Pittsburgh Steelers Team Overview 2020

Pittsburgh Steelers Team Overview 2020

Steelers Team Overview 2020

Pittsburgh Steelers 2020 Team Overview


  The Rooney Family.  Art Rooney II is the president and represents the team at the owners meetings. 

Art Rooney the first, was the original owner of the Steelers in 1933.  Then his son Dan Rooney owned the team after Art the 1st passed away.  A couple of years ago Dan passed away and now Art the 2nd is in charge. 

To my knowledge, there are still a couple other Rooneys that have ownership that are ancestors of the sons from Art the 1st. 

There was a huge concern in 2008 that the Rooney’s were going to have to sell the team because they weren’t able to work out the majority ownership percentages between Art the 1st’s 5 sons. 

Eventually this got worked out but it looks like the Rooney’s don’t have as much money as people think.  They have a lot of minority owners. 

Still, nonetheless, Art the 2nd is in control and the Steelers are doing great.

General Manager  

Kevin Colbert.  Colbert is a longtime scout in the NFL who worked for the Dolphins and Lions. 

He joined the Steelers in 2000 and became the general manager in 2010.  He has done an okay job. 

He had a couple bad years of drafting in the middle of the 2010’s.  He missed badly on a couple of players and the defense took almost 10 years to get back to relevancy. 

Big Ben has been able to keep the offense doing well and now the defense is stronger than ever.  It is time for this Steelers team to capitalize on the few remaining seasons that Big Ben has left.

Head Coach: 

Mike Tomlin.  Tomlin is perceived differently by many fans.  Some can’t stand him while others think he is just fine.

I really thought that the Steelers were going to fire him when they lost to the Jaguars at home in the playoffs. 

However, he withstood that circumstance and it looks to be the right decision by the Rooneys. 

Tomlin was a defensive backs coach in Tampa Bay and then a defensive coordinator in Minnesota for one season before becoming the Steelers head coach at the age of 36. 

Tomlin is well known for his goofy and awkward press conferences.  He uses a lot of coach jargon and it’s just really funny to listen to. 

He was a players coach when he first coached the Steelers but I think he has kind of removed himself from being super friendly with the players now. 

He is still well liked by his players and is active in coaching the defense.  He has a really talented team now and he needs to get the most out of them in the next 3 seasons.

Fantasy Outlook for the Steelers

QB: Ben Roethlisberger

I like Big Ben to have a solid year but not in terms of fantasy football.  I think the Steelers go back to old school Steelers football this season and play great defense and run the ball in the 4th quarter to milk the clock.

RB: James Connor

I’m not high on Connor because of his injury history and the back up running backs are good too.  This could be a little bit of a committee in the Steelers backfield in 2020.

All Steelers Receivers

I like the Steelers to run the ball a lot this year.  There are also a lot of receivers now to compete with for receptions.  I am staying away from all Steelers receivers this season.

TE: Eric Ebron

I like Ebron to have a nice little year.  He should be played when the Steelers look to be in high scoring games.

Offensive:  Randy Fitchner.

Fitchner has been with Steelers for a while but only a couple seasons as the offensive coordinator.  He basically runs plays that Big Ben likes to run.  He is a decent and overall above average offensive coordinator.

Defensive:  Keith Butler. 

This is really a 2 man job.  Tomlin is heavily involved in the Steelers defensive game plan every week.  Now that they have better personnel in the secondar, this defensive unit is looking to be the best in the NFL.  They have great pass rushers in the interior and outside.  The linebackers are solid too.  The secondary has playmakers also.  This is for sure a top 3 defense in the NFL.

Depth Chart:

Contract Year Players:

DL: Bud Dupree

DL: Cam Hayword

OL: Alejandro Villanueva

OL: Matt Feiler

CB: Mike Hilton

WR: Juju Smith-Schuster

RB: James Connor

Steelers Offensive Line Preview

This looks to be another strong offensive line for the Steelers in 2020. 

The left tackle is Alejandro Villanueva.  Villanueva has been a really solid left tackle for the Steelers the past 4 seasons. 

He isn’t top tackle in the NFL but is definitely above average in pass and run blocking.  The right tackle is Matt Feiler.

Feiler is turning out to be a really pleasant surprise for this team.  He has started a majority of snaps for the past 2 seasons at right guard. 

He only gave up 3 sacks last season in 16 starts and his run blocking is a little above average too. 

They also have 2 backups that should be able to cover if one of them goes down with injury.  The backups have potential but lack playing experience. 

The inside is backed by Markuice Pouncey who has been the heart and soul of this Steelers offense for the past 10 seasons.  Pouncey is a really good center and leader for this offensive line.  He is definitely a top 10 center in the NFL. 

The right guard is David DeCastro.  DeCastro is one of the best guards in the NFL.  The other guard position will be Stefen Wisniewski. 

Wisniewski comes from the Chiefs but hasn’t started a lot of games since 2017.  Wisniewski has graded out well during his career so hopefully there is still something in the tank from this 31 year old guard. 

To challenge  Wisniewski will be the Steelers 4th round rookie out of Louisiana Kevin Dotson. 

Dotson fell in the draft and the Steelers were very happy to get him.  Dotson is known for being great in run blocking. 

He is very nasty at the point of contact and is a big body.  I am not sure about his pass blocking. 

Overall, there isn’t really a stud on this offensive line except maybe DeCastro or Pouncey.  They are both really great but not upper echelon. 

The Tackles are quality NFL tackles.  There is good competition at the left guard spot and also good depth along this offensive line. 

This should bode well for Big Ben staying healthy and for a better run game in 2020.


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