New York Giants Team Overview 2020

New York Giants Team Overview 2020

Giants Team Overview 2020

New York Giants Team Preview 2020


John Mara and Steve Tisch.  Mara’s family bought the team in 1925.  Steve Tisch is a 2nd generational family member to co-own the Giants with the Mara family. 

The Mara-Tisch ownership marriage has lasted since 1991.  These 2 men have won 2 superbowls together.  Since the last super bowl victory, the Giants have lost their identity and have become one of the worst NFL teams in the past 6 seasons.  

General Manager  

Dave Gettleman.  Gettleman has been the general manager of the Giants since the 2018 season.  He took over for Jerry Rease who formerly brought 2 super bowls to the Big Appel.  Gettleman has struggle since becoming the GM in 2018. 

He just fired the coach he hired after 2 seasons in Pat Shurmer.  He has now hired Joe Judge who was the special teams coach with the Patriots for the past 7 seasons.  A change was needed in New York and Gettleman has to get this right or his job is on thin ice. 

He drafted Daniel Jones as the first QB taken in the 2019 Draft.  Jones had a shaky 1st season at QB.  Gettleman also took cornerback Deandre Baker in the 1st round of 2019 but he might be off the team soon due to his recent criminal charges. 

In 2018 he made the right pick in drafting Saquon Barkley.  His 2020 draft looks to be a solid class too.  He has made some solid free agent signings and trades too. 

So in 2020, there definitely needs to be some promise in this Giants team. 

They have a better identity personnel wise and have added a strong voice in Joe Judge to lead these men.  It will be interesting to see how this works out in 2020.

Head Coach: 

Joe Judge.  Judge is best known for being the special teams coach and coordinator for the Patriots since 2012.  Before the Patriots he worked briefly with Alabama and a couple other lesser known college football teams. 

Judge is only 38 years old and while with New England he was known for having a commanding presence.  He now needs to bring this presence and mold an identity for this Giants football team that has lacked a leadership voice for the past couple of years.

Fantasy Outlook for the Giants

QB: Daniel Jones

There is very little reason to have Jones on your team in 2020.  He showed hope in his first couple of starts but then he showed who he really is. 

Jason Garrett is a smart coach and I do believe he will simplify this offense due to the Covid-19 off season but I don’t think this offense does anything special this year.  

RB: Saquon Barkley

I only have Barkley as my 6th to 8th best fantasy running back in 2020.  I don’t understand why you would want to pick him as your 1st or 2nd overall pick with so much uncertainty surrounding this Giants offense. 

Yes, the O-line will be better and I think Saquon has a really good season but if you take out his big game against the Redskins in 2019, he didn’t have a great year. 

That is too much uncertainty for me to take him as my 1st running back in 2020.  I am staying away from Saquon this year unless he falls to me around 6 or 8.

WR: Golden Tate/Darius Slayton/Sterling Shepherd

Jason Garrett likes to push the ball down the field.  I also think the Giants will give up a lot of points this season so they will have to throw the ball a lot. 

There is not wide receiver that I like over the other and I’m not drafting any of these players either.  I’m not sold on Daniel Jones and he has also shown inconsistent play. 

If I had to pick one of the 3 it would Sterling Shepherd because they just paid him a lot money so that makes it look like they could feature him in 2020. 

Overall, there are better and more reliable options from round 9 through 12 in receivers.

TE: Evan Engram

Engram wasn’t used properly since he has played with the Giants.  Jason Garret, however, loves tight ends.  He loves throwing deep passes to tight ends. 

This could be a really good pairing with Garrett and Engram.  I expect the Giants to be down a lot this season and having to throw a lot. 

I think Engram could benefit a lot from this and will make for a lot of easy throws for Daniel Jones.  Engram is currently going around the 5th or 6th round in fantasy mock drafts. 

I actually think its a safe pick to take Engram around there if you want to take a tight end in the 5th or 6th round.  I like Engram to be a top 7 tight end this season.

Giants Offensive Preview 2020

Offensive Coordinator: Jason Garrett.  Garrett is famously known for being the Cowboys head coach for the past 10 seasons.  He amazingly only had 1 losing season. 

He had a ton of 8-8 seasons though.  Including last season which ultimately got him fired.  Now he is the offensive play caller for the rival New York Giants. 

