New York Jets 2020 Team Overview

New York Jets 2020 Team Overview

Jets 2020 Team Overview

New York Jets 2020 Team Overview


Woody & Christopher Johnson owners since 2002 (Owners of Johnson & Johnson)

General Manager

Joe Douglas entering his 2nd year started in the NFL in 2000 and was a scout for most of the time except the 3 years before joining the Jets as GM, he was Vice president of Player Personnel for the Eagles.

Head Coach:

Adam Gase (Essentially rose to stardom all thanks to Peyton Manning’s incredible 50 passing TD season with the Broncos. 

He then was the OC with the bears 1 year and connected well with Jay Cutler. 

He has high praise for his ability as a play caller but has been a train wreck of a head coach with the Dolphins and the Jets, namely for not getting along and connecting well with his players.)

Fun Facts About Coaches:

Hines Ward is an offensive assistant and Jim Bob Cooter is the running backs coach. 

Bob Cooter, aside from having a funny name, was known for helping Matthew Stafford in Detroit.  Bob Cooter had some ok years in Detroit. 

The amusing thing about Bob Cooter being the running backs coach is that he never had a good running game in Detroit. 

In fact, 2 times in Detroit he had the worst total rushing yards in the NFL.  Keep reading to amuse yourselves or cry, if you are a Jets fan.

Fantasy Outlook for the Jets

Before I start, let me address a couple of things.  Yes the Jets have bad offensive coaching and unhappy players. 

However, this team has a very talented roster.  How well they do, is still very hard to predict but the talent is there nonetheless.  The only huge hole on this team is a pass rusher and corner backs.

Le’Veon Bell

Just don’t draft Bell.  Unproved Offensive line and bad play calling.

Jamison Crowder

 Crowder is Darnolds man crush.  Darnold targeted Crowder an absurd amount of the time last year. 

This was probably due to the Jets having a really untalented receiving group last season.  In 2020, this offense has promise. 

The O-line is revamped and you can read the full report at the bottom of this post.  This should help to have a better run game and also give Darnold more time to throw the ball. 

Although the O-line is better, it’s still a big if and is a risk to bet on. 

Regardless, the Jets will probably be behind in a lot of games this year or in high scoring games so they will be throwing the ball. 

Gase loves throwing the ball and Darnold loves throwing to Crowder. 

I would definitely consider drafting Crowder.  Crowder is projected to be drafted around the 12th round.  That would be a perfect time to take him. 

Great value for Crowder in the 12th round.  Crowder is the only receiver on the team that has rapport with Darnold and knows the playbook in the weird Covid-19 off season.  This is a good bet to play on.

Breshad Perriman

– With Robbie Anderson departing, it looks like Perriman will have a chance to be the #1 WR in NY.  Well, not exactly. 

Perriman had a good couple of games late in the season for the Buccaneers when Mike Evans was injured. 

So much that now he has a chance to make a name for himself with the Jets.  However, the Jets drafted Denzel Mims and Sam Darnold has always enjoyed throwing to Chris Herndon and Jamison Crowder. 

I like Perriman but I wouldn’t draft him with so many question marks on this Jets team.  Same advice would go for Denzel Mims here too.

Chris Herndon

– I like Chris because Sam Darnold likes Chris.  In all seriousness,  Chris Herndon VI is a very good pass catching Tight End. 

Great hands and can move really well for a Tight End.  If all of the other top tight ends are gone off the board, then drafting Herndon could prove of value. 

However, I would probably draft another high ceiling, boom or bust Tight End to pair with Herndon just in case.

Jets Offensive Preview 2020

Adam Gase is the play caller and we will get to him in a minute but let’s talk a little bit about the Offensive Coordinator (OC), Dowel Loggains. 

He is a 39 year old OC who has been a train wreck of an OC.  It’s really impressive that he is still an OC in the NFL. 

He was a supporter of drafting Johnny Manziel when he was with Cleveland.  Had one of the worst offenses in Tennessee and Chicago as the OC and play caller. 

Then became the OC of the Dolphins when Gase was the head coach there.  Then joined Gase with the Jets.  All of his stats are horrendous. 

Yes he has had some bad quarterbacks but his OC stats are no excuse.  They are really, really bad.  Loggains is the guy who is supposed to be grooming Darnold. 

It’s pretty laughable at this point.  Now to Gase.  Gase is the play caller and all of his offensive numbers throughout the years are awful too. 

All except the year in which he rose to stardom when Peyton Manning threw for 50 TD’s.  I could have been the OC for the Broncos that year and nothing would have changed. 

Peyton was running all those checks at the line of scrimmage, essentially calling every play that year.  Gase’s tendencies are to pass the ball. 

He ranked 6th in the NFL with the Bears in rush attempts but the past 4 our of 5 years, Gase has ranked in the back half of the league in rush attempts. 

He has also ranked in the back half of pass attempts in the NFL for the past couple of years.  So you are probably wondering, how is that even possible. 

Well that means this offense is not getting any 1st downs to even have a chance to call more plays.  It’s really bad.  But in general, Gase wants to throw the ball. 

In every year where he has had some kind of offensive success, he has done a little above average job in having a successful passing game. 

This is really the make or break year for Gase.

Jets Defensive Preview 2020

Gregg Williams is the Defensive Coordinator (DC) and has been calling defensive plays in the NFL since the 1990’s. 

He is very experienced and has had a lot of great years and a lot of not so great years. 

He always gets his players to play really hard for him and that doesn’t always happen in the NFL. 

Whenever he has had talent to work with, he has had a solid to great defensive unit.  He is an aggressive play caller. 

He likes to blitz and also play man to man defense. 

Defensively the Jets have pieces and really talented pieces at that.  Quinnen Williams, CJ Mosely and Jamal Adams are all amazing players.  So the Jets have Pro Bowl players at each level of the defense. 

The only problem is that they do not have a noticeable pass rusher and the cornerbacks are no names. 

They were bottom of the league in Sacks and Interceptions last year and did basically nothing to address that problem. 

This is because the Jets had to draft a Left Tackle and a WR to help keep the Jets defense off the field. 

The Jets had a pretty good run defense last year so that should stay the same this year too. 

However, the Jets are hoping in 2020 that their best defensive game plan is to keep the defense off the field.

Oh yeah, and of course make sure Jamal Adams is happy.  That might be the biggest problem of them all.

Depth Chart:

Contract year players:

  • Breshad Perriman

Jets Offensive Line Preview 2020

The Jets revamped the O-line this offseason.  They drafted Mechi Becton in the 1st round and also took another Tackle in the 4th round. 

They also signed 2 free agent O-lineman.  They have some good pieces in place with Winters, Fant and Edoga.  This is actually a promising group for the Jets. 

The key will be if they can bring it all together with limited practice time due to Covid-19.  The O-line Coach is Frank Pollack.  Pollack is pretty impressive with his 2 previous teams. 

He was with the Cowboys from 2015 to 2017 and we all know that the Cowboys had and still have a great offensive line but it really came together during that time. 

So credit due to Pollack there.  He then spent 1 year with the Bengals and that O-line averaged 4.7 yards per rushing attempt. 

That was 8th best in the league.  Last year was a train wreck with the Jets but they also lacked talent.  Now they have talent and depth.  I can see this unit having a good year in 2020.



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