San Francisco 49ers Team Overview 2020

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San Francisco 49ers Team Overview 2020

49ers Team Overview

San Francisco 49ers Team Overview 2020


Denise DeBartolo York.  Edward John DeBartolo Sr. was her father and he purchased the team in 1977.  He was known for the DeBartolo Malls and was her father died in 1994, she sold all of the malls. 

Her estimated net worth is $3.2 billion dollars.  She also owned the Pittsburgh Penguins during their first Stanley Cup Championship in 1990. 

The DeBartolo’s are from Youngstown Ohio.  Her father said that winning the Stanley Cup was possibly the happiest day of his life.  That is pretty interesting because he won a lot of superbowls with the 49ers.  Anyways, they are a family run company and now DeBartolo York’s son Jed York, is the CEO of the 49ers.  He essentially runs the team now.


John Lynch.  Lynch is most known for being an all-pro safety for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Denver Broncos.  He was one of the first players in the NFL that I remembered watching growing up and I remember him being incredible on the football field.  He had a ton of interceptions. 

He was also a very good speaker.  I remember him speaking after games and just thinking that he really knows what he is talking about.  This led to him doing color commentating on television for football games. 

Things I didn’t know about Lynch was that he played for the late Dennis Green when Lynch played football at Stanford.  Lynch was also a really good baseball player and got drafted by the Florida Marlins. 

He threw out the first pitch in one of the minor league teams.  He wanted to play baseball but Bill Walsh convinced Lynch to play his senior season at Stanford after Dennis Green left to coach the Vikings. 

Now, Lynch has become a really savvy general manager of the 49ers.  He got the position in 2017.  He has made really good trades and draft picks.  He hired a budding young mind in Kyle Shanahan.  The 2 of them just got contract extensions this past off season.  I think they are the best GM and HC duo in the NFL by a long shot.

Head Coach: 

Kyle Shanahan.  Kyle started off with Tampa Bay for one season but then paired with Gary Kubiak and the Houston Texans for 4 seasons.  It was with Kubiak, that Kyle started to learn more in depth, his father’s, Mike Shanahan, offense. 

Kubiak and Mike worked together in Denver.  Kubiak was Mike’s offensive coordinator.  Kyle really excelled and was a quick learner under Kubiak.  He became the offensive coordinator for Kubiak in 2008 and 2009 with the texans. 

The offense did really well under Kyle.  He then went to be the offensive coordinator for his dad in Washington.  He was the OC there for 3 seasons.  Then he went to the Browns for one season.  Then to the Falcons for 2 seasons before finally going to the 49ers to be the head coach.  Kyle is regarded as one of the smartest offensive minds in the game. 

It’s interesting to report that Kyle has never had back to back successful offenses that have finished in the top 15 in points scored.  It has always taken him one or a couple of seasons to get his offense to play at a high level. 

I know he hasn’t stayed in one place for very long but it’s interesting to see that he has never been able to turn around an offense in his first season with a team.  Some of his teams had pretty good offensive talent too. 

However, once he has had a couple of seasons, his offenses explode.  Besides being a great offensive mind, he has shown he is a great leader.  He has turned around the 49ers into an excellent football team.  2020 is a big season for him to try and win a super bowl with a lot of people coming to the end of their contracts.

Fantasy Outlook for the 49ers

QB: Jimmy Garoppolo

Jimmy threw for 27 touchdowns last season and around 4,000 passing yards.  I don’t think he gets much better in 2020.  This is going to be a run dominant team again in 2020.  I wouldn’t draft Jimmy at all.

RB: Raheem Mostert

The 49ers just signed Mostert to a 3 year deal worth around $9 million.  This means that they will definitely use him as the feature back.  Tevin Coleman was injured a lot last season but even when he was healthy and played, he didn’t look as good as Mostert. 

MicKinnon was supposed to be the feature back in 2018 and signed a 4 year $30 million dollar deal.  However, the 49ers have restructured his contract to be only a shade under $1 million dollars in 2020.  So the writing is on the wall, Mostert is the lead back. 

