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The Best Fantasy Football Draft Picks in 2020

I promise, I promise, I promise you will need to bookmark this page.  The best fantasy football draft picks in 2020 are right below this intro paragraph.

THESE ARE NOT MY RANKINGS.  These are the players that I will draft come my draft day.

My rankings page is based on who I think scores the most points for the entire season.

This post’s rankings will be based on what players have the best fantasy football playoff schedule match-ups.

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The Best Fantasy Football Draft Picks in 2020

How Do I Win My Fantasy Football League?

I draft like this because you don’t win your fantasy football league based off of your total amount of points scored in a season.

You win your fantasy leagues by scoring the most amount points in week 14, 15 and 16.

You also win you fantasy football league by managing weekly match-ups on your fantasy roster and waiver wire pick ups.

Lastly, you set your self up extremely well by having a successful fantasy draft.

This means do not reach for playersUse the average draft position calculator to see where players are most likely to be drafted.  That way you don’t draft David Johnson in your 1st round.  He should be there for you in the 3rd round.

It is literally those 3 things.

  1. Draft well by minimizing your team’s risk through injuries and bye weeks
  2. Draft players with great week 14, 15 and 16 match-ups
  3. Manage your team’s weekly match-ups through waiver wires and bench players

Drafting Players With Great Fantasy Playoff Schedule’s

That’s literally it!  There are no secrets to this fantasy football game.  This post is all about step #2.  You have to draft great players that have obvious potential in having a monster game in week’s 14, 15 and 16.

I’m sure you’re are asking yourself, how does this guy know who will have an amazing week 16 when the season hasn’t even started.

You are right in thinking that.  However, I am a football nerd and have also played football for 15 years and at the D-1 level in college.  I also know that a lot of these teams have not changed coaches or personnel in years.

For example, any team that will play the Saints and Chiefs this year will be in shootouts.  So whatever fantasy players play against these 2 teams, especially at the QB and WR position, I want those players on my team.

Okay, enough of the theorizing and postulating.  Let’s give you what you came for.

Best Fantasy Football Draft Picks in 2020

Alright, I will be doing this by each position.  Again, these rankings are based off of playoff matchups.  Also a little based off of the players injury history too.


Do not reach for playersUse the average draft position calculator to see where players are most likely to be drafted.  That way you don’t draft David Johnson in your 1st round.  He should be there for you in the 3rd round.
Lastly, the order of the teams that I list under each player is in order by week 14, 15 and 16.


1 .  Lamar Jackson

Browns, Jaguars and Giants

He has a pretty good playoff schedule because they are all against bad teams and defenses.  Lamar plays the Browns, Jaguars and Giants.  Should put up 20 points easily in all 3 of these games.

The only scary thing is that the Jaguars and Giants could be so bad that the Ravens just hand the ball off the whole game.  Despite the really easy playoff schedule, I just can’t pass on Lamar this season.  He is a must have on all fantasy teams.

2.   Patrick Mahomes

Dolphins, Saints and Falcons

I almost put Mahomes over Jackson because he plays the Dolphins, Saints and Falcons.  Patty is easily going to score 25 points against the Saints and Falcons.  He probably has a better playoff schedule then Lamar but Lamar is just too special to put anybody ahead of.

3.  Drew Brees

Eagles, Chiefs and Vikings

Drew plays the Eagles, Chiefs and Vikings.  I know the championship game doesn’t look good but this isn’t your Vikings defense of the past.  This Vikings defense will have new players this season.  I like Drew at #3 on this list.  I never bet against Drew Brees putting up 20 points.

4.  Carson Wentz

Saints, Cardinals and Cowboys

Carson has a great playoff schedule.  He plays the Saints, Cardinals and Cowboys.  This Eagles defense is still going to give up a lot of points to all 3 of these teams.  All 3 of those games will be high scoring affairs.  You should be thrilled if you have Carson on your fantasy team this season.

5.  Kyler Murray

Giants, Eagles and 49ers

I want to have Kyler higher on my best draft picks list but his week 16 match-up against the 49ers is a little intimidating.  I know he scored a lot of points against the 49ers last season at San Francisco too.  However, it just isn’t the match-up I would like to have during my fantasy championship game.  His schedule is Giants, Eagles and 49ers.

6.  Matthew Stafford

Packers, Titans and Buccaneers

Alright so this is my first surprise to many.  However, Stafford plays the Packers, Titans and Buccaneers.  The Packers have a pretty good secondary and isn’t the best of match-ups but playing the Titans and especially the Buccaneers in week 16 is beautiful.

The Buccaneers have a great front 7 and the Lions will have to pass in order to score on the Buccaneers.  The biggest reason why Stafford is this high is because the Lions will most likely be in shootouts all season because of how bad their defense is.

