Kansas City Chiefs Team Overview 2020

Kansas City Chiefs Team Overview 2020

Chiefs Team Overview 2020

Kansas City Chiefs Team Preview 2020


The Hunt Family.  The original owner was Lamar Hunt.  Lamar started the franchise in Dallas, Texas as the Dallas Texans. 

They were originally an AFL team and then in 1962 decided to move the team to Kansas City because the mayor promised him high attendance and because the NFL created the Dallas Cowboys. 

Both of these reasons drove Lamar to Kansas City and rename the team the Chiefs.  Lamar was instrumental in the AFL and NFL merger. 

He really helped make the NFL what it is today.  Both Jerry Jones and Dan Rooney said that he was one of the most important people that made the NFL what it is today. 

Now his children own the team.  The spokesperson and chairman at league meetings is Clark Hunt.

General Manager  

Brett Veach.  Veach is only 40 years old.  This is pretty young for a GM and got the job with the Chiefs in 2017.  Veach started in Philadelphia in 2004. 

He played football at Delaware and was teammates with Bears Head Coach Matt Nagy.  Both Veach and Nagy have benefited by following Andy Reid from Philly to Kansas City.  Veach has done a great job of pairing with Andy Ried’s desires. 

He hasn’t been the best drafter and his missed on a lot of picks but he has hit on really important ones.  Most notably, trading up for Patrick Mahomes. 

He has also added players through free agency and through trades that have worked out.  But honestly this shows that you don’t have to be a great GM to win a superbowl.  I wouldn’t consider a lot of his decisions and draft selections amazing. 

He hit on Mahomes but that was certainly influenced by Andy Reid.  I think he had a pretty good draft in 2020 but we will continue to monitor how he can create a really good team around Mahomes for the upcoming seasons.

Head Coach: 

Andy Reid.  I didn’t appreciate Reid until I went to a football game in 2013 or 2014 at FedEx Field in Maryland.  I was very fortunate to know a friend that had a mutual person that was friends with Reid. 

Reid gave me and like 10 other of my college teammates his family tickets to that game.  The Chiefs blew out the Redskins but I learned more about how such a good guy Reid was through my mutual friend. 

This is when I started to investigate Reid as a coach.  I am not biased towards Reid at all and I looked at his coaching objectively. 

I always knew he had really good teams in Philadelphia but I didn’t really give him a lot of credit until after that game I went to when he was with KC. 

I realized that he took the Chiefs to an 11-5 record and that the Chiefs were 2-14 the year before.  It was then that I thought he was probably the greatest offensive mind in football. 

I now am not sure because of Kyle Shannahan but definitely Reid and Shannahan are the best offensive minds in Football. 

Along with being super smart, Reid is also an incredible players coach.  The players love Reid.  If he and Veach can partner together well and bring in great players around Mahomes then I see no reason why the Chiefs can’t win a couple more super bowls.

Reid has also only had 3 losing seasons since 1999.  

Fantasy Outlook for the Chiefs

QB: Patrick Mahomes

Patrick Patty Mahomes.  Patty’s going to have an incredible season.  He didn’t like ending up #4 on the players top 100 list.  He is out to prove that he can throw 50 touchdowns in 2020. 

I wouldn’t be surprised if Reid lets him run up the score in the 3rd quarters until the Chiefs are by 30.  He has all the weapons and motivation to be a top 2 fantasy QB in 2020. 

He is being drafted in the 2nd round of mock drafts.  I think that is way too high to even take Patty.  Mahomes is magical but not worth the 2nd round pick. 

I would take him if he fell to me in the 3rd round but his ceiling is around 400 fantasy points.  I think he will end up more around the 375 range. 

While this is still impressive, I think I can get 2 quarterbacks from rounds 5 to 7 that can get around 375 points if I alternate them in depending on their matchup. 

I call the quarterback carousel.  It has worked perfectly in plenty of fantasy seasons.  Don’t take Mahomes in the second round.

RB: Clyde Edwards-Helaire

Ok.  Damien Williams has opted out of the 2020 season.  This makes CEH very tempting.  I think it is a clear decision to take him in the 3rd round if he is available. 

