New England Patriots 2020 Team Overview

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New England Patriots 2020 Team Overview

Patriots 2020 Team Overview

New England Patriots 2020 Team Overview

Owner:  Robert Kraft

GM:  Bill Belichick

Head Coach: Bill Belichick

Play Caller:  

Offensive: Josh Mcdaniels

Defensive: Unknown

Notable notes about the coaches


They lost their most experienced assistant coach to retirement.  He coached the O-line and had also been with New England for almost his entire 35 year coaching career. 

The running back coach has been with them since 1999.  The defense seems to be run by Belichick’s son, Steve. 

They have the same defensive coaches in place from last year for the most part.  There doesn’t appear to be a D-line coach. 

They do not have a defensive line coach named and have 2 coaches co-coaching the offensive line this year.  These 2 O-line coaches are very inexperienced.  One of the co-Oline coaches’ last names is Popovich but there is no relation to Gregg Poppovich.  Everyone else looks to be in place from last year.


Play Calling Philosophy


Offensively, Josh Mcdaniels is one of the best play callers in football.  Or has he benefited from Tom brady being his QB most of his play calling career. 

I tend to think it is a little bit of both.  However, Mcdaniels was able to have a top 5 Offense in 2008 when Tom Brady was out hurt the entire year. 

And the plays ran by Mcdaniels have been super creative compared to the rest of the NFL. 

Everything considered, I expect Mcdaniels to have a very successful year in 2020.  It most likely will be Cam Newton playing QB this year and I think that will work really well for Cam and Mcdaniels. 

Mcdaniels has always been able to get the best production out of his players.  In recent years he has thrown the ball a ton but has also been shown to run the ball heavy at times too. 

Especially the super year that featured Lagarrett Blount.  Mcdaniels is a smart coach and there are a couple of Patriots worth taking in your fantasy leagues this year.  Find that information below.


Defensively, it appears that Bill’s son Steve Belichick is the defensive play caller. 

However, no one knows for sure and i’m sure Bill has a huge influence on the game plan.  The defense is always an extremely well coached machine. 

Some years they give up a lot of total yards to offenses but they haven’t been outside of the top 10 in points allowed in 9 seasons.  I always thought New England had a really good pass defense but after looking up their team defensive stats, last year was their only great year at stopping the pass. 

Primarily New England has been pretty good at stopping the run.  As for this year, its hard to tell how this defense will perform. 

After looking at their roster, I literally never heard of their start 4 defensive lineman, the linebackers look alright with Hightower and Copeland and the secondary is really good with Chung, McCourtey brothers and Gilmore. 

This year will probably be another bend but don’t break defense.  I don’t think they will be amazing at stopping the run but the pass defense should be really good like last year.


Depth Chart

Contract year notable players


  • Cam Newton
  • James White
  • Rex Burkhead
  • Mohamed Sanu
  • Donta Hightower




  • I believe this group of men to be the Patriots best unit on the team.  I think they are even better than the team’s secondary.  There doesn’t appear to be much depth but the starting 5 are all really good football players.  They will have new coaches and a different coordinator but I expect them to be the rock of this offensive unit in 2020.


Fantasy outlook


  • Cam Newton = I don’t think Cam is worth drafting.  The Patriots did practically nothing in addressing the wide receiver position in the offseason.  This team will be using the same formula as last year.  I expect them to run the ball a lot and throw short passes to the slot receivers and running backs.
  • Sony Michel = I do like Sony but with Rex Burkhead and James White playing on the final year of their contracts, this will be a highly competitive backfield.  James White has always outperformed his average fantasy draft ranking every year.  I probably wouldn’t draft Sony because like most years, you are unsure which New England running back will get the most touches in any given week.
  • James White = I wouldn’t draft White too high.  However, if he was available to draft in the 8th round then I might consider stashing him on the bench for when the Patriots would be in high scoring games.  With the Patriots wide receivers not improving from last year, we could see White used as a slot receiver for a large majority of the season.  If this is the case then White could have a lot of value for the 2020 season.  Cam Newton did love checking it down to Christian McCafrey the past couple of years too.
  • Julian Edelman = The Patriots have a lot tougher schedule than the cupcake schedule they had last year.  What does this mean?  This means they will be in a lot more high scoring games which means they will probably have to throw the ball a lot.  This is the only Patriot player I would bank on to be a great fantasy player this year.  The 2019 Super Bowl MVP is the real deal.  A lot of people sleep on him and this makes him fall in fantasy drafts.  If Julian is available to you in the 4th or 5th round you should definitely consider taking him as your 2nd WR or even your 1st WR on your team.
  • N’keal Harry/Mohamed Sanu = These 2 receivers are players I would not risk drafting at all.  They could become valuable in certain week matchups.  If they are on the waiver wires then you might want to track how they progress during the season.




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