7.  Matt Ryan

Chargers, Buccaneers and Chiefs

You have to like Matt Ryan this season.  He says he and offensive coordinator, Dirk Koetter, are going to be on better footing this season.  The Falcons also have a lack luster defensive group who will put the Falcons in high scoring contests.

His playoff schedule is against Chargers, Buccaneers and Chiefs.  The last 2 games are a no brainer.  Matt should easily hit 25 points in both of those games against Tampa Bay and Kansas City.

8.  Deshaun Watson

Bears, Colts and Bengals

Watson plays the Bears, Colts and Bengals.  The Bears isn’t a great match-up but your semi finals and champion week are great.  The Colts front 7 has barely given up any 100 yard rushers the past season.  The Bengals have a unproven corner backs.  I like Deshaun at #8.

9.  Russell Wilson

Jets, Washington Football Team and the Rams

I can’t leave Russ out of this list.  I am only doing 10 quarterbacks on this list so you have to draft one of these 10 quarterbacks.  Russ could not be off this list for any reason.  I don’t love his playoff schedule but it’s still a favorable one.

However, I never bet against Russ.  He is the most mentally tough player in the NFL.  His playoff schedule is against the Jets, Washington Football Team and the Rams.

10.  Dak Prescott

Bengals, 49ers and Eagles

Dak doesn’t have the best of fantasy schedules.  I like him to score the 4th most points out of quarterbacks this season but I don’t love his playoff schedule match-ups.  He plays the Bengals, 49ers and Eagles.  Dak hasn’t proven he can throw the ball well against above .500 teams.

The fantasy championship game against the Eagles is very promising but the 49ers game could be really bad.  If you draft Dak then you need to have a good back up on your team for week 15.

I am only doing 10 quarterbacks because if you don’t have one of these 10 quarterbacks then you didn’t do a good job in your fantasy draft strategy.  Matthew Stafford and Drew Brees will be there for you in round 7 through 8.  You must draft them.

Running Backs


Do not reach for playersUse the average draft position calculator to see where players are most likely to be drafted.
Or use your fantasy football platform (i.e. Yahoo, ESPN, to see where the players are being ranked.  All of these tools will help you to gage where players will be drafted on your draft night.
  That way you don’t draft David Johnson in your 1st round.  He should be there for you in the 3rd round.

1. Alvin Kamara

Eagles, Cheifs and Vikings.

He is match-up proof because of his receiving abilities.  He said he was only 70% healthy when he came back from his injury.  He is the clear cut #1 fantasy player on my board.  His playoff schedule is the Eagles, Cheifs and Vikings.

2. Christian McCaffrey

Broncos, Packers and Washington

He is also match-up proof.  He is going to get so many touches every week no matter how good the run defense will be.  His playoff schedule is against the Broncos, Packers and Washington Football Team.

3.  Derrick Henry

Jaguars, Lions and Packers

Henry has an amazing playoff schedule.  It literally can’t get any better than this.  Henry plays the Jaguars, Lions and Packers.  Don’t tell me how I know this but all 3 of these teams will be in the bottom 10 NFL teams when it comes to run defense.  Don’t be afraid to take Henry at your #3 pick.

4.  Ezekiel Elliot

Bengals, 49ers and Eagles.

Elliot is a must have in any fantasy league.  He will finish as a top 5 fantasy football running back this season.  He is durable and a focal point of this offense.

His playoff schedule is the Bengals, 49ers and Eagles.  The 49ers match-up week 15 isn’t the best but I still think Zeke gets close to 17 points.  His match-up against the Bengals and Eagles is very tasty.

5.  Miles Sanders

Saints, Cardinals and Cowboys.

This is a prime example of why you need to draft players based off of this post’s rankings list.  Miles has a great playoff schedule against the Saints, Cardinals and Cowboys.

The Saints could have a pretty good front 7 but Miles is pretty much match-up proof because he can catch the football really well.  The Cardinals and Cowboys should be shootouts and tons of scoring potential for Sanders both on the ground and through the air.

6.  David Johnson

Bears, Colts and Bengals.

I’m really high on David Johnson this season.  DJ is out to prove the world wrong and Bill O’brien is going to feed him the football.  I think he has a great comeback season.  His playoff schedule is against the Bears, Colts and Bengals.

The Bears isn’t a good week 14 match-up and the Colts isn’t amazing either but the Bengals will be a great match-up.  DJ will be used a lot in the passing game so even against a stout Colts front 7, DJ should get plenty of receptions.

7.  Nick Chubb

Ravens, Giants and Jets

I am a little concerned about Chubb competing for touches against Kareem Hunt.  However, I don’t think that stops Chubb from getting atleast 15 carries a game.  Chubb’s playoff schedule is too good to pass up.  He plays the Ravens, Giants and Jets.