If he climbs in to the 2nd round of mock drafts then I think you need to really think about is he worth it.  I guarantee the Chiefs do not want CEH touching the ball 20 times a game this season.  I think they view him as more of a 10 to 15 touches a time per game. 

He might get around 18 now that Williams is out but Reid will get good production out of the back ups or they will trade for another running back to have a more complete backfield before the trade deadline. 

I would stay away from CEH unless he falls to me in the 3rd round.  I would be very happy with him being my 3rd running back option. 

I think that he will get around 170 carries for around 700 yards, 70 receptions for 700 yards and 10 total touchdowns.  That will be good for 230 points. 

However, these are his best case scenario stats.  I think this is totally attainable but its still not a sure lock.  That is why I say wait until the 3rd round to take CEH.  There are better and more consistent RB’s in the 2nd round of this 2020 draft.

WR: Tyreek Hill

So I think Patty Mahomes throws for 45 passing touchdowns this season.  Those 45 touchdowns will be to a lot of different players but i think that Hill and Kelce will get the most of them. 

This means I think that Hill will get close to the numbers he got in 2018.  I think around 1,400 yards receiving and 10 touchdowns. 

This will be good for a top 5 WR finish in 2020.  I normally say don’t draft WR’s in the first 2 rounds but if Hill was there for me in the 2nd round, I would have to think a couple of times before passing on him. 

I still will take a RB but I couldn’t fault you for taking Tyreek either.

WR: Sammy Watkins

There are so many weapons for Patty Mahomes to throw the ball to.  Sammy Watkins only had 50 receptions last season and 3 touchdowns. 

I think all of his touchdowns were in week 1 too against the Jags.  Watkins is projected to be taken in the 10th or 11th round.  That would be a terrible selection. 

You have no idea if Watkins will be a guy that Reid focuses to get the ball to each week.  You really don’t know who is going to get the ball any given week. 

There are a lot more predictable and just as talented WR’s in the 10th and 11th round.  Don’t draft Watkins.

WR: Mecole Hardman

Hardman isn’t somebody I would draft either.  There are literally 6 amazing receiving options on the Chiefs. 

You will never know when Hardman gets his 20 point games.  Hardman will have 3 really good games in 2020 but trying to figure out which games those will be will make him not worth having on your fantasy team.  Don’t draft Hardman.

TE: Travis Kelce

Kelce is the Chiefs security blanket.  He has had 80 receptions and 1,000 yards receiving the past 4 seasons. 

There is no reason he won’t do the same in 2020.  He is the 2nd best tight end in the NFL behind George Kittle.  Kelce is projected to be drafted around the end of the 2nd round or early 3rd round. 

Even though Kelce is one of the best tight ends in the NFL, he will only finish with around 200 fantasy points.  To put that in perspective, you can get that from an RB2 or a WR2.  I just don’t see that very valuable. 

I never take a tight end early.  They just don’t get enough points to get really excited about.  Just pick up tight ends off of waivers or get a good sleeper late in the draft. 

Points win fantasy games and passing up on a WR or a RB that could get you 250 fantasy points for a tight end that will at the most, only get you 200 fantasy points is not a good strategy.

Chiefs 2020 Offensive Preview

Andy Reid is also the play caller.  Since 1999,  Reid has only had 5 seasons where his offense was in the back half of the league or in other words, worse than 16th in the NFL. 

It is incredibly impressive because if you look at most offensive coordinators track records, you will see they are up and down. 

The most impressive thing that I have studied with Reid, is that his offenses usually don’t lead the NFL in yards but he is always tops in scoring points. 

The mark of a great offense is how many points you can score, not how many yards you amass.  However, now he has his best QB and the Chiefs are definitely a pass first team.  Reid’s base offensive philosophies stem from the west coast offense.

He studied under Mike Holgrem.  Reid has now transformed this offense to fit his personnel throughout the years.  He is a student of the game and watches offenses in college, CFL, high school and even really old offensive film. 

He is trying to create new offensive plays that fit within the foundation of his west coast offense.  The west coast offense is always about limiting turnovers by using short passes to give talented players ability to create yards after the catch. 

However, now Reid is incorporating a lot of deep throws into his offense because his QB now gives him that ability.  Reid’s offense now, uses a ton of pre snap motion, misdirection and balanced play calling. 