However, Shanahan will definitely still rotate all 3 of the backs a lot.  The 49ers ran the ball around 430 times on designed runs with the running back.  Mostert and Coleman had exactly 137 carries each and Breida had 123.

The rest were with full backs and random players that Shanahan’s creative mind wanted to run the ball with.  So what does this all mean in terms of Mostert’s production in 2020.  I think it means very good things. 

Writing is on the wall that Mostert will get the bulk of the carries.  Shanahan is a very smart guy and he knows neither Coleman or McKinnon are as good a runner as Mostert.  I think worst case scenario, Mostert will get 12 carries a game and 2 receptions a game.  He had a ridiculous 5.6 yards per carry last season. 

Even if he only gets 5.0 to 5.2 then he will get to 1,000 yards rushing.  Couple that with around 300 yards receiving and around 12 total touchdowns and you have yourself a top 15 fantasy running back.  That is around 215 points and that should be his floor! 

Mostert is being drafted around the 6th or 7th round and he is a must draft at that position.  I would even take him 5th round just to make sure you get him.  The value for him is too great to pass up.

RB: Tevin Coleman/Jerrick McKinnon

Shanahan has been around Coleman for a very long time now.  He knows exactly what he is getting from him at this point.  Coleman should get around 120 carries this season with 40 receptions.  It won’t be really good numbers though.  This is definitely Mosterts back field and the contract extension proves it.  Coleman is being drafted around the 7th to 8th round and he would be a horrible selection.

McKinnon was supposed to be the guy 2 years ago but his injuries have kept him from the field.  He will now have a chance to show what he is made out of.  I think he will be more of a pass receiving running back but even with that said I doubt we see him catch more than 60 balls.  He is not worth drafting.

WR: Deebo Samuel

Deebo will probably miss the first 3 to 4 weeks of the season due to a Jones fracture in his foot.  These injuries have a high risk of reinjury too due to the limited amount of blood flow to the foot.  The 49ers have some good receiving options so I doubt they rush Samuel back.  However, once he comes back, he is for sure their #1 receiver. 

The only bad thing about all of this is that Shanahan loves to spread the ball around in the passing game.  No one receiver had more than 5 receiving touchdowns last season for the 49ers.  And Jimmy G threw for 27 touchdowns. 

Jimmy G might throw for 30 this season but that would be his ceiling.  I seriously doubt that Deebo gets more than 8 touchdowns this season.  So even if he was healthy, I would say Deebo gets around 70 catches for 1,000 yards and 7 touchdowns. 

He might add 1 rushing touchdown and also around 150 yards too.  This would be good for around 24th best wide receiver in fantasy.  Ironically, he is being drafted as around the 24th best wide receiver.  I am going to have to pass on Deebo for a couple reasons. 

The first one being that Jimmy G and Shanahan aren’t going to be forcing the ball to 1 player on this offense.  Even though Deebo is the clear #1 option at WR, this doesn’t mean he will get the lion’s share of targets. 

The stats above are also probably his best case scenario.  That’s not a great ceiling.  Lastly, who knows how this Jones fracture plays out.  There is a high chance of him reinjuring it or for it to bother him as the season goes on.  All of these factors are too risky for me to draft Deebo.

WR: Brandon Aiyuk, Kendrick Bourne, Jalen Hurd, Dante Pettis

All 4 of these receivers I would stay away from.  These will be waiver wire players that I would consider to pick up if you think the 49ers might be in a shootout.  Other than that, I am not drafting these 4 players due to Shanahan spreading the ball out to everyone and also Jimmy G not being a pure passer.

TE: George Kittle

Kittle is the best tight end in football.  He will probably get you around 80 catches for 1,100 yards and 6 to 8 touchdowns.  This is great and all but this will only get you around 190 fantasy points. 

Don’t get me wrong, Kittle is one of my players in the NFL right now but there is no way I am drafting Kittle in the 2nd round.  I can get 190 points from Mostert in the 6th or 7th round.  I know what the argument is about getting 5 more points per game from Kittle than you will get from your opponents tight end and therein lies the advantage. 