He has a lot of revenge on his mind and I know he will give this season his all to prove his worth as a coach in the NFL. 

In Dallas, he adapted his offense to the personnel that he had.  When he was a OC in the late 2000’s and early 2010’s, the Cowboys were airing the ball out with Tony Romo.  Then the Cowboys shifted directions and ran the ball with Ezekial Elliot. 

Last season the Cowboys were able to do both effectively and were 6th in the NFL in points scored. 

So my guess, with the offseason moves and current offensive roster, is that this team will be focused on running the ball early and often with Saquon Barkley. 

Especially since Daniel Jones will only be in his 2nd year.  A great run game with an improving offensive line will help the Giants see if Jones is able to be an NFL QB. 

Garrett hasn’t called offensive plays since 2010 and there is surely to be some rust to shake off this season in regards to play calling in certain situations.

  Jon Kitna has been around Jason for a good amount of time and describes Garrett as an attacking offensive coordinator and wants his offenses to always feel like they are in attack mode.  Garrett is from the air coryell offensive scheme. 

This is predicated on pushing the ball vertically down the field unlike the west coast offense which focuses on passing the ball horizontally. 

The biggest problem with Garrett this season won’t be his scheme but rather the lack of time that he has been able to have with his new offense during this Covid-19 off season.  Garrett went to an Ivy league school so he is supposedly smart and has said some smart things in relation to his game planning this training camp and season. 

He says he wants to keep it simple and introduce the shell of his offense.  However, even head coach Joe Judge has admitted that this offense will take time to develop throughout the season.  That’s something Giants fans don’t want to hear. 

Garrett has done an amazing job at organizing the overall identity of an offense based off of the personnel that he has. 

He has been a run heavy offense or a pass heavy offense depending on who he has had on his offense.  Garrett will definitely run the ball a lot with Barkley. 

Garrett doesn’t have one set philosophy on how to run the ball and have mixed in zone blocking and gap scheme blocking to match the strengths of the running backs he has had. 

Barkley is good with whatever running play is called but the Giants offensive line looks to be better at gap scheme blocking which means they will pull the lineman a lot in 2020.

They will certainly run a lot of outside and inside zone like all offenses do too.  Jon Kitna also explained how Garrett doesn’t want his quarterbacks to think a lot or overthink things. 

Kitna said that Garrett preached to his QB’s to hit the check down if the defense confuses you or the routes don’t develop. 

Garrett also loved to utilize the tight end in a vertical passing game.  Garrett was also a fan of running slants and deep in routes before trying to strike deep with long passing plays. 

I think Garrett will probably keep a couple formations and try to run Saquon a lot in order to help open the passing game up for Daniel Jones. 

That means there is a lot of pressure on this offensive line to produce.  Go to the bottom of this article to read up on the 2020 offensive line. 

I am pulling for Garrett but this will be a tall task and especially since the limited time due to Covid-19. 

Giants Defensive Preview 2020

The defensive coordinator is Patrick Graham.  He is a former New England Patriot assistant coach.  He followed another former patriots assistant coach, Brian Flores, down to Miami last season to be the defensive coordinator. 

He had a really rough season in 2019 as the defensive coordinator.  It appears that he didn’t get fired from Miami and that he just wanted to jump ship to the Giants. 

His lack of success is being blamed on his lack of talent. 

I know the Dolphins didn’t have a good defensive roster last season but I can’t use that as an excuse to believe that he couldn’t have that unit finish better then worse in the NFL if he is supposed to be a good coach. 

The Dolphins defense also had the 2nd most penalties in the NFL.  This is kind of a weird hire given that head coach Joe Judge is supposed to be a stern no nonsense guy and that Graham’s defense was undisciplined. 

Any who, Graham liked to play a lot of man to man coverage and also blitz the quarterback.  He liked to show a lot of blitz looks and then drop into coverage. 

He ran a 3-4 in Miami last season.  But really it was a weird array of players lining up all over the box in no one assigned place. 

The defense looked ridiculous.  Take a look here.

Maybe he thought that deception and chaos in a defensive look was the best he could do with that defensive talent in Miami. 

The Dolphin players said that Graham’s defense wasn’t hard to pick up.  So that is encouraging during this Covid-19 off season. 