I know the Ravens week 14 isn’t the best of match-ups but Chubb actually had a monster game against the Ravens last season.  It’s really the Giants and Jets that has to get you excited.  The Browns have an amazing O-line this season and Chubb should have big games against the Giants and Jets.

8.  Saquon Barkley

Cardinals, Browns and Ravens.

If Saquon had a better week 16 match-up then I would easily have him in my top 3.  However, his playoff schedule is as follows, Cardinals, Browns and Ravens.

The Cardinals and Browns should yield a great amount of fantasy points.  I am just really concerned about that week 16 match-up against the Ravens.  The Ravens are always good against the run.

I know Saquon will get a lot of receptions but he probably wont have a 20 point game against the Ravens.  I’m not going to be drafting Saquon this season.

9.  Kenyan Drake

Giants, Eagles and 49ers

Kenyan just made a declaration that he is going to help us win our fantasy leagues this season.  I’m definitely buying what he is selling.

However, Drake has a really bad week 16 match-up against the 49ers.  If he didn’t have this match-up then he would easily be in my top 5.  His playoff schedule looks like this, Giants, Eagles and 49ers.  

I know Drake went off against the 49ers the first time they met last season but then the 49ers stuffed him later in the season.  I’m not going to bank on Drake in week 16.

The Eagles aren’t a great rushing match-up either.  I think Drake is too talented not too take despite the poor week 15 and week 16 match-ups.  I would definitely draft one of the top 8 running backs on this list before drafting Drake.

10.  Dalvin Cook

Buccaneers, Bears and Saints

This one hurts me big time.  I am a HUGE Dalvin Cook fan.  He is my favorite running back in the NFL.

However, his playoff schedule is brutal.  He plays the Buccaneers, Bears and Saints.  The Buccaneers and Bears have two of the best front 7’s in the NFL.  The Saints actually have an above average run defense as well.

I have to have Dalvin in my top 10 because even against these tough front 7’s, Dalvin could still eek out around 15 points.  He is too talented to not take in the top 10.  However,  I probably won’t draft Dalvin because he will be gone before the 10th pick.

11.  Aaron Jones

Lions, Panthers and Titans

I’m really iffy on drafting Jones this season because of A.J Dillon but I still think Jones gets around 15 touches a game with ease.  If he gets 15 touches against his playoff schedule which is the Lions, Panthers and Titans then he should have some good point outputs.

12.  Raheem Mostert

Washington, Cowboys and Cardinals

There is no reason that Mostert doesn’t have a really solid year.  I think everybody should draft him in your 4th round this year.

His fantasy schedule is against Washington, Cowboys and Cardinals.  The Washington match-up could actually be tough sledding but against the Cowboys and especially the Cardinals are great match-ups.

13.  Todd Gurley

Chargers, Buccaneers and Chiefs.

I think Gurley has a pretty good season in ATL this year.  The offense should be more in sync this season according to Matt Ryan and offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter.

His playoff schedule is against the Chargers, Buccaneers and Chiefs.  The week 15 match-up is not a good match-up at all.  The week 16 shootout should be great for Gurley.

Even in shootouts, running backs get plenty of 1 yard plunges into the endzone.

14.  Clyde Edwards Helaire

Dolphins, Saints and Falcons

I am a little nervous of putting CEH in my top 13 to be honest with you.  He is very talented but I am not sold that Kansas City will stay put with 4 backs that are smaller and can catch the football like CEH.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they add a slightly bigger running back to this backfield before the trade deadline.

With all of that being said, CEH plays the Dolphins, Saints and Falcons for his playoff schedule.  It is a really great fantasy schedule.  I think CEH still gets at worst, 12 touches against the Saints and the Falcons and also has a high chance of getting a touchdown in those games as well.

In the end I am probably not going to draft CEH but if he fell to me in the 3rd round then I would definitely take him as my 3rd running back on my team.

15.  Josh Jacobs

Colts, Chargers and Dolphins

This is about where I think Jacobs ends up ranked at the end of this fantasy season.  However, his playoff schedule against the Colts, Chargers and Dolphins is too good to pass up.  The Colts will not be a good match-up but the Chargers and Dolphins should be an easy 15 points a game.

However, if you follow this guide, you probably won’t be drafting Josh because Miles Sanders will be here at 14 overall.

16.  Joe Mixon

Cowboys, Steelers and Texans.

I really wanted to draft Joe Mix this season but his playoff schedule is against the Cowboys, Steelers and Texans.  The Cowboys and Texans could be really good point outputs for Mixon but the Steelers could have the best defense in the NFL this season.

Joe Mixon also has a top 10 and probably top 15 worst offensive line in the NFL this season.  Both of these things make me too scared to take him over the top 15 running backs.