However,  I will take the player who will score around 250 fantasy points in the 2nd round.  It is very hard to draft players after the 2nd and 3rd round who can get you 250 fantasy points.  Fantasy football is a simple game. 

Don’t over think this thing.  The more points you score, the better chance you have in winning.  I will stick with the 250 point running back or wide receiver in the 2nd round and draft a 150 point tight end in the 8th round.

49ers 2020 Offensive Preview

The play caller is Kyle Shannahan.  If you read above then you know that Kyle got his offensive training from his dad, Mike and Gary Kubiak.  It’s the west coast offense where the foundation is based off of a successful stretch zone running game. 

Kyle has done a really good job in executing the run game like his father and Gary Kubiak have done throughout their careers.  Where Kyle really excels, is tinkering off of that stretch zone running game into creative pass plays.  He uses play action a lot in order to get easier throws for his quarterback.  That is the basis of his offense. 

Kyle has been able to take it a step further by game planning really well against other opponents and always doing the unexpected.  He is a really good play caller and has an extraordinary feel for the game.  Watching him call offensive plays is like reading a book that is written by a great writer. 

His plays flow together and run incredibly smooth, just like a great writer.  He has pretty much all of the same pieces going into 2020.  I expect this offense to be really good again.  The biggest thing to keep note of is how he can get more out of QB Jimmy Garoppolo.  Everyone who watches the 49ers knows that Garoppolo struggles at times. 

The 49ers have a really good O-line and blocking tight end so the run game should be top 5 in the NFL.  Teams will try and load the box to stop the run but Kyle will be able to have great plays off of the run. 

What will ultimately be the tell all with the 49ers is when they are in tight games, can Garoppolo stand in the shotgun and lead the team down the field.  Personally, I don’t think he can and I believe that they will move on from Garoppolo after this season.

49ers 2020 Defensive Preview  

Robert Saleh.  Saleh has been in the NFL since 2005.  He has primarily been a defensive assistant or linebacker coach.  He was last with the Jacksonville Jaguars before becoming the defensive coordinator for the 49ers in 2017. 

All of Lynch, Shanahan and Saleh, joined the 49ers in 2017.  They have done an incredible job in reshaping this storied franchise.  It took Saleh 2 seasons before bursting into being a top 10 defense in 2019.  This is primarily due to the 49ers spending a lot of early draft picks on the defensive line. 

Now the 49ers look to get back to the super bowl which they lost last season.  In 2020, the 49ers defense will look to play more man to man coverage.  Under Saleh, they primarily played cover 3 and cover 4 which stems back to the early 2010 Seattle defensive concepts.  Last season’s secondary coach left to become the Browns defensive coordinator. 

Saleh has now hired Tony Oden as the secondary coach.  Oden spent time with the Lions from 2014 to 2017 and the Dolphins in 2018 & 2019.  Both of those defenses played a lot of man to man.  Not all of them were successful defenses in stopping the pass but they had really good cornerbacks on those teams. 

So definitely expect the 49ers to mix up more man to man coverage in 2020.  This also means that the 49ers might blitz a little more in 2020.  I haven’t read anything that they will and they might not because Saleh finished as one of the least blitzing defenses in 2019. 

This is because of his stellar defensive line doesn’t need much help getting to the quarterback.  Other then those 2 things, Saleh and the 49ers have kind of covered up there game plan for the 2020 defense.

49ers Defensive Line

  Let’s look at the defensive line.  The defensive ends are ridiculously good.  Nick Bosa, Arik Armstead and Dee Ford are all premier pass rushers.  All 3 of them are in their 20’s.  Ford is the most experienced but has had trouble staying healthy throughout his career. 

If he is healthy than he will have over or around 10 sacks.  Armstead is the same case.  He has had trouble staying healthy.  He was healthy all of last season and had 11 sacks.  Bosa had 9 sacks but missed 2 games.  All 3 are good against the run as well. 

They are monsters.  The interior defensive line lost DeForest Buckner in a trade with the Colts this offseason but they still have Solomon Thomas, DJ Jones and 1st round rookie Javon Kinlaw. 

