by his father Norv who was on the Panthers staff last season. Scott didn’t do amazing but he also didn’t have great quarterback play either.

His offense was only 20th in points scored. Now he is with the Football Team and honestly doesn’t have much better of a quarterback situation.

He also doesn’t have a top offensive line either. It’s hard to tell exactly what this offense will do in 2020 but there are signs for sure.

Turner had a knack for understanding his players limits in Carolina. The Football Team also drafted Antonio Gandy-Golden and Antonio Gipson.

These players are known to be jack of all trade players that can line up everywhere. So I am pretty sure that Turner will probably lean a lot on short passes early on in the season.

I don’t know what kind of run game they will try and implement but from a fantasy perspective it shouldn’t matter. I’m not touching anybody on this team.

The offensive line is a working progress. The right side looks to be solid but the left side of the line isn’t polished. Anywho, I don’t think Haskins has what it takes to be in the NFL because he isn’t accurate enough to be even good.

He routinely misses easy short throws.

He is a competitor which is awesome but that can only take you so far. I expect this offense to struggle in 2020 with Haskins the QB for the majority of the season.

TWFT Defensive Preview

Jack Del Rio. I always knew Del Rio was an intense guy but recently he has stepped it up a notch. If you want an entertaining laugh then stop by his twitter feed and read what he posts.

Now back to football. Del Rio is a former player and also a former head coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars and most recently, the Oakland Raiders.

Del Rio has also been a defensive coordinator for the Broncos and Panthers. Del Rio has only taken his teams to the playoffs 3 times.

He hasn’t won a lot of games but I would say is well respected around the NFL. Since he began coaching as a DC or HC, Del Rio has only had 3 defenses finished in the bottom half of the NFL in rush defense.

This is great news for the Football Team because they finished 31st in the NFL against the run last season.

The Football Team has the foundation to have a really successful run stopping defense. All 4 of their starting defensive linemen are former 1st round draft picks that this team has drafted.

Defensive Line

They are all young and have full of potential. The interior lineman are Da’Ron Payne and Jonathan Allen. Both played at Alabama together.

Both have had really good starts to their NFL careers. They are very talented and should make a huge jump in 2020. The defensive ends in Del Rio’s 4-3 base defense is Montez Sweat and this year’s 2nd overall pick Chase Young.

The fanbase was really excited to see Sweat’s progression near the end of the season. At the beginning there were questions about how good of a pass rusher he actually was and some were labeling him as a bust.

However, he turned it on late and recorded 7 sacks. His partner in crime opposite of him will be Chase Young. Young was uber talented coming out of The Ohio State University. Young also grew up 10 minutes away from FedEx field.

He says that he was not a Redskins fan but he knows all of the former players and frequently watched the Redskins games.

Anyways, Ohio State has been a defensive end factory the past couple of years and the defensive line coach at the University has said that Young is the best one out of the list of former Ohio State defensive ends.

If this is true, then Young and Sweat could combine for 25 to 30 sacks in 2020. Backing up both Sweat and Young is the veteran Ryan Kerrigan.

Kerrigan has been a really good player for this team. A lot of the coaches still believe he has a lot in the tank. The other backups are Tim Settle, Matt Ioannidis and Ryan Anderson.

These 3 players are really good back ups. I am pretty confident in saying that this defensive line as a whole could be one of the bests in 2020 based on the talent and depth on this defensive line.


The linebackers are a little different story. This group is anchored by longtime veterans in Jon Bostic and Thomas Davis.

The coaches like Bostic’s leadership and tenacity but he isn’t anything special. He was recently on the Steelers and was a high energy and dependable tackler in most situations.

Davis is reuniting back with his former head coach Ron Rivera.

Davis was in Los Angeles with the Chargers last season. He was pretty productive but didn’t have a lot of the game changing plays that he was known for in Carolina.

He will be 37 years old this season which is almost unheard of at the linebacker position. We will see how much juice he has left.

The most fascinating player out of this group is linebacker Reuben Foster. Foster was one of the most highly touted linebackers coming out of Alabama but got into some legal trouble and had to be reinstated into the league.

Once in the league he got seriously injured and missed last season. If he is healthy enough to even look like the shell of his former self the the Football Team could get a steal with Foster.

Cole Holcomb is the other linebacker on this roster. He started 15 games for the Redskins last season and did pretty well for a 5th rounder.

He had 3 forced fumbles and 6 tackles for loss. They also have Shaun Dion-Hamilton and Josh Harvey-Clemons. They havn’t played much but are apparently very talented.

Front 7 Conclusion

All and all I think that Del Rio gets this front 7 to make a big jump and will be in the top half of the NFL in stopping the run in 2020. I think this pass rush will also be formidable.