Mixon will definitely have a lot of 20 point scoring weeks against bad defense and week 16 could be one of them.  I definitely wouldn’t take him as my 1st running back but 2nd round is for sure in play.

17.  Melvin Gordon

Panthers, Bills and Chargers.

Even though Pat Shurmur is the offensive coordinator and play caller for the Broncos, I like Melvin Gordon a lot this season.  I don’t think Phillip Lindsey takes too many touches away from Melvin either.

His playoff schedule is against the Panthers, Bills and Chargers.  The Panthers have a lot of rookies starting and the Bills aren’t an upper echelon run stopping defense.  The Chargers are still trying to figure out how to stop the run and they won’t be in the top half of the league when it comes to run defense.

Pat Shurmur likes to run the ball and so I like Melvin to have a good season and to capitalize on this playoff schedule.

18.  D’Andre Swift

Packers, Titans and Buccaneers

Swift’s playoff schedule is against the Packers, Titans and Buccaneers.  If he wasn’t playing against the Buccaneers in the fantasy championship week then Swift would easily be in my top 15.

The Buccaneers are going to have probably the best front 7 in football.  They also have 2 incredible line backers that can cover Swift out of the backfield.

The good thing for Swift is that the Lions defense is really bad this season.  This means that even against the Buccaneers, Swift could have a chance at a 1 yard plunge because I know Stafford will be able to move the football through the air.

19.  Matt Breida

Chiefs, Patriots and Raiders.

I don’t think, I know that Breida is incredibly underrated and appreciated.  The Dolphins also have Jordan Howard and Kalen Ballage in the back field.

However, Howard is one hit away from being basically out of the NFL.  Howard stopped playing for the Eagles last season due to nerve damage in his neck.  Ballage is talented so I think that is Breida’s biggest threat.

With all of this being said, Breida is the best pass receiving back out of the 3 and the best runner as well.  I think the new offesnive coordinator Chan Gailey will find that out quickly.

Breida really could take over this back field and get around 230 touches this season and be the fantasy running back dark horse late in your fantasy draft.

He also has a great playoff schedule against the Chiefs, Patriots and Raiders.  I think taking Breida as your 4th running back or even your 3rd would be a great pick.

20.  Jonathan Taylor

Raiders, Texans and Steelers

Taylor plays the Raiders, Texans and Steelers as his playoff schedule.  The Steelers match-up week 16 isn’t appealing at all.

We also don’t know if Marlon Mack and Taylor will be in a 50-50 timeshare.  I think by week 14 Taylor will have gained trust and proven to be the better back and getting around 70% of the touches.

The Colts also have a top 3 offensive line in the NFL.  Even against the Steelers, Taylor should have some success.  He will definitely ball out against the Raiders and Texans.  I like Taylor to come on strong late in the year.

21.  James Conner

Bills, Bengals and Colts

I don’t love Conner’s playoff schedule against the Bills, Bengals and Colts.  I also don’t love how many touches he might have this season too with the talented rookie running back out of Maryland.

If you haven’t seen the rookies highlight tape then you won’t understand my concern.

Conner also has a laundry list of injuries over the past 3 seasons.  There is just too much risk with Conner.  The Colts also have a really good front 7.  I think its best to not have Conner on your team this season.

22.  Le’Veon Bell

Seahawks, Rams and Browns

You should really just stay away from Bell all together because the offensive line should be pretty bad and the Jets players are already highly skeptical of the head coach Adam Gase.

However, if this offense and team somehow figures out how to play halfway decent football then Bell’s fantasy schedule against the Seahawks, Rams and Browns looks pretty favorable.

I don’t think this happens so just stay away from Bell.

23.  Leonard Fournette

Titans, Ravens and Bears

There really isn’t anything that you should love about Fournette this season.  His playoff schedule against the Titans, Ravens and Bears is one of them.

All 3 of those teams will most likely dominate this weaker Jaguars offensive line.  Jay Gruden is also the offensive coordinator and he has never had an efficient or good rushing attack.

I think Fournette will be used in the passing game a lot this season so that will save Fournette’s fantasy totals.  But do you really want him on your team playing the Ravens and Bears during the 2 most important games of the season.  Yikes!

24. David Montgomery

Texans, Vikings and Jaguars.

Montgomery could be another dark horse candidate like Matt Breida.  I say this because I think head coach and offensive play caller, Matt Nagy has reshaped the offensive line and scheme to have a much better rushing attack in 2020.

I also think that Nick Foles replaces Trubisky by week 4.  Foles might not be that great but anything is better then Trubisky.

If Foles plays well then geez you would have to think Montgomery has 2018 Jordan Howard numbers at worse.  If he is available to you in the 5th or 6th round I think he is worth taking as your 4th running back.

