Philadelphia Eagles Team Overview 2020

Philadelphia Eagles Team Overview 2020

Eagles Team Overview 2020

Philadelphia Eagles Team Preview 2020


  Jeffrey Lurie.  Lurie lived in Massachusetts and was a Redsox and Patriots fan.  He tried to buy the Patriots in 1993 but his Uncle said it wasn’t a good idea. 

He then bought the Eagles in 1994 but had to borrow a loan from a bank in Boston.  Lurie got his net worth from his father’s general cinema movie theatre chain. 

His net worth now is $2.4 billion.  This doesn’t make him one of the richest owners but he loves sports and is very happy to own the Eagles.

General Manager

Howie Roseman.  Roseman has been with the Eagles since 2000.  He has been the Gm and defacto GM since 2010. 

There were a couple seasons where Chip Kelly was the GM and Roseman was executive vice president. 

However, in 2016, Roseman became the GM again.  Roseman has done a really good job in navigating through coaching changes since 2010 and then finally landing one that worked well for him in Doug Pederson. 

He traded the house for QB Carson Wentz a couple of drafts ago and that worked out amazingly.  It was quite the risk to draft an FCS QB at the 2nd pick overall but he looks like a genius for it now. 

He was able to deliver a Super Bowl to Philadelphia in 2018 and will forever be looked at with favor from the people in Philly because of it. 

This season the Eagles look to stay healthy and see if they can compete in the playoffs again.

Head Coach:

Doug Pederson.  Pederson was hired in 2016.   It was kind of an ironic hire because he was the offensive coordinator for Andy Reid in Kansas City but Andy Reid. 

Andy Reid was fired by the same guy who hired Pederson to be the head coach, Howie Roseman. 

Now, both Pederson and Reid have Super Bowl rings and personally I am happy for both.  Pederson has really turned around the offense for the Eagles. 

He has finished top 12 in points in the NFL his first 4 seasons in Philadelphia.  This is really impressive because he had a rookie QB in Wentz his first season. 

And then Wentz was injured the next 2 seasons causing him to miss a lot of games in both seasons.  Last season they didn’t have a lot of WR talent. 

Pederson might be the next offensive guru like his teacher Andy Reid.  He has more talent on offense in 2020 then he had in 2019 and the offensive line is still great. 

This all bodes well for his offense in 2020.  The question mark for Pederson is going to be getting the most out of his defense.

Fantasy Outlook for the Eagles

QB: Carson Wentz

It seems like with every position breakdown for the Eagles, the biggest concern is if this player stays healthy then this could be a good position group. 

Quarterback is no different.  Wentz has struggled to stay healthy the past 3 seasons.  If he stays healthy then I think Wentz is a sure lock to a top 10 QB. 

I don’t love this Eagles defense even though their secondary is improved.  I think Wentz will have to come up big and I predict he will.

I have Wentz throwing for over 30 touchdowns and 4,000 yards in 2020.  I thought that Wentz was a better runner then his stats showed. 

He has low interception numbers and he loves to tuck it down and run.  He could get to 300 rushing yards this season but that looks to be his ceiling. 

Overall, I predict Wentz to have 34 passing touchdowns, 4,100 passing yards and 300 rushing yards.  Those numbers are definitely Wentz’s ceiling but his floor isn’t far off. 

He should finish as a top 8 fantasy quarterback and I would definitely draft him if he is available in the 8th round and you need a quarterback.

RB: Miles Sanders

This running back has got a lot of people wondering what he will do in 2020.  You are reading the right post.  I will make this crystal clear for everybody. 

Let’s start with the new offensive line.  I have a full breakdown of the offensive line at the bottom of this post.  In short, this will be a very good run blocking offensive line. 

It could struggle at left tackle in pass protection and the Eagles don’t have a lot of depth either.  The Eagles also didn’t pick up any running backs in free agency or in the draft. 

This is a clear sign that they really liked what they saw from Sanders after Jordan Howard got hurt last season.  Sanders only started 11 games and finished as the 15th fantasy running back in half PPR leagues. 

All of this is signaling for a top 12 fantasy finish at running back in 2020.  If he stays healthy and starts all 16 games then he will be in line for, at minimum, 210 carries and 60 receptions. 

If he is able to get to 10 touchdowns then you will hit fantasy gold with Sanders.  Worst case is he gets 8 touchdowns. 

His worst case projections will have him around 210 fantasy points in half PPR leagues.

He is young, talented and will get the lion share of touches from any other Eagles back in 2020.  If he is available to draft in the 2nd round then pounce on him and don’t think twice.

