Seattle Seahawks Team Overview 2020

Seattle Seahawks Team Overview 2020

Seahawks Team Overview 2020

Seattle Seahawks Team Overview 2020


Jody Allen.  Jody is the brother of Microsoft co-founder, Paul Allen.  When Paul died of Cancer in 2018 it for one shocked the world but also left Jody in charge of his sports franchises. 

This includes minority ownership of the Seattle Sounders, Majority ownership of both the Portland Trailblazers and Seattle Seahawks.

General Manager  

John Schneider.  Since 1997, he was in charge of various NFL teams’ player personnel positions and was also a scout. 

In 2010 he got the job as the Seattle GM.  He built the roster up with a lot of talent and ever since 2012, the seahawks have had a winning record in each season. 

The Seahawks won a super bowl during the 2013 season and it was in large part because of the moves and draft picks that Schneider made. 

Schneider is never afraid to make big moves in order to help his team.  I think he is one of the best GM’s in the NFL.

Head Coach: 

Pete Carroll.  I think Carroll is most known for being the Seahawks head coach but maybe 5 years ago you would still think of him as the USC head coach.  Carroll has coached at a ton of different colleges and NFL teams. 

He was even the head coach of the Patriots but was eventually fired in 1999 and replaced by Bill Belichik.  Ironic how those 2 then met in the Super Bowl 14 years later.  Carroll then coached at USC until he got the job as the Seahawks head coach in 2010. 

So Schneider and Carroll came into the organization at the same time.  But back to Belichick and Carroll.  They have 2 different head coaching styles.  Belichick is military like while Carroll likes the players to have the freedom to express themselves. 

Both styles have worked really well.  Carroll has done a tremendous job in Seattle.  Like I have written in Schneiders section, the Seahawks haven’t had a losing season since 2011. 

The Seahawks should have a relatively easy time making the playoffs in 2020 especially with the new 7th seed.  I think they will compete with the 49ers for the division crown in 2020.

Fantasy Outlook for the Seahwaks

QB: Russell Wilson

I never doubt Russell.  He is probably the most mentally tough player in the NFL.  I feel very confident that Russell throws for over 30 touchdowns in 2020. 

The Seahawks defense is not amazing so they should be in some high scoring contests from time to time.  Pete Carroll also looks to be given into the idea of running more uptempo offensive drives in 2020. 

All of this leads to believe that Russell should be throwing the ball maybe just a touch more in 2020.  This offense will still be focused on running the football a lot.  It is also pretty apparent that Russell isn’t looking to run the football as much. 

He should get close to his usual 300 rushing yards and maybe 2 touchdowns so that is always a nice added bonus.  He is currently being drafted around 60th overall in half PPR leagues.  That is right around where you would want to get him. 

I would then draft another qb pretty soon to have a reliable matchup so that you can play whoever will have the better matchup.  Overall, you can never go wrong with Russell.

RB: Chris Carson/Carlos Hyde/Rashaad Penny

I am not drafting any of these 3 players.  Chris Carson is definitely the top back in this offense but has never finished a season healthy.  He is entering his 4th season and will be looking for a big pay day but writing is on the wall with the signing of Hyde. 

They will probably split carries of 60-40 with 60% going to Carson and 40% going to Hyde.  Hyde  carried the ball for 240 times last season so Hyde is definitely a proven NFL running back.  I think Carson gets around 170 carries while Hyde gets close to 120. 

The other thing is that Carson isn’t heavily used in the passing game.  Rashaad Penny is likely to come back in the middle of the season and then Carson’s fantasy value will really take a hit.  Carson is mock drafted around 30th overall. 

I think Carson’s best numbers would be 10 overall touchdowns and 900 total yards.  Those are extremely generous numbers and even with those best case scenario numbers, that would only be best for around 20th overall. 

Again, best case is 20th best running back and you have to take him at 30th overall.  That is a really bad bargain and we didn’t even touch on his fumbling problems. 