His playoff schedule is against the Texans, Vikings and Jaguars.  These are all pretty good match-ups if Foles is at quarterback.

Other Sleeper Running Backs I Like in 2020

Ronald Jones = Vikings, Falcons and Lions
Latavius Murray = Eagles, Cheifs and Vikings
Chase Edmonds = Giants, Eagles and 49ers
Adrian Peterson = 49ers, Seahawks and Panthers


Wide Receivers

This list will be pretty self explanatory.  There will only be a couple of match-ups that will make me shy away from drafting a player in this years draft.  The playoff schedule will be in order starting with week 14.

1 .  Michael Thomas

Eagles, Chiefs and Vikings

There is no bad match-up for Drew Brees and Mike Thomas.  Safest pick in the entire draft.  I will be pretty shocked if he isn’t the number 1 fantasy wide receiver.

2.   Julio Jones

Chargers, Buccaneers and Chiefs

You have to love those last 2 weeks.  Buccaneers have a great run defense so the Falcons will have to pass.  The Chiefs in the fantasy championship is cheating!

The best thing to love about Julio this season is that the Falcons defense will probably be giving up a good amount of points every week.

3.   Tyreek Hill

Dolphins, Saints and Falcons

I mean come on.  Saints and Falcons against the Chiefs during the last 2 weeks of your fantasy season.  It doesn’t get any better than this.  Those 2 games will be shootouts!

4.   Kenny Golladay

Packers, Titans and Bucs

The reason Kenny G might come in 2nd overall in fantasy wide receiver points in 2020 is because this Lions defense will still be bad.

All 3 of the teams above have good offenses that will make these games high scoring.  Kenny G and Matty Staff will capitlize.

5.   Mike Evans

Vikings, Falcons and Lions

I am a tiny bit concerned having Evans and Godwin this high up.  There is a part of me that really thinks that the Buccaneers run the ball quite a bit this season.

However, all 3 of these offenses above are too good at scoring points.  Tom Brady will have to throw a lot in order to win those games.

6.  Chris Godwin

Vikings, Falcons and Lions

Same as Mike Evans section.

7.   Cooper Kupp

Patriots, Jets and Seahawks

Cooper Kupp is Jared Goff’s southern California Bromance.  Kupp should have a really great season.  He is an easy lock this season to be a top 10 fantasy wide receiver.  Very safe draft pick.

8.  Calvin Ridley


Chargers, Buccaneers and Chiefs

Same as Julio section.

9.    Adam Theilin

Buccaneers, Bears and Saints

I think Theilin will finish as one of the top 3 scoring fantasy wide receivers in 2020.  I just don’t love his match-ups.  Week 16 has some promise because the Saints will make the game a shootout.

However, the Saints have a decent looking secondary at all 4 positions in 2020.  The Bears don’t allow big plays either.  I think I am going to stay away from Theilin this season.

10. Davante Adams

Lions, Panthers and Titans

I’m at a loss for words when it comes to the Green Bay offense.  I want to love Aaron Jones and Davante Adams but I have no idea what kind of offensive identity Matt LaFleur has in mind for 2020.

The other thing is will Aaron Rodgers like this offensive scheme and give it a chance before he gets pissed.  I have no idea at all and it’s too big of a question mark for me to take either Jones or Adams in the first 2 rounds of my fantasy team.

However, if the offense is very efficient like LaFleur’s friend’s offense in San Francisco under Kyle Shanahan than Adams and Jones could be huge hits on draft night.

11.   A.J. Green

Cowboys, Steelers and Texans

Oh man oh man.  This guy is the king of injuries and he got another hamstring injury 2 days ago!  This guy is so annoying.  He is easily a top 5 wide receiver talent but is never healthy.

If he actually manages to stay healthy this season than he will be a sure lock, top 10 fantasy wide receiver.  The Bengals will be down a lot of games and be forced to throw.  Green will benefit from a lot of garbage time points.

13.  Allen Robinson

Texans, Vikings and Jaguars

I am banking hard that Nick Foles will become the starter this season.  I am fairly confident that this will happen.

All of his fantasy playoff match-ups are pretty tasty too.  The Vikings are going through a lot of  transition at corner back.  The week 16 match-up against his former team will for sure bring you home your fantasy championship.

13.  Amari Cooper

Bengals, 49ers and Eagles

Amari doesn’t have the best week 15 match-up and I also don’t think he has a huge season either.  This is why he is at 13 and not in my top 10.  He should still be a good fantasy wide receiver this season but take Cooper Kupp instead on draft night.

14.  DJ Moore

Broncos, Packers and Washington

DJ Moore should have over a 100 receptions this season.  If he was better after the catch then he would for sure be a top 10 wide receiver.