His offense still relies on a lot of short passes but he takes a lot of deep shots now too.

Chiefs 2020 Defensive Preview

Steve Spagnuolo is the defensive coordinator.  Spagnuolo has been a longtime defensive backs coach and most recently in the 2010’s, a defensive coordinator and head coach. 

He joined the Chiefs in 2019.  He did a great job in turning around the Chiefs defense and gave them a chance in the postseason to win games. 

They came up big in the super bowl as well.  It didn’t start well but the team grasped the concepts from Spaggs and put it all together late in the season. 

He runs a base 4-3 defense that focuses on gap schemes.  This means 1 player has 1 gap in an offensive line.  It eventually led to a really good run defense by the end of the season.  He also mixed in a lot of different blitzes and pressures. 

He did this on all downs.  Andy Reid wanted the Chiefs defense to be less predictable in 2019 and it was.  Spaggs did a great job of not giving away what his defense was doing.  He did a great job of disguising coverages too. 

He is a former and longtime defensive back so it made sense that his secondary improved a lot.  Last season, the Chiefs pass defense was 8th best in the NFL.  This was in part because of the safeties on this team. 


This year they bring back their starting safeties in Juan Thornhill and Tyran Mathieu.  Juan was a rookie last year out of UVA and he showed great instincts with 3 interceptions.  He unfortunately tore his ACL the last week of the season. 

He is progressing well and should play at some point during the 2020 season.  Mathieu is a jack of all trades and is always making plays on the ball. 

These 2 will help lead the secondary.  They also have Tedric Thompson and Daniel Sorenson.  Sorenson is a longtime veteran and Chief who is good in zone coverage and instinctive in the run game. 

Thompson comes from Seattle and I watched him a little bit before he got injured in 2019.  I was really impressed with Thompson.  He looked like a really good football player.  He will definitely play in 2020. 

The key with having 4 safeties with starting experience is to help the Chiefs with their linebacking group.  They will be able to play Sorenson as a weak side linebacker in 3 safety sets so that they match up better against the pass with running backs and tight ends. 

This is something that is still probably going to be a problem from the linebacker group in 2020.


Before we touch on the linebackers, lets finish up the secondary with the cornerbacks.  The corners aren’t the best or deep group on the team. 

The starters will most likely by Charvarious Ward and Bashaud Breeland.  Breeland had never impressed me much in Washington but still had very respectable stats. 

He still got outmatched against top talent.  However, Breeland is now a 28 year old veteran and knows his strengths.  He is physical and instinctive, always looking for an interception.  The other corner is Ward. 

Spaggs and the secondary coach are really high on Ward’s potential.  They really need Ward to come up big in 2020 if they have a chance at another super bowl.  He started all 16 games last season so I think he should be fine in his 3rd season. 

The last corner worth mentioning is Rashad Fenton.  Fenton will take over as the dime package cornerback and will replace Kendall Fuller. 

Fuller is a pretty good cover guy and losing him means that Fenton will have to step up.  Fenton isn’t the best physically or speed wise.  He relies on his instincts like the other defensive secondary players do. 

After Fenton, there isn’t really another option.  They are really thin at cornerback.  They drafted a safety/corner hybrid in the 4th round and his name is L’Jarious Sneed. 

Sneed is really fast and athletically gifted.  However, he went in the 4th round for a reason.  Sneed isn’t very polished.  He is better in zone defense than man to man. 

So he will be an experiment.  So if either Breeland or Ward go down with injury then it could get ugly for this group. 


Now to the linebackers.  It is interesting to see that on the Ourlads depth chart, they only have 2 linebackers starting in this 4-3 defense.  This is because this group is not very good.  This is why this defense is more of a 4-2-5 defense. 

With 5 defensive backs being used for the majority of defensive snaps.  The starting linebackers as of now are Anthony Hitchens and Damien Wilson. 

Hitchens was a free agent signing 2 seasons ago and has disappointed big time in KC.  He isn’t great at anything and is really bad against the pass. 

Wilson is pretty much the same story.  He is good enough against the run and bad in pass coverage.  They both came via free agency from Dallas. 

