Miami Dolphins 2020 Team Overview

Miami Dolphins 2020 Team Overview

Dolphins 2020 Team Overview

Miami Dolphins 2020 Team Overview


Stephen Ross owner since 2008 and was the only owner to vote against the Raiders moving to Las Vegas. (known for Time Warner Center which is a global real estate firm.  He is worth 7.6 billion dollars)  Venus and Serena are minority owners along with a couple of others.


Chris Grier has been the GM since 2016.  He had a brief stint with New England as a regional scout in the late 90’s but has been with the Dolphins ever since. 

He was a long time director of college scouting for the Dolphins before being promoted to GM.  He seems to have a clear direction with where he is headed. 

He has made some very questionable moves and hires.  Adam Gase didn’t work out and probably will never be a good leader as an NFL head coach. 

Brian Flores looks promising and got a lot out of his team last year but he is a hot head.  I don’t know if he can think clearly in the heat of the battle to make the right decisions. 

He also traded for Rosen, and got rid of Kenyan Drake and Minkah Fitzpatrick last year.  Let’s see what they get out of the draft picks that they got from those trades. We will see.

Head Coach: 

Brian Flores, the pride of Poly Prep High School.  He is most known for rising through the Patriots ranks since he joined the staff in 2008. 

He worked under Belichick as a special teams coach and a defensive position coach.  Now he plays Belichick 2 times a year and already beat him once last year. 

Flores is an extremely passionate head coach and that passion can turn into flat out anger.  He is noticeably angry at times on the sideline during games. 

The Dolphins were very competitive down the stretch of the season and won some games.  This shows that Flores’ players did not give up on him and played hard when there was nothing to play for. 

I am excited to see what the Dolphins do in 2020.

Play Caller: 


Chan Gailey was hired in December of 2019 to become the new play caller and Offensive Coordinator.  Gaily has never been an OC for 3 consecutive years. 

He has had very brief 1 to 2 year stints as an OC.  An interesting  thing to note is that Gaily has worked 5 years with Ryan Fitzpatrick. 

A couple with Buffalo and also a year with the Jets.  During that year with the Jets, Fitzpatrick had has best year as an NFL QB, throwing 31 Touchdowns.  So I am not sure if Tua is a lock to start week one. 

Especially since this is Covid-19 offseason.  Gailey’s rankings as an OC are pretty favorable in terms of running the ball.  Pretty much everywhere he has been he has been in the top half of the NFL in total rushing yards. 

His passing game has been up and down throughout his coaching career and so have his points scored stat.  He has been sporadic when it comes to how well his offenses put points on the board. 

And that really is the most important thing when it’s all said and done. Gaily had Tony Gonzalez and Dwane Bowe in KC who both had a ton of targets.  Then in Buffalo he had Stevie Johnson get a over 100 targets every year that he coached in Buffalo. 

WIth the Jets, Gaily had Eric Decker and Brandom Marshall both have a lot of targets and success.  This bodes really well for Davante Parker. 

Gaily is also pretty good at running the ball so we will see if Jordan Howard is healthy, If not then it could be a great situation for Matt Breida.


Defensive:  It appears to be Brian Flores as the play caller.

Depth Chart:

Contract year players:




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