However, if you watch his highlight tape then you will see that he falls to the ground a lot after catching the football.  His touchdown potential isn’t amazing either but I still think he gets close to 8.

The Panthers will be behind in a lot of games and will be forced to throw the football.  Moore will be a solid wide receiver for you.

15.  Will Fuller

Bears, Colts and Bengals

Fuller’s fantasy value is predicated on him staying healthy.  He has missed games every season he has been in the NFL.  If he actually stays healthy then he will be the #1 wide receiver on this team.

The Colts and Bengals do not have very good secondaries.  The Texans also don’t have an amazing defense.  I really like those match-ups for Fuller to have big games.  I would wait on drafting Fuller until around the 7th round.  He will be a great wide receiver 2 for your team.

16.  Odell Beckham Jr.

Ravens, Giants and Jets

I go back and forth on Odell but it’s not because of him.  It’s because of Baker Mayfield.  Mayfield is not very accurate and it scares me to take a 2nd or 3rd round pick on Odell.

There are much more reliable receivers with better quarterbacks around where Odell is being drafted.  Take Cooper Kupp instead of Odell.

17.  Deandre Hopkins

Giants, Eagles and 49ers

Yup Hopkins comes in at #17.  The reason is because he will be in a system offense and also because he will face Richard Sherman in the fantasy championship.

It is mainly because of the week 16 match-up.  He could get a touchdown and 70 yards receiving but I would much rather have Julio Jones against the Chiefs in week 16.  Draft Julio.

18.  AJ Brown

Jaguars, Lions and Packers

Logic says that the opposing defenses will stack the box against Derrick Henry and thus allow AJ Brown to have another great season.

This could definitely happen but I still think teams will put there best corner back on AJ and have safety help on him too.  AJ will have plenty of attention on him this season and I think he slows down a little bit.

The Titans are going to run Henry 300 times this season and I just don’t love Brown’s potential at being drafted in the 3rd or 4th round.  Take Calvin Ridley instead.

19.  Marvin Jones

Packers, Titans and Bucs

I think Marvin Jones will be a top 20 wide receiver this season.  The Lions are going to be down in a lot of games and will have to throw in the 2nd half.

Having Matthew Stafford as your quarterback also helps out tremendously.  Teams will also focus on Kenny Golladay so Jones should have great match-ups all season long.  I really like Marvin.  Take him in the 8th or 9th round.

20.  DeVante Parker

Chiefs, Patriots and Raiders

If Parker didn’t have the week 15 match-up against Stephon Gilmore than I would easily have Parker in my top 15.

I still might draft him anyways because I think he is going to break out this season.  He has 2 great throwing quarterbacks who are pretty accurate.

The Dolphins should be in a lot of high scoring games too.  I really like Parker to have a great season.  Don’t be afraid to take him.

21.  Tyler Lockett

Jets, Washington Football Team and the Rams

I am not betting against Russell Wilson this season and I think Lockett has a pretty good season.  I just love the other options at wide receiver where Lockett is being mock drafted at.

Take a quarterback or running back instead of Lockett and take a wide receiver like DeVante Parker or Marvin Jones later in the draft.

22.  Jarvis Landry

Ravens, Giants and Jets

I have Jarvis at #22 because I think the Browns will run the ball a ton against the Giants and Jets.  This is why I am uncertain if Landry is worth taking because I don’t think the Browns will have to throw the ball that much against those 2 teams.

I still like Landry to have a solid year but I like other receivers in the 7th round instead of Landry.

23.  Tyler Boyd

Cowboys, Steelers and Texans

Okay.  Everyone outside of the top 20 is going to be very shaky on your fantasy team as a starter.  I wouldn’t have any of these guys as your starter.

These players from 21 through 36 should be flex or back up players.  Same with Boyd.  The Bengals drafted Tee Higgins out of Clemson and AJ Green is the primary receiver.

Taking Boyd might be smart because an injury to Green seems inevitable.  The Bengals will also be throwing the ball a lot because there defense isn’t very good.

If Boyd wasn’t being drafted so high then I would definitely take him around the 9th or 10th round.  However, he is being drafted around the 6th round.  Take DeVante Parker instead.

24.  Julian Edelman

Rams, Dolphins and Bills

I think Edelman will probably be in the top 20 of fantasy wide receivers by the end of the season.  I’m just not totally banking on it because I don’t believe in Cam Newton’s accuracy.

That is literally it.  However, I could see Newton being better coached and making better decisions this season which will help out Edelman a lot.  Edelman’s fantasy playoff schedule isn’t the best though and that is why he is at 22.

He will have to face an improved Dolphins secondary and also Tre’Davious White in Buffalo.  I like other receivers where Edelman is being drafted like Marvin Jones.