There are plenty of backs later in the draft that will be a top 20 running back by the end of this season.  Stay away from all three of these running backs. 

WR: Tyler Lockett

Lockett is the clear #1 on this team.  I think he has another 1,000 yard receiving year and 10 touchdowns to boot. 

They could sign Antonio Brown but he isn’t eligible until week 9.  They are thinking of signing Josh Gordon again but he proved to be no threat to Lockett.

  Lockett is being drafted around the early 5th round.  I think that is a great time to draft either your first or second wide receiver. 

As long as Russell is the quarterback, somebody will benefit.  Dk Metcalf doesn’t have reliable hands and that is why Russell was lobbying for them to sign Antonio Brown. 

If Russell had faith or thought Metcalf was the next Mike Evans or Julio Jones then he wouldn’t be asking for wide receiver help.  Lockett is his main guy and will be a safe lock for 80 catches, 1,000 yards and 10 touchdowns.  Book it.

WR: DK Metcalf

Metcalf only caught 58% of the ball thrown to him.  That is really bad.  You can see it during games too that Metcalf doesn’t have sure hands. 

He is constantly double catching balls.  I have never seen anybody’s hands get tremendously better once they have made it to the NFL. 

Metcalf is going around the 46th overall pick in mock drafts.  I would stay away from him.  I think Pete Carroll and John Schneider are going to get Russell some help at wide receiver before then trade deadline. 

There are too many risks with Metcalf.  Lockett will definitely finish with more points.

TE: Greg Olsen

I think Olsen benefits from having Russell as QB.  How much of a boost will be hard to tell.  Olsen will be 35 years old and I don’t think he will be worth drafting.  I think Olsen finishes with 5 touchdowns and 500 yards receiving.

TE: Will Dissly

Will came on strong at the middle to end of the season.  With the addition of Olsen, Dissly isn’t worth considering.

Seahwaks 2020 Offensive Preview

Brian Schottenheimer is the OC and play caller.  They hired Schott back in 2018 and this was a pretty big hire because they fired their long time play caller in Darrell Bevell. 

The other shocking aspect was that Schott wasn’t a proven offensive coordinator.  This is most likely due to the lack of QB talent he had to work with.  He had Chad Pennington, Mark Sanchez and an aging Brett Favre while he was with the Jets as the OC. 

In St. Louis he had Sam Bradford, Kellen Clemens and Austin Davis.  So its definitely understandable why none of his offenses could pass the ball well.  He has spent 2 seasons now as the Seahawks play caller and he is still run heavy. 

Russell Wilson has been in the top 5 in passing touchdowns but still hasn’t thrown for a lot of yards.  Russell has never thrown over 4,200 passing yards but he has never had great wide receivers to throw too either. 

Russell said during the super bowl week that he wants to run more up tempo in 2020.  I think Pete Carroll is finally caving into this idea but I don’t see the Seahawks drastically changing their offensive identity. 

The fan base is really sick of the heavy run play calling and would like to see Wilson throw the ball more.  Schottenheimer has been really quiet with his 2020 offensive plans but I have a feeling that they do go more up tempo in 2020 and let Russ throw the ball a little more too.

Seahawks 2020 Defensive Preview

Ken Norton Jr. is the play caller and DC.  Norton was a linebacker for the Cowboys and 49ers in the late 1980’s and all of the 1990’s.  Once he retired in the early 2000’s, Pete Carroll hired him on his USC coaching staff. 

He then followed Carroll to Seattle and then in 2015, Norton became the defensive coordinator for the Oakland Raiders.  He was really bad with the Raiders and was below average in points allowed during his 3 seasons with the Raiders. 

He was fired in November on 2017 after his defense had not had an interception in the previous 11 weeks.  I think Pete Carroll loves the guy because after no success with the Raiders, Norton was hired by Carroll to be the DC in 2018. 