In my opinion this was a really good move by Lynch because they don’t have to pay Kinlaw a lot of money and they will still have a great interior presence, most likely, with Kinlaw.  Kinlaw was an animal on tape with South Carolina. 

I think he will do just fine with the 49ers.  Thomas was another 1st round draft pick by the 49ers.  He hasn’t delivered the goods.  He is also better suited at defensive tackle but played a lot of defensive end his first 2 seasons with the 49ers. 

He has also lost his sister in 2018 who committed suicide.  Lynch also declined his 5th year option.  This is a lot of stuff going on in Thomas’s life but I think now that he is solely going to be a defensive tackle, he plays better. 

He is really good in the run game but he lacks the pass rush.  On passing situations he will either play nose tackle and get subbed out for Arik Armstead.  DJ Jones is only going to be 25 years old and this will be his contract season with the 49ers in 2020. 

He has played really well in the limited action he has played.  He will look to play a lot in 2020.  The last guy to mention is Kentavius Street.  Street was a rookie last season but the 49ers are high on him contributing this season. 

Between the 4 of these players, this interior D-line should be just fine.  Overall, this is one of the best defensive lines in the NFL.  The depth is incredible as well. 

49ers Linebackers

Now to the linebackers.  They are led by Kwon Alexander.  Kwon came over from the Buccaneers.  He is a really underrated linebacker in the NFL.  He has all the confidence in the world and is very athletic. 

He makes a lot of impact plays and is usually good at forcing turnovers.  The other 2 starting linebackers in this 4-3 defense are Dre Greenlaw and Fred Warner.  Warner is an up and coming linebacker.  Last season was his 2nd season in the NFL and he balled out. 

He was also just voted the 70th best NFL player on the NFL top 100 list.  Greenlaw was a rookie last season but he played with a lot of confidence in big moments.  He wasn’t the best in coverage and that is something he needs to work on. 

I still like him to develop into a better player in 2020.  The 3 of these linebackers together is a great group.  Definitely an above average group in the NFL.  They aren’t the biggest linebacker group so I think this front 7 will give up some rushing yards in 2020. 

They weren’t a dominant rush defense last season either.  So I think they will be middle of the pack to just above average in 2020.  The back ups are Joe Walker and Mark Nzeocha.  Walker has more experience the Nzeocha.  Both aren’t anything special but look like capable back ups. 

49ers Secondary

The secondary gave up the fewest yards in 2019 but they were only 13th in the amount of passing touchdowns they gave up.  The 49ers were 8th overall in points allowed. 

They did a lot of things great in 2019 and I think they will be a top 10 defense in 2020 but against better competition, I don’t know how great they will be.  The obvious key examples are the Seahawks and the Chiefs. 

Anyways, if you have read above, the 49ers have a new secondary coach who has coached a lot of man to man coverage.  The 49ers must learn how to do this in case that they meet the Chiefs in the superbowl again. 

The only teams to really beat the Chiefs were teams that were able to play man to man coverage.  Now they won’t play this style all the time but they will definitely mix it in more in 2020.  This isn’t the best coverage for Richard Sherman. 

Sherman is a really good zone defender.  However, Ahkello Witherspoon is more talented physically with speed and man to man coverage than Sherman.  Witherspoon had a great first 8 games of the season in 2019 but then became injured. 

Once he came back from injury, he played really bad.  He still kept a good attitude but he didn’t play well.  He was always in position but never made plays on the ball.  He will be in his contract year in 2020 so all of the motivation is there. 

He will be battling with Emmanuel Moseley.  Moseley played really well once Witherspoon went down.  It will be really interesting to see who starts between Witherspoon and Moseley.  If it means anything, Richard Sherman thinks Moseley will be the starter in 2020. 

The nickel back in passing situations will be K’Waun Williams.  Williams forced 4 fumbles and added 2 interceptions in 2019.  He is pretty good in coverage but as you have read, he makes a lot of plays on the football. 

They also have Jason Verret as a back up who is a longtime veteran.  Overall, this cornerback group is pretty good.  They all have a lot of confidence, except Witherspoon at times, but they should play well in 2020. 