WR:DeSean Jackson/Alshon Jeffery/Jalen Reagor

We will start with Alshon.  Alshon has had trouble staying healthy the past 2 seasons.  When he is healthy and playing, he is a good play at wide receiver. 

He is currently being drafted around the 12th round and if you have 3 wide receivers on your team, Alshon could be a good 4th option to fill in on bye weeks and also in your flex position. 

Of course there is risk with him due to his injuries but Wentz has always liked throwing to him.  I am probably not going to draft him because I like other options out there and I also don’t like his injury risk but Alshon could pan out and have a nice 8 touchdown season.

DeSean Jackson made headlines for the wrong reasons but he has said his apologies and is ready to go for his 13th NFL season. 

Jackson is arguably the 2nd best deep threat in NFL history behind Randy Moss.  He is a bit of a darkhorse in that he has flown under the radar the past 3 seasons. 

The 2 seasons in Tampa Bay, Jameis Winston didn’t have the best connection with him and then last season he was hurt after 3 games. 

Jackson has been able to maintain his speed by doing the same off season track program he has done for years now. 

I am confident the 34 year old will come back strong this season.  He is currently being drafted around the 13th round in fantasy mock drafts.

He wouldn’t be a bad option to stash on your bench for when the Eagles will be in a shootout.

The last receiver to touch on is Jalen Reagor.  Reagor is currently being drafted around the 15th round in fantasy mock drafts.  I think that will be a steal of a pick. 

Reagor is the only starting receiver to fit the slot role and catch the quick passes in this west coast offense.  I think Wentz has a lot better year this season with weapons like Reagor available to him. 

In order for Wentz to break out like he did 2017, then Reagor will be a huge factor in that.  I like Reagor to get 80 receptions and 7 touchdowns.  If he is available to you in the 15th round then draft him.  I might even reach for him in the 12th or 13th round.

TE: Zach Ertz

Ertz is Wentz’s security blanket.  Ertz had a little bit of a down year last season but that was because he was the Eagles 1st receiving option and got double teamed a lot.

With a healthy receiving corps in 2020, Ertz should return to his 100 receptions and 8 touchdown average.  That would make for a great fantasy tight end. 

However, he is being drafted around the 3rd round of fantasy mocks and that is too high for me to take him.  I will be taking the best running back available to build by running back depth.  I might take a wide receiver during that time too. 

I won’t be looking at tight ends until the 6th round.  The top tight ends are only good for around 160 to 200 fantasy points a year. 

To put that into perspective, that is equivalent to the 20th best fantasy running back and 24th best fantasy wide receiver.  You can get a tight end off waivers throughout the season and late in drafts that can get close to 150 points in a season. 

I’m not using a high draft pick on Ertz even though I think he finishes as a top 5 fantasy tight end in 2020.

Eagles Offensive Preview 2020

Offensive:  Doug Pederson.  I just read an article that Pederson spoke in length about why he isn’t having an offensive coordinator in 2020. 

He let go former OC Mike Groh, he now coaches the wide receivers in Indianapolis.  Pederson sounds pretty arrogant in the article. 

Maybe I am reading too much into it but he sounded a little defensive about him not having a coordinator. 

He said that many other teams don’t have a coordinator and it works well.  So this year he has promoted Press Taylor to passing game coordinator and will keep Jeff Stoutland the run game coordinator. 

They also brought in Rich Scangarello as an offensive advisor.  Scangarello coached last in San Francisco under Kyle Shannahan and was able to help Jimmy Garapollo develop into a better QB in 2017 and 2018. 

Scangarello was the OC in Denver last season.  Denver struggled because they let Joe Flacco start too many games. 

Any who, Pederson is very happy with his offensive coaches being able to give him good scouting on what concepts will work for him to call plays on Sundays.  So yes, Doug Pederson will remain the play caller in 2020. 

Now let’s look at Pederson’s play calling history.  Since 2013, Pederson has been top 11 in offensive rushing yards in the NFL every year except 2018. 

Last year he was 11th.  He didn’t have a great passing game with the Chiefs but after Carson Wentz’s rookie season, the Eagles have been 13th, 7th and 11th in passing yards. 

Its safe to say that if this Eagles team stays healthy in 2020, then it will easily be a top 10 offense in all categories.  All of the media is stressing how Pederson is going to evolve his offense into a Kyle Shannahan hybrid offense.

  Just from reading Pederson’s quotes, Pederson is not going to change his main principles of his offense.  Shannahan likes to move down the field at a good pace using a lot of deception. 