2018 Norton was 11th in the NFL in points allowed.  The seahawks were 13th in stopping the run and only gave up the 4th fewest rushing touchdowns.  The passing defense ranked 17th in yards and 14th in passing touchdowns given up. 

Last season was really bad for the Seahawks defense.  They gave up the 10th most points and 3rd most rushing touchdowns.  They also gave up the 27th most passing yards in the NFL.  Norton’s defense also had the 2nd fewest sacks in 2020. 

The fanbase has been upset that Carroll is reluctant to get out of his 4-3 front that likes to play cover 3 in the secondary.  This defense was made famous in the mid 2010’s and led them to 2 super bowl games. 

However, this defense needs 3 linebackers on the field at one time.  This isn’t a particularly good personnel grouping for a pass happy NFL.  Carroll has hinted that they will use more of a 4-2-5 defense this year to help with stopping the pass. 

The 4-2-5 means that they will go from 3 linebackers to 2 linebackers and add 1 secondary player on the field to make 5 secondary players.  They also drafted defense in the first 2 rounds in this year’s draft. 


They most recently added all-pro safety Jamal Adams via a trade with the Jets.  So the Seahawks are trying to revamp this defense with young and fast talent.  Let’s take a look at the other secondary players. 

The other safety is Quandre Diggs.  He was traded from Detroit to Seattle last season and is a really good safety.  Diggs makes a lot of plays on the ball and creates turnovers.  Diggs has also been able to play some nickleback as well. 

Adams and Diggs will be a very good pairing for the Seahawks in 2020  The main backup is Marquise Blair and he is viewed favorably amongst the coaches.  He was a 2nd round pick in the 2019 draft and saw limited playing time in 2019.  He did well when he played.


The cornerbacks are not as impressive.  The 2 starters are Shaquill Griffin and Tre Flowers.  Griffin played better than Flowers last season.  These 2 corners are going into their 3rd and 4th seasons. 

They have gotten a little better each year and I could see them getting a little better.  However, I don’t consider either of these 2 corners elite or the possibility of them becoming elite.  They are definitely average to slight above average league corners. 

Griffin has more upside in my opinion.  The back ups are Amadi Ugochukwu and Quinten Dunbar.  The fan base is high on Amadi. 

Amadi was a 4th round pick in 2019 but I believe was injured most of 2019.  Dunbar was traded from Washington to Seattle this off season but got into some legal trouble and might not play this season. 

If he plays then he will probably start over Flowers.  He would be a big help to this secondary.  Overall, this secondary is the strongest part of this defense. 

They have playmakers and difference makers.  There isn’t a glaring weak spot either.  Flowers is the weak link but he still has potential to be a very good player. 


Now let’s look at the linebackers.  The linebackers are led by Bobby Wagner.  Wagner is 30 years old this season but still should be one of the best linebackers in the NFL.  I could see Devin White challenging him for the best linebacker. 

Next to Wagner is a little bit confusing.  They drafted Jordyn Brooks in the 1st round of the 2020 draft.  Some think he will start but other think that Bruce Irvin will play linebacker some plays while playing edge rusher on passing downs. 

That could be the case but I think as more of the season goes along, Brooks will start at linebacker the entire game.  Brooks is a very good run stopper and is very athletic.  He didn’t do great in passing situations so that is something to monitor this season. 

The other linebacker is KJ Wright.  Wright was injured in 2018 but bounced back in 2019 with a pretty good season.  Wright will be 31 years old this season and he hasn’t been amazing at times. 

He is still a very good linebacker but he doesn’t always look great from week to week.  If one of these 3 players got injured there would be a pretty big drop off in play but the back ups are serviceable.

Defensive Line

The d-line is where things get interesting.  The defensive tackles are Jarran Reed and Poona Ford.  Reed had a monster 2018 but fell off considerably in 2019.  He was suspended for the first 6 games of 2019 due to alleged domestic violence. 