I don’t think they will do amazing against elite quarterbacks and receivers though.  The safeties are Jaquiski Tartt and Jimmie Ward.  Tartt is a longtime 49er but has always been injured.  The last time he played more than 12 games was in 2016.  Tartt and Ward played in high school together so the chemistry is definitely there. 

Tartt is also a good tackler but doesn’t create a lot of turnovers.  He is an average safety at best and not good knowing that he is always injured.  Ward is basically the same story as Tartt.  Ward is always injured and hasn’t created a lot of turnovers. 

Ward just signed a 3 year deal worth $28 million dollars so the 49ers are high on Ward.  Ward is definitely a better safety than Tartt.  Ward has said that he thinks he will create more turnovers in 2020 because of the new techniques that the new secondary coach is teaching him.  Ward also mentioned man to man coverage techniques. 

This confirms that more man to man coverage is coming in 2020.  The back up to these 2 safeties is Tarvarius Moore and Marcell Harris.  Both have not played a ton and are younger players.  Ward has mentioned that he thinks Moore has what it takes to one day replace him.  Harris has made a lot of plays on the ball in his limited action. 

It looks like serviceable to pretty good back ups.  Overall the secondary is talented and has good football players.  I think they will be an above average group to a top 10 or top 5 group.  The defensive line will surely make them look better then what they actually are.  Even with a mediocre D-line, I think they are an above average secondary. 

49ers Defensive Conclusion.

Ultimately, after looking at all of the defensive players, I really like this defense.  I think they are a little vulnerable against physical running teams.  I think they are also vulnerable against elite passing teams.  I think they will give up a lot of points to elite offenses.  I think they will smother average to bad offenses.  This will for sure be a top 10 defense in terms of points allowed in 2020.

Cool Facts About Coaches

The coach of note is the new secondary coach, Tony Oden.  He specializes in coaching man to man technique. 

The other coach of note is Mike LaFleur who is the passing game coordinator.  He is the brother of head coach Matt LaFleur.

Depth Chart:

Contract Year Players:

OL: Trent Williams
CB: Richard Sherman
DL: Solomon Thomas
S: Jaquiski Tartt
FB: Kyle Juszczyk
WR: Kendrick Bourne
RB: Tevin Coleman
CB: Ahkello Witherspoon
TE: George Kittle

49ers Offensive Line Preview

The offensive line should be pretty good this season.  The left tackle is now Trent Williams.  Williams played under Shanahan in Washington so the trade for Williams this off season makes perfect sense. 

Williams hasn’t played since 2018 but he is only 31 years old.  Tackles can usually play into their mid 30’s so Williams should be fresh and ready to go.  He is an all-pro left tackle when he is healthy.  He knows Shanahan’s scheme and should blend in just fine. 

The right tackle is Mike McGlinchey.  McGlinchey has done pretty well in his first 2 seasons in the NFL.  He is a great run blocker but is still working on his pass blocking.  He gave up 5 sacks last season so hopefully in his 3rd season he can be better against the pass. 

The guards are Laken Tomlinson and Tom Compton.  Tomlinson is considered to be one of the underrated players on the 49ers team voted on by the fans.  He only gave up 3 sacks in 2019 and is a former 1st round pick 5 seasons ago.  He is a solid NFL starter. 

Compton is expected to start but he is probably the weakest link of this O-line.  Compton has also had trouble staying healthy.  Luckily for the 49ers they have capable back ups who might even beat out Compton in Daniel Brunskill and Ben Garland. 

Both Garland and Brunskill played well last season when they filled in.  The center is Weston Richburg and he is a little below average.  He doesn’t give up any sacks but he doesn’t wow you.  Overall this O-line should be just fine in 2020. 

There is plenty of depth that can compete and make this line even better in 2020.  The tackles are great and the running game should be dominant once again in 2020.  They should also give plenty of time for Jimmy G to throw the ball.


Thank you for reading my post. Dominique and I hope you find our website helpful. Please leave a comment below if you have any questions or comments!


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