Pederson likes to do that kind of stuff too but also comes from the Andy Reid school of offense where you throw it deep a couple times a game.

  Shannahan also likes his QB’s under center while Pederson likes to have Carson Wentz in the shotgun formation. 

What Pederson appears to be doing by adding Scangarello to his offense staff is learning how to use better protection, play actions, screens and running game.

I’m sure that the Eagles do go a little more under center but a lot of these concepts can be used from the shot gun. 

Pederson will definitely make Shannahan’s concepts his own.  The bottom line is this,  I am not going against Pederson this season.  This offense will be a top 5 offense if everybody stays healthy.

Eagles Defensive Preview 2020

Jim Schwartz.  Schwartz is not an elite defensive mind.  He has his seasons that can be pretty good but throughout his 20 seasons as DC or HC, he hasn’t put together stellar back to back success. 

He has never had continued success at one place. His best success has been with Philadelphia.  He has had 4 straight seasons of being in the top half of the NFL in scoring defense. 

He has also been exceptional at stopping the run the past 3 seasons with the Eagles.  He was middle of the pack in sacks last season and struggled to get a lot of turnovers.  He is not known for being a pass defensive guru. 

Most all of his defenses struggle against the pass.  His defenses historically have been up and down in creating turnovers.  He calls a pretty aggressive defense by blitzing and play man to man in the secondary. 

He has done pretty well in Philly but there is plenty to work on in 2020.  Like I mentioned, they have struggled with stopping the pass. 


They believe they have taken a step in the right direction by trading for All-Pro cornerback, Darius Slay Jr.  Slay Jr. has been a top cornerback in the NFL for the past 4 seasons. 

Slay Jr. is a really good corner back.  He still gets beat by top tier wide receivers but is definitely a top 10 cornerback in the NFL. 

The other cornerback is one of 4 cornerbacks.  They are Sidney Jones, Avonte Maddox, and Nickell Robey-Coleman.  The front runner looks to be Avonte Maddox. 

The knock on Maddox is that he is short at only 5’9”.  He got dominated by better WR’s in 2019.  They are hoping that he will do better against teams 2nd best wide receiver as Slay Jr. takes on teams number 1 wide receivers. 

Other fans think that it will be Sidney Jones.  Jones and Maddox both struggled most of 2019.  They have moments but there aren’t many. 

The key addition to this group is Nickell Robey-Coleman.  NRC was let go by the Rams and it was a surprise to most Rams fans.  NRC is a really good slot cornerback.

He has been very durable too.  Between these 4 cornerbacks the Eagles have one of their best cornerback crews they have had in awhile. 

Slay Jr. really needs to play well in order for this group to succeed.  All and all, this will help the struggling secondary of years past. 


The safeties are Rodney Mcleod, Jalen Mills, Will Parks and a 4th round rookie out of Clemson K’Von Wallace. 

Mills used to play cornerback for the Eagles and was drafted by them in the 7th round of the 2016 draft.  Mills hasn’t been able to stay healthy the past 2 seasons so Will Parks and the rookie K’Von Wallace will be on his heels. 

Mills used to play a little safety at LSU so he is familiar with the position.  He says that he loves being around the ball so maybe this works out well for the Eagles. 

Will Parks comes from Denver and and I watched him play a little bit there from time to time.  I really liked Parks.  He isn’t the best in coverage but he plays really hard and physical. 

He will definitely compete for the strong safety spot and might end up starting over Mills.  The last person competing for the spot is K’Von Wallace. 

Wallace’s scouting profile out of Clemson was that he is a great blitzing safety.  He is also a physical safety like Parks. 

He is only 5’11” so his weakness is covering tight ends and bigger receivers.  However, he has played some nickel back and cornerback. 

The for sure starting safety is Rodney Mcleod.  Mcleod is a really good NFL safety and will help mentor some of the younger secondary players. 

Overall, this secondary will get out played by the top passing offenses in the NFL.  They should be able to hold their own against average to mediocre passing offenses and really stand out against bad passing offenses. 

Defenisve Line

The front 7 is definitely the strength of this defense.  The best player on this defense is defensive tackle Fletcher Cox. 

Cox is probably the 2nd best defensive lineman in the NFL behind Aaron Donald.  The Eagles also signed a really good up and coming defensive tackle from Pittsburgh, Javon Hargrave. 

I am a steelers fan and was really sad the Hargrave left but we couldn’t afford him.  Hargrave hustle’s his butt off every play. 

He is pretty good against the run and has some capability rushing the passer.  Very good signing by the Eagles. 