25.  DJ Chark

Titans, Ravens and Bears

I love DJ Chark this season.  That was until I saw his fantasy playoff schedule.  The Ravens will have a pretty good defense this season so they might shut the Jaguars down.  The Bears also have a good defense and might completely shut down Gardner Minshew.

The opposite thing to think about is that the Jaguars will be down a lot this season and thus will have to throw the ball a lot and Chark will get a lot of garbage points.

I think this is true but I can’t take him in the 4th or 5th round where he is being mock drafted at right now.  Take a chance on AJ Green or DeVante Parker.

26.  Emmanuel Sanders

Eagles, Chiefs and Vikings

Sanders might have a really nice year with the Saints.  However, throughout Sanders career, he hasn’t had a lot touchdowns except the one season where Peyton Manning through 50 touchdowns in a season.

You could also say that he hasn’t had as good as quarterback since Peyton either.  This is why Drew Brees being his quarterback this season is so interesting.  My gut says that he won’t get a ton of fantasy points to make him a top 20 wide receiver.  He should fall in right around #25.

The week 15 match-up against the Chiefs is tasty.  Definitely worth the flex play.

27.  Robert Woods

Patriots, Jets and Seahawks

Bobby Woods is a great possesion receiver.  There is a lot going on in L.A. with the Rams and I know Cooper Kupp is the go to guy.  Woods should have a typcial Robert Woods year.

His fantasy value will be determined by his touchdowns.  That is why he is at #27.  It is really hard to tell if Woods will get to 8 touchdowns this season.

If you think Woods gets to 8 touchdowns then you should definitely draft in the 5th or 6th round.

I am uncertain about that touchdown number so I won’t be drafting him.  Better options in the 7th round at wide receiver.

28.  DK Metcalf

Jets, Washington Football Team and the Rams

I don’t trust Metcalf because he doesn’t catch the ball really well.  I think the Seahawks bring in another receiver before the season is over.

Metcalf will put up some points some weeks but I don’t trust him to do it every week.  Lockett is the more reliable draft selection.

29.  Marquise Brown

Browns, Jaguars and Giants

I really like Hollywood Brown to have a great season.  However,  I don’t know how much the Ravens will pass the ball in there run heavy offense.

The Jaguars and Giants most likely won’t have good defenses.  This could mean that Brown gets a couple of bombs thrown his way but this isn’t the most reliable match-up in my fantasy playoffs.  I will be drafting somebody else.

30.  Courtland Sutton

Panthers, Bills and Chargers

I wanted to fall in love with Sutton this season but I just can’t fall in love with him due to the offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur and also all of the other wide receivers the Broncos added in the 2020 draft.

Drew Lock is also still unproven and who knows what he actually is.  Now take into consideration that the Bills have a great cornerback in Tre’Davious White and the Chargers have Chris Harris Jr. and Casey Heyward.

There are too many bad things lining up against Sutton to have a monster year and the fantasy playoff schedule doesn’t help either.

31.  Ceedee Lamb

Bengals, 49ers and Eagles

I like Lamb.  I think he works himself into the #2 wide receiver by the end of the season.  This will be the perfect time to play him against the 49ers who don’t have a proven 2nd cornerback.

The Eagles don’t have a proven 2nd cornerback either.  I like both of those games to be high scoring.  I would definitely take Lamb around the 10th round.

32.  Justin Jefferson

Buccaneers, Bears and Saints

I do like Jefferson a lot.  I think he will have a great shot at becoming a top 24 fantasy wide receiver by the end of the season.  I have to see it before I believe though.

This is why he is at #34 on my rankings.  The Saints match-up in week 16 should be great for your fantasy championship.  I say take Jefferson as your 4th fantasy receiver in the 13th to 15th round.

33.  Deebo Samuel

Washington, Cowboys and Cardinals

Deebo has some pretty good fantasy match-ups and should have a really good season but he is being drafted around the 7th round.

That is way too high to be taking Deebo since he has a fragile foot injury that he could easily re-injure.  Deebo will also already miss the first 3 games of the season too.  I’m going to take other wide receivers.

34.  Juju Smith-Schuster

Bills, Bengals and Colts

Juju is a mystery this season.  The biggest reason Juju is this low on my rankings is because the Steelers are likely to dominate a lot of their opponents due to there amazing defense.

Since this is a likely scenario, this means that the Steelers won’t need to

throw the ball a lot.  I like the Steelers to get back to Steeler football in 2020 by playing great defense and running the clock out in the 4th quarter.

35.  Henry Ruggs III

Colts, Chargers and Dolphins

It’s not a great fantasy playoff schedule and the Raiders actually have a lot of weapons.  They want to run the ball first and against the Chargers and Dolpins, that might be all they need to do in order to score points.