This is why the Chiefs drafted Willie Gay Jr. out of Mississippi State.  Gay Jr. is an athletic freak of nature.  He runs really well and weighs 250 pounds.  He will probably end up starting during some point of this season. 

They are hoping that he pans out and is able to cover running backs out of the backfield.  After Gay Jr, there is Dorian O’Daniel.  O’Daniel has very limited experience but when he has played it is basically the same story as the Dallas free agents. 

This group is definitely going to have Sorenson and Gay Jr be in the mix quite a bit in 2020.  The defensive line is a pretty solid group. 

Defensive Line

The interior is led by Chris Jones.  Jones just signed a big contract this off season and he deserves it. 

He is huge and makes so many plays for a man of his size.  The player next to him will be Derrick Nandi.  Nandi is a solid player and makes game changing plays for this defense. 

He isn’t incredible but is definitely not a liability to this defensive front.  The back up interior linemen are Khalen Saunders and Mike Pennel. 

Neither of these 2 players are great backups.  They will rotate in but they have never been impact players in the NFL. 

The edge rushers will be Frank Clark and Alex Okafor.  Okafor is a solid NFL starter.  He hasn’t ever had more than 5 sacks since 2015 but he is still a quality starter. 

Clark is the best pass rushing option on this team.  He only had 8 sacks in the regular season but he only started in 11 games in 2020. 

Clark added 4 more sacks in the postseason.  If he is healthy from his nerve damage than he should have a monster season in 2020.  Breeland Speaks and Tanoh Kpassagnon are the backups. 

Kpassagnon is the best option and he is huge at 6’7” and 290 pounds.  He had around 4 sacks in 2019. 

Overall, the defensive line still got 45 sacks last season which was 11th in the NFL.  Jones and Clark will lead this unit but they would really benefit from a better 2nd edge rusher.  They will be forced to use crazy blitz designs from coach Spaggs. 


They will work and they will make the defense less predictable which is what they want.  However, it would be nice just to rush 4 on some plays.  The front 7 as a whole, in defending the run, should be fine. 

They finally got their act together the last half of the season and held those final 8 teams to a little under 100 yards a game.  If Willie Gay Jr. becomes an impact player then this defense could really propel themselves into a really good unit. 

Overall, this unit will look the same in 2019.  They will use unorthodox looks and personnel to mask their deficiencies in pass rushing and covering linebackers in tight ends.  They will also have to figure out their 3rd corner back. 

I am confident that Spaggs will figure this thing out by the middle to end of the 2020 season.

Fun Facts About Coaches:

I don’t have anything to note in this section.  All that I do know is that from reading all of the research on the Chiefs, Andy Read and coach Spaggs speaks highly of all the position coaches.

Depth Chart:

Contract year players:

WR: Sammy Watkins

SS: Daniel Sorensen

CB: Bashaud Breeland

OL: Austin Reiter

CB: Charvaius Ward

Cheifs Offensive Line Preview

The O-line has really good tackles.  The best one is Mitchell Schwartz.  Schwartz is good at both pass protection and run blocking and is considered to be a top 10 or 5 tackle in the NFL.  The other tackle is Eric Fisher. 

Fisher was the 1st overall pick in the 2013 draft.  He had a rocky start to his career but has settled down into an above average tackle.  He hasn’t lived up to his 1st overall selection though.  The center of this O-line will be Austin Reiter. 

Reiter is an athletic center and only gave up 3 sacks last season.  He is an average to a little above.  He isn’t great in the run game but he is pretty good in the pass protection. 

The left guard is Andrew Wylie.  Wylie was also very good in pass protection but not amazing in the run game.  The right guard is now Kelechi Osemele. 

He takes over for Laurant Duvernay-Tardif.  LDT has opted out of the season.  Osemele isn’t anything special but is a tough lineman that likes to finish blocks. 

He isn’t very fluid like Andy Reid usually likes but the other 4 starters are fluid.  The Chiefs also have 2 or 3 back ups that are great options to fill in. 

All you need to know is that this O-line will be just fine in 2020.  They will not be the reason this team doesn’t do well or doesn’t win the super bowl in 2020.


Thank you for reading my post. Dominique and I hope you find our website helpful. Please leave a comment below if you have any questions or comments!


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