He never really looked the same after coming back.  He is definitely a mystery but should be great against the run.  The pass rush is the mystery because he had 10 sacks in 2018 but only 1 in 2019.  Poona Ford will be entering his 3rd season with the Seahawks. 

He is strictly a run stuffer.  He doesn’t play the pass very well.  Pete Carroll and the fans are really high on Poona Ford breaking out in year 3.  There is not a good back up behind these 2 players. 

They would seriously need to trade or sign somebody to better help their depth.  The defensive ends are Bruce Irvin, LJ Collier, Rasheem Green, Benson Mayowa, Darrell Taylor and Alton Robinson. 

It’s a very lackluster defensive end group.  Their best potential is having the 33 year old Bruce Irvin register 8 sacks and have rookie Darrell Taylor become a phenom. 

  All of the other guys are not worth mentioning.  LJ Collier was a 1st round pick last season but he under performed.  Their pass rush is a big, big problem. 

They really need to sign Jadeveon Clowney to a 1 year deal.  If they sign Clowney then this line dramatically makes a jump but without him it’s one of the worst in the NFL by far. 


Overall, the pass rush is the biggest concern and they will need to get a lot of production from Irvin and the rookie Taylor.  If not, they will have to get creative with blitzing the linebackers or safety Jamal Adams. 

They weren’t very stout against the run last season but if both Ford and Reed stay healthy then this group should be an average to above average run stopping defense. 

The coverage should be pretty good from the secondary but if they have to cover long because of a lack of pass rush then that will obviously cripple this defense. 

Even is Clowney comes back, his career high sacks for a season is only 9.  It’s not like he has been an otherworldly pass rusher.  So anyway you slice it, this pass rush has a high probability of being the worst 10 in the NFL. 

With Ken Norton coaching, the lack of pass rush and depth at defensive tackle and linebacker, this defense is very shaky.  I think it will be safe to say that this defense gives up around 24 points a game and finishes around 10th worst in the NFL.

Fun Facts About the Coaches:

Not too much to report.  Austin Davis is the quarterbacks coach but he didn’t have a great NFL career.

Brain Schottenheimer is the son of Marty Schottenheimer and he is the OC.

Depth Chart:

Contract Year Players:

LB: KJ Wright

DE: Bruce Irvin

DT: Poona Ford

Seahwaks Offensive Line Preview

The offensive line is anchored by left tackle Duane Brown.  Brown is one of the league’s best tackles.  I would say right around the top 10 range.  The right tackle looks to be either Cedric Ogbuehi or Brandon Shell. 

Shell looks to be the starter and isn’t the best at pass blocking.  He gave up 7 sacks last season with the Jets but he seems to be better than Ogbuehi.  Ogbuehi will provide depth but he isn’t a great option. 

He has experience but again, not great.  The interior is where there is uncertainty.  The center is BJ Finney.  He was a back up in Pittsburgh but when he played, he played well. 

He is not an above average player and nor do I think he has the ability to be an above average player but he will fill in and do his role.  He is an average run and pass blocker but as a Steelers fan, he never cost us any game or did anything frustrating. 

The guard spots have competition.  It will be between Mike Iupati, Phil Haynes and rookie Damien Lewis.  Iupati will most likely start at one of the 2 guard spots due to his 10+ years of experience. 

He will be 33 years old so seeing how he holds up will be key.  Haynes was a 4th round rookie in 2019 and didn’t play much while Lewis was a 3rd round rookie in 2020.  Lewis apparently is a really good run blocker. 

People think Lewis will start but who really knows.  It’s not an O-line that gets you excited.  If Lewis the rookie plays well and the right tackle Shell gets a little better than this O-line could be average. 

An average line in Seattle would be great news.  I think overall they will be a pretty good run blocking O-line.  The concern, as in years past, will be with the pass blocking.  So in order to counter the opponents pass rush, Seattle will most likely stick to the running game a lot again in 2020.


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