Derrick Henry Fantasy Outlook 2020

Derrick Henry Fantasy outlook 2020

This is the best and realest Derrick Henry fantasy outlook 2020 on the internet.  You can take that to the bank.  Below you will get an in depth look at how Derrick Henry will perform this year.  We will look at every possible angle so that you have all the information you need in determining if you should draft BIG HENNN in 2020.

Derrick Henry

Derrick Henry Fantasy Outlook 2020

Team: Tennessee Titans

Height: 6’3

Weight: 247

Age: 26

Year in NFL: Entering his 5th year

Bye Week: 7

Derrick Henry Fantasy ADP & Half PPR Projections for 2020

ADP (Average Draft Position): 5th overall

2020 Projection: 322 carries. 1,593 yards. 17 rush TDs. 14 receptions. 188 yards. 1 receiving TD.

2020 Fantasy Score: 292.8


Derrick Henry Fantasy Outlook


The narrative on Big Hen is that he takes awhile to get going. That is false!

A big key for Henry, is his team. The Titans have an identity, unlike most teams in the league.

The man who created this identity was Arthur Smith.  In 2019 Smith was promoted from being the Titans Tight end coach, which he was for a number of years, to the Titans Offensive Coordinator.

To begin last season and for most of Henry’s career he was playing with Marcus Mariota and a system that did not fit Henry’s style.

Arthur Smith and the Titans coaching staff realized that they needed to make a change and they did by benching Mariota for Ryan Tannehill.

There were way too many runs out of shotgun because shotgun was where Mariota was more comfortable.

These shotgun runs did not favor Derrick Henry.

Pros & Cons

  • Same Offensive Coordinator
  • 4 out 5 Offensive Lineman Returning
  • Titans Identity is to Run Henry
  • Goal Line Touchdowns
  • Staying Healthy with 300 Rushing Attempts

It was easy to see the rhythm the Titans got into with Tannehill under center midway through the season.

Also easy to see was Big Hen’s ability to take advantage of being a focal point.

Henry dominated the second half of the season and was crowned the NFL rushing leader while also tying for first in the NFL with 16 rushing TDs.

The only concern for Big Hen is will he be able to hold up with such an expected heavy workload in 2020.  He missed the fantasy championship game last year, week 16 against the Saints.  With 300 rushing attempts likely for 2020, this is definitely something worth considering.

However, the Titans have the same coaching staff, 4 out of 5 starting offensive lineman back and will have the same mentality that took them all the way to the AFC Championship game, only this year from the very start of the season.  Amazing forecast for Derrick Henry fantasy outlook 2020. King Henry is definitely worth a top 5 pick in 2o20.


Tennessee Titans Offensive Line 2020


Projected Starting Line: LT: Taylor Lewan, LG: Roger Saffold, C: Ben Jones, RG: Nate Davis, RT: Dennis Kelly

The Titans have a lot of the same pieces in place this year. 

They especially have a very impressive left side of the line with Tackle, Taylor Lewan and Gaurd, Roger Saffold.  They also will have Ben Jones who was last years starting center.

The concern with this offensive line is the right side.

They lost Tackle Jack Conklin in free agency but the Titans are high on Tackle Dennis Kelly and the rookie from Georgia, Isaiah Wilson.  Wilson was their 1st round draft pick in 2020. 

They are so high on Dennis Kelly that they signed him to a 3 year extension this off season for around $20 million dollars.  Kelly has played some Guard during his NFL career and is also the brother of the Houston Texans offensive coordinator.

Dennis Kelly

The Titans also like Kelly enough to throw touchdowns to him.  He caught 2 touchdown passes last year.  So between Wilson and Kelly, the Right Tackle position looks to be in pretty good hands.

The main concern is Right Gaurd, Nate Davis.  I wouldn’t categorize him as a huge concern but in his 2019 rookie season, he played like a rookie at times.  Davis gave up 7 sacks last year and had 8 penalties.

The only silver lining is that he started in all 3 playoff games and now has a lot of experience and game tape to look back on and study.

Overall, this offensive line has a lot of continuity and are familiar with one another.  This will be especially important due to the Covid-19 off season that has kept teams from OTA’s and mini camps.  With the same offensive coordinator, Arthur Smith and a majority of the offensive line returning in 2020, Derrick Henry is set for another monster year.

Derrick Henry Strength of Schedule

Playing in the AFC south is always a favorable schedule for any running back.  However, the beginning of the season against Minnesota, Pittsburgh and Buffalo look to be challenging matchups.  We still like BIG HEN to get around 14 points against those teams.

For the rest of the season we really like Henry in all of his matchups.  The Bears and Ravens pose a little bit of a threat but they are so deep in the schedule that anything could happen roster wise and injury wise leading into those games.

This is an incredibly favorable schedule for Derrick Henry fantasy outlook 2020.

Titans Schedule

Derrick Henry Fantasy Playoff Schedule

As seen in the Titans schedule above, you have got to be super excited about BIG HEN’s fantasy playoff schedule.  The Packers, Lions and Jaguars had trouble stopping the run in 2019 and didn’t do much to improve in the 2020 off season.

KING HEN could easily get you 25 points or more in each of those 3 games.

Derrick Henry Injury History

Derrick Henry missed 1 game last year and it was an important one for fantasy owners.  Unfortunately it was during most fantasy league’s championship game, week 16 of last years season.
Hamstring strain
Week 16 (2019)

Is Derrick Henry a Good Fantasy Pick?

Absolutley Henry is a good fantasy pick. We rank him as a top 5 fantasy back for 2020.

BIGGG HENNNN. What a bully. He is a freight train coming at you with a 7 yard head start. Im not sure if I have ever seen the guy get tackled and fall backwards. Also King of the 1 yard plunge into the endzone. 

Great running back selection, you can’t go wrong with Henry this year.

Did you like our fantasy outlook for Derrick Henry?  Do you want more advice on fantasy draft strategy for 2020.  CLICK HERE for more fantasy football insights for the 2020 fantasy draft rankings.




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