David Johnson Fantasy Outlook 2020

David Johnson Fantasy Outlook 2020

This is the best and realest David Johnson fantasy outlook 2020 on the internet. You can take that to the bank. Below you will get an in depth look at how DJ will perform this year. We will look at every possible angle so that you have all the information you need in determining if you should draft DJ in 2020.

David Johnson Fantasy Outlook 2020

Team: Houston Texans

Height: 6’1

Weight: 224

Age: 28

Year in NFL: Entering his 6th year

David Johnson Fantasy ADP & Projections for 2020

ADP (Average Draft Position):

2020 Projection: 236 carries. 978 yards. 5 rush TDs. 31 receptions. 310 yards. 0 receiving TDs.

2020 Score Projection: 174.3


David Johnson Fantasy Outlook

David Johnson was the best running back in the NFL in 2016. Since then, DJ has not been able to recreate his all pro status. A change of scenery should do some good for Johnson. It should be encouraging to DJ because Bill O’Brien traded for him and gave up a super talented player in Deandre Hopkins. Maybe DJ can get back to his 2016 form knowing that he is wanted. 

Speaking of Bill O’Brien, he is returning as the Texans head coach, but he has given up play calling duties to Tim Kelly. Tim Kelly has been with O’Brien since 2012-2013 when O’Brien was the head coach at Penn State. This will be Kelly’s second season as OC but his first calling plays.

The fact that Kelly has learned so much from O’Brien does suggest that the Texans offense could look very similar. Houston is a heavy zone run team. Carlos Hyde, who left in free agency, had a career season with 245 carries for 1,070 yards. 

What the Texans want to do in the run game is get the defense flowing side to side and then have the back make one cut and go. David Johnson has just as much ability, if not more than Carlos Hyde. DJ is faster and has a bit more power than Hyde which could bode well for the Texans rush attack.


Pros & Cons

  • Change of scenery
  • Something to prove
  • Wanted in Houston
  • Possible Bad Play Calling
  • Inconsistent Offensive Line

Where the issue lines is with penetration from aggressive defenses. Instead of flowing from side to side, the defense is smart enough to attack the Texans at the line of scrimmage. Too often, defensive linemen or LBs are able to knife through the Texans offensive line and cause havoc.

As mentioned earlier, DJ has just as much if not more ability than Hyde to change direction or use the proper footwork to avoid penetration and make the defense pay. With that being said, I do not believe Johnson will have as many opportunities or positive scripts as Hyde because I expect the Texans to take a step back this season. 

Hyde was rarely used in the pass game, and DJ has proven to be a threat out of the backfield. Duke Johnson however also showed his prowess as a receiving threat so there will be competition for DJ catching passes.

Houston Texans Offensive Line 2020

Projected Starting Line: LT