I think it too will be in the top half of the league. The only question mark with the linebackers is their pass coverage ability. Bostic in Pittsburgh wasn’t good against the pass and Davis is 37 years old. Holcomb isn’t very good against the pass either.

They will really need Foster to look like himself coming off of this injury and have some juice from the other back ups. If they can’t then they will have to play a 3rd safety or extra cornerback in the game during early downs to give the offenses different looks.


Now to the secondary. The secondary’s best player is safety Landon Collins. Collins isn’t a coverage specialist but did a better job in coverage last season.

Collins is more of great tackler and playmaker on the ball. With a better pass rush this season and run defense, Collins could have better opportunity in making plays on the ball in the passing game. The other Safety is Sean Davis.

Sean played at the University of Maryland and was a 2nd round draft pick of the Pittsburgh Steelers a few years back.

Being a Steelers fan, I watched Davis a lot and was happy with him. He isn’t spectacular but is definitely a worthy starting safety in the NFL.

This safety pairing will be in the top half of the NFL.


The cornerbacks are the most worrisome position on this defense. The Football Team did good in signing cornerback Kendall Fuller who they ironically traded a couple years back for QB Alex Smith.

He didn’t play much last season but the 2 previous seasons he recorded 6 interceptions. If Fuller looks like his 2018 and 2017 self then this will tremendously help this cornerback group.

The team also brought in Ronald Darby for the departing Quinton Dunbar. Darby is very talented but also small and short. He hasn’t been able to stay healthy either.

Darby’s play is up and down and not consistent. The other corners from last years team is Jimmy Moreland and Fabian Moreau.

Moreland is another small and scrappy corner but showed his rookie colors at times last season. Moreau is also nothing to get excited about.

The last cornerback on this roster worth noting is Aaron Colvin. Colvin has been in the league since 2014 and has not recorded an interception.

So yea, this is a big problem group. This is easily one of the worst cornerback groups in the NFL. They will heavily rely on the pass rush getting to the cornerback while they try to hold on to their receivers for more than 2 seconds.


Overall, this defense led by Del Rio should be vastly improved. Del Rio also has a track record of having an above average defense in terms of points allowed, when he has had really good talent throughout his defense.

The only major concern I have is corner. Lineback might be a little shaky too but definitely the pass coverage from the cornerbacks and linebackers are concerning.

I think this unit will be great against the run but below average against the pass and will finish middle of the pack in points allowed in 2020.

Fun Facts About Coaches

Scott Turner is Norv Turner’s son. Jack Del Rio has been a head coach of the Raiders and Jaguars. Del Rio’s son, Luke is also a coach on the team.

Ken Zampese is a long time quarterbacks coach.

Depth Chart:

Contract year players:

OL: Brandon Scheriff
FS: Sean Davis
LB: Reuben Foster
CB: Fabian Moreau

TWFT Offensive Line Preview

This O-line is not polished. The right side of the line is the stronger side. Morgan Moses is the right tackle and he had a little bit of a down year in 2019.

He usually is a lot better than that and could rebound in 2020. In each of his last 5 seasons he has given up exactly 5 sacks. Pretty ironic. So you know what you are going to get with Moses.

The right guard is Brandon Scherff. Scherff is probably the best lineman. Scherff made the pro bowl 3 times in the past 4 seasons. He is going to be playin in a contract year so expect his best in 2020.

The center is going to be Chase Roullier. Roullier had a really good season last year. He is definitely a top half of the league center.

Now to the left side of the line. The Football Team added left guard Wes Schweitzer from Atlanta this offseason. Schweitzer signed a 3 year deal worth $13 million.

He is not a mauler but is athletic and great at zone blocking. He only gave up 3 sacks last season too. Rivera played against him a lot in Carolina so he definitely saw something in Wes.

The left tackle position is going to be between Cornelius Lucas, Geron Christian and 4th round rookie Saahdiq Charles out of LSU. Lucas will probably win the battle and he is genourmess.

He is 6’9” and is a pretty good pass blocker. He isn’t the best in the game because of his pad level. Christian was drafted by the Redskins in 2018 but hasn’t started much.

Other line depth is Wes Martin and he was a rookie last season. Martin did pretty well when he started the last 4 games of the season.

He could emerge as a great interior utility guy in 2020.

Pass protection on this line could be really good.

The run game is definitely something to keep an eye on and especially the left side of the line. I think this will be a very serviceable line in 2020.

I don’t think it will cause any of the downfall to this offense in 2020. That will be done by the hands of Dwayne Haskins.


Thank you for reading my post. Dominique and I hope you find our website helpful. Please leave a comment below if you have any questions or comments!


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