The Chargers is definitely not a great match-up for Ruggs III.  The Dolphins could be good for him but again, the Raiders have a lot of weapons and they are unsure about who will start at quarterback.  I will be taking CeeDee Lamb or Justin Jefferson as my rookie wide out this season.

36.  Stefon Diggs

Steelers, Broncos and Patriots

I had to have Diggs on this list.  He drew a terrible week 16 match-up against Stephon Gilmore so that has a reason for him being at #36.

The main reason is that Josh Allen is his quarterback.  I doubt Allen will make Stefon Diggs a relevant fantasy wide receiver this season.


Tight Ends

My advice is to not draft a tight end until after the 10th round.  The top 3 tight ends will only score around 190 or 200 points and the 7th and 9th best tight end will score around 150 points.

You should draft 2 tight ends and play whoever has the better match-up.  There are also a couple dark horses like Hayden Hurst and Jack Doyle that could turn into top 5 fantasy tight ends.

1 . Travis Kelce

Dolphins, Saints and Falcons

No big body running back.  I expect the Chiefs to throw it a little more than usual.  You gotta love Kelce at #1.

2.   George Kittle

Washington, Cowboys and Cardinals

Best tight end in the business.  Only problem is that Jimmy G is his quarterback and Patrick Mahomes is Kelce’s quarterback.  That is why Kittle is #2.

3.   Zach Ertz

Saints, Cardinals and Cowboys

Now that the Eagles have more wide receivers to keep defenses busy.  This will help Ertz not get doubled team like he did last season when all of the Eagles receivers were injured.  Ertz should safely get you around 170 fantasy points.

4.   Darren Waller

Colts, Chargers and Dolphins

Jon Gruden loves throwing the ball to tight ends.  Jon Gruden also loves Darren Waller.  Waller will be a top 4 or 3 fantasy tight end.

5.   Hayden Hurst

Chargers, Buccaneers and Chiefs

This is my sleeper pick and the person I will be drafting late in fantasy drafts.  Matt Ryan loves throwing to his tight ends.  I think Hurst will be a top 5 fantasy tight end.  DARK HORSE BABY!

6.   Mark Andrews

Browns, Jaguars and Giants

Andrews will benefit by being the big body target in the red zone for Lamar Jackson like he was in 2019.  Andrews should be a top 8 fantasy tight end this season.

7.   Tyler Higbee

Patriots, Jets and Seahawks

Higbee and Jared Goff sometimes rival Cooper Kupp and Goff’s Bromance.  Higbee should be a solid tight end for fantasy owners in 2020.

8.  Chris Herndon IV

Seahawks, Rams and Browns

Sam Darnold loves throwing the ball to Herndon.  They have great chemistry.  If both players stay healthy then Herndon will be a top 8 tight end.

9.    Jack Doyle

Raiders, Texans and Steelers

Phillip Rivers loves throwing to tight ends.  Doyles is a big body tight end just like Hunter Henry who caught a lot of passes from Phillip Rivers in Los Angeles last season.

10.  Evan Engram

Cardinals, Browns and Ravens.

Jason Garrett is now the offensive coordinator for the Giants.  Garrett loves throwing to tight ends.  If you think Daniel Jones gets better in year 2 than Engram will be great.  I don’t think Jones will get better so I am staying away from him.

11.   TJ hockenson

Packers, Titans and Buccaneers

I can’t give up on big HOCK.  Hockenson was a first round pick in the 2019 draft and before Stafford got hurt, Hockenson was a big part of their game plan.  He is worth a stab at.

12.  Mike Gesicki

Chiefs, Patriots and Raiders

Chan Gailey loves throwing the ball to tight ends.  Gesicki is definitely worth a back up tight end spot.


I don’t wait around to draft kickers.  Fantasy owners make this mistake every season.  You will get an extra 3 points a week by having one of these top 3 or 5 kickers.  I am drafting Wil Lutz around the 9th round.  Butker, Tucker and Gonzalez are fantasy locks as well.

1 . Wil Lutz (Saints)

2.  Harrison Butker (Chiefs)

3.  Justin Tucker (Ravens)

4.  Zane Gonzalez (Cardinals)

5.  Greg Zuerlien (Cowboys)

6.   Matt Gay (Buccaneers)

7.  Brandon McManus (Broncos)

8.  Matt Prater (Lions)

9.   Younghoe Koo (Falcons)

10.   Joey Slye (Panthers)


I only suggest drafting these 5 defenses below to play almost every week.

If you do not get one of these 5 defenses then just pick up good match-ups on the waiver wire every week.  That method works just fine.  Than in the middle of the season, plan to stash a defense on your bench that has a great week 15 or 16 match-up.

1 .  Pittsburgh Steelers

2.   San Francisco 49ers

3.   Tampa Bay Buccaneers

4.   Baltimore Ravens

5.   Chicago Bears









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