The 2 back up defensive tackles are pretty good players too in Hassan Ridgeway and Malick Jackson.  These 4 will help give Schwartz a top 10 or 5 run defense in 2020.  The defensive ends are Derrick Barnett and Brandon Graham. 

Barnett was a 1st round draft pick out of Tennessee in 2017.  Barnett broke Reggie White’s sack record at Tennessee.  He looked to be a sure pick for the Eagles but he hasn’t lived up to the hype. He only has 14 career sacks in 3 seasons and has also been injured. 

I just watched a lot of pass rushing clips of him here, and he isn’t very impressive.  He is an average NFL pass rusher and I don’t think he will get to double digit sacks this season. 

He looks fine against the run though so that is a plus.  The other defensive end is Brandon Graham.  Graham is a hustle player who is always consistent. 

He is an average pass rusher and might be able to finally get double digit sacks in 2020.  However, he will be 32 this season so we will see how he holds up. 

The other 2 back up defensive ends are Genard Avery and Josh Sweat.  Avery came over in a trade from Cleveland.  He was hurt a lot last year but had 4 sacks in limited playing time with Cleveland.  Sweat was very inconsistent last season. 

He had 7 games where he didn’t even get a stat but still finished the year with 4 sacks.  He is young and has some potential. 

Overall, this defensive line will again be great against the run but lacks a true edge rusher.  They will have to blitz which isn’t a problem for Schwartz as he loves to blitz but this will leave the secondary in tough situations. 


he linebackers are Duke Riley, TJ Edwards, Nathan Gerry, Jatavis Brown and some rookies.  This group is one of the worst linebacking crews in the NFL. 

There isn’t anything good to say about any of them.  Edwards apparently has the most potential out of all them or maybe the 3rd round rookie out of Colorado, Davion Taylor. 

The idea behind not having any great linebackers or even good linebackers is that the Eagles most likely will play with 3 safeties in the games a lot of times. 

Or they will just lean on their defensive line.  However, this is a really big concern in the passing game. 

The linebackers should be fine against the run but none of them are great in coverage.  Ultimately this defense looks to be a typical Jim Schwartz defense. 

They will be stout against the run but I think teams will exploit the weak pass defenders from the secondary and linebacking group. 

They will be a middle tier defense that has to blitz a lot and rely on an improved but still not amazing secondary.

Fun Facts About Coaches:

Nothing really new to say about the coaching staff except the additions offensively with Rick Scangarello and Marty Mornhinwig.  Both of them look to help with ideas and nuances to Pederson’s offense. 

Duce Staley is the assistant head coach and used to be a running back for the Eagles back in the day.

Depth Chart:

Contract Year Players:

Pretty much the entire secondary role players.

Eagles Offensive Line Preview

This used to be one of the best O-lines in the NFL but now there are a lot of question marks.  The obvious news is that stud right guard Brandon Brooks is out for the 2020 year with a torn achilles. 

Luckily, Jason Peters has agreed to play in Philly again but will be 38 years old.  That’s pretty crazy!  He will play right guard to help with the injury of Brandon Brooks. 

The right tackle is one of the best in football in Lane Johnson.  Johnson is really good in both the run and pass.  The center is Jason Kelce.  Kelce might be the best center in football. 

He is really good in run blocking and the same goes for pass blocking.  The big question mark, besides Peters staying healthy all season at right guard, is the left tackle position.  The left guard position has a pretty good starter in Isaac Seumalo. 

Seumalo is a pretty good run block but just an average pass blocker.  Seumalo gave up 42 pressures last season which was 4th worst in the NFL. 

Luckily Carson Wentz is very mobile.  The left tackle position is Andre Dillard.  Dillard was the Eagles 1st round draft pick in 2019 out of Washington State. 

He was a very good pass blocker in college and the Eagles are hoping that he makes the jump this season.  He didn’t do well in pass protection last season in 4 starts.  The opinions on Dillard are a mixed bag. 

They also drafted 2 tackles out of Auburn in the 4th and 6th round for depth.  They don’t have much depth behind these 5 starters. 

The starting 5 looks to be a solid group and potentially really good if Dillard can play better in his 2nd season. 

The Eagles will probably run the ball a lot to the right side of the line behind Peters and Johnson.

  It will be interesting to see how Peters holds up this season at 38 years old.  All and all, this starting 5 will be as good as their health is.  If one of them goes down then it could get interesting really quick.


Thank you for reading my post. Dominique and I hope you find our website helpful. Please leave a comment below if you have any questions or comments!


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