However, I am not buying that this type of defense is going to work anywhere in the NFL.  Graham’s defensive scheme has to be better than what he did last year or he won’t be around much longer. 

Defensive Line

It is clear that he will stick with 3 D-linemen at all times.  So he loves linebackers and edge rushers.  The Giants have pretty good defensive tackles in Leonard Williams, Dalvin Tomlinson and Dexter Lawrence. 

Williams wants a big long term contract but isn’t getting it and will be franchised tagged for around $16 million. 

Williams is a very good defensive tackle but not elite enough to make the big long term contract.  He has all the motivation now for 2020 to play amazing and get paid a big contract.

Dexter Lawrence made the all rookie team and was considered a top 10 rookie in 2019.  He is a huge defensive tackle and all signs pointing to him taking a step forward in 2020. 

Dalvin Tomlinson has been a really solid nose tackle for the Giants.  He was a high draft pick out of Alabama and was smart enough to get accepted into Harvard. 

He plays the run really well and added some pass rush too last season.  He is also going into a contract year. 

The backup or rotational guy is B.J. Hill.  Hill is another good run stopper and has potential to create an inside push on pass rushes. 

These 4 men make up a very good defensive line. 


The linebackers are Blake Martinez, Markus Golden, David Mayo, Lorenzo Carter and four 2020 drafted linebackers. 

This is a clear signal that the Giants are likely to run this bizarre scheme that Graham ran in Miami with a lot of stand up linebackers. 

Let’s start with Martinez.  Martinez had a ton of tackles for the Packers last season but his biggest gripe was that he didn’t make a lot of tackles in the back field. 

Green Bay was fine with letting him walk in free agency.  He is still a really good NFL linebacker and will always be in the right spot at the right time. 

He will be a good option in this heavy linebacker defense.  David Mayo is a former Carolina draft pick that GM Gettleman signed in NYC. 

Mayo had a pretty good year last season and has now signed for a 3 year deal this offseason.  Mayo is good against the run game and I am sure will not have a ton of pass coverage responsibilities. 

The next linebacker is Markus Golden.  Golden is more of an edge rusher then a true linebacker.

Golden had 10 sacks last season and showed he still has it after he had 2 seasons that didn’t produce much of anything due to a serious knee injury.  He too is going to play on a 1 year contract this season. 

He wants big money but will have to prove another great season in 2020 to get it.  He is a very good OLB or Edge rusher. 

Lorenzo Carter is the other kind of OLB Edge rusher position.  Carter played good in 2019 but not great.  He has put up almost 2 identical seasons in the NFL. 

He has 4 sacks in each of his 2 seasons.  The Giants fan forums like him but admit that he isn’t anything special, just a solid NFL player.  Oshane Ximines is the last person worth mentioning on this front 7 or front 8 defensive scheme. 

Oshane had 31 sacks in 52 games at Old Dominion University.  Last season he had 4 sacks in his rookie season.  They are hoping for Oshane to take a big leap this year. 

Front 7 Conclusion

Overall, this defensive front should be really solid against the run.  The pass rush is not going to be elite. 

They will have to rely on Grahams bizarre blitzes and pressures to get a consistent pass rush.  I’m not saying this won’t work but I doubt this defense has more than 45 sacks. 

I am more siding on less than 45 sacks because I don’t have a lot of faith in the Giants secondary so quarterbacks will be able to get rid of the ball fast. 


The secondary’s best player is a former Dave Gettleman draft pick from Carolina in James Bradberry. 

Bradberry signed a nice size contract to be in NYC for the next 4 seasons.  Bradberry is a very solid cornerback in the NFL. 

He isn’t top tier corner but he is definitely a top 20 cornerback.  On the opposite side is another question. 

Deandre Baker is supposed to be starting but he is in serious legal trouble and could be released from the team any day now. 

Sam Beal is a cornerback who could be the teams day 1 starter.  He was a very favorable player who was taken in the supplemental draft in 2018. 

He missed all of 2018 and half of 2019 with injuries.  He played in 6 games in 2019 and didn’t play well.  He gave up a lot of completions. 

He has a lot of talent though and could live up to it according to the scouts. 

More potential starters could be Corey Ballentine, Grant Haley and 4th round rookie Darnay Holmes.  Ballentine and Haley both struggled playing slot corner last season and I don’t think they get any better in 2020. 

Holmes looks to be more of a slot corner and has all the athletic ability according to scouts.  However, he lacks discipline and technique.  

Even if Deandre Baker plays, he was awful anyways.  The other option is Julian Love.  Love played corner in college in 2018 for Notre Dame but didn’t play that great at corner in 2019 for the Giants. 

He then played safety when Jabrill Peppers was hurt.  He did better at safety but nothing amazing.  This cornerback group in the Giants is going to be a bad problem for them. 


The safeties are Julian Love, rookie Xavier McKinney and Jabrill Peppers.  McKinney was a 2nd round pick in the 2020 draft. 

He played at Alabama and a lot of people though the was going to go in the 1st round.  McKinney is no Minkah Fitzpatrick but he is a very confident and smart safety.  He will probably start day 1 for this Giants defense. 

Jabrill Peppers will probably be the other safety.  Peppers was another high draft pick a couple of years ago.  Now he is in his 4th season and people feel about him the same way they did when he left college.  Nobody knows what position is best for him. 

For the Giants, it looks like they will keep him at strong safety.  Ultimately this secondary is a below average secondary.  They have better pieces in place this season but they will most definitely get out matched by better passing offenses. 


With all of this said, I think the Giants defense will be improved in 2019 and should be stout against the run.  The weakness will be the pass defense coupled with the pass rush.  I think this defense will still end up giving up a lot of points and be a back half NFL defense. 

Fun Facts About Coaches:

Freddie Kitchens is the Tight Ends coach.  Notably, Jason Garrett, is the new offensive coordinator after being a long time Cowboys head coach.

Depth Chart:

Contract Year Players:

DL: Dalvin Tomlinson

DL: Leonard Williams


Giants Offensive Line Preview

The Giants keep trying to upgrade this offensive line to give both Daniel Jones and Saquon Barkley a chance. 

They spent their first overall pick on the first offensive lineman in the 2020 draft in Andrew Thomas.  Thomas played his college ball at Georgia. 

Thomas is a big ole Hog Mollie.  I watched some tape on him before this year’s draft and was super impressed.  I think he is going to step in day 1 at the right tackle spot and hold his own if not play really well. 

The left tackle will be Nate Solder.  Solder was a longtime Patriot player and was one of the best tackles in the NFL. 

He didn’t play very well last year with the Giants but they still have hopes for him in 2020.  The Giants drafted Matt Peart who played tackle at University of Connecticut in the 3rd round.  Peart is an athletic 6’7” big boy who ran 5 flat 40 yard dash. 

Gettleman is really excited about this pick and called Peart great value.  I like Peart too and think he could develop down the road and possibly give some meaningful minutes this year. 

The interior will feature right guard Kevin Zietler and left guard Will Hernandez.  Zietler is a very good NFL lineman. 

The right side of this Giants line could be very good.  The left guard features Hernandez and he was a 2nd round pick in the 2018 NFL draft. 

Hernandez hasn’t lived up to his hype.  Some people believe this is due to the offensive scheme he was put into.  Hernandez is a good pulling guard and I think Jason Garrett will understand this. 

Brian Baldinger, who is an offensive line guru says that Hernandez is a mauler but needs to understand the nuances of being an offensive linemen. 

He has also only given up a couple sacks last season and a couple penalties as well.  These are both good stats for Him.  Hernandez will probably never be an all pro but I like him to develop into a decent starting guard in the NFL. 

This leaves us with center and this will be played by Spencer Pulley.  Pulley is the worst linemen on the Giants line. 

He is really bad.  I just watched film on him here.  He gets destroyed and thrown out of the way on every play. 

The Giants new offensive line coach is going to have to experiment with somebody other than Pulley.  The other back up besides the 3rd round rookie, Peart, is Cameron Fleming.  He came from Dallas but originally drafted by New England. 

He hasn’t started an entire season yet but he has made a couple starts every season in the NFL.  Overall, this line has some upside. 

The left side of the line and the center are question marks.  The center Pulley is liability and the Giants have to figure out an alternative to him. 

Hernandez and Solder have plenty of potential and could have a great year.  I like this offensive line but I don’t love them.  I think it’s ceiling could be actually really good but they probably will fall a little below league average.


Thank you for reading my post. Dominique and I hope you find our website helpful. Please leave a comment below if you have any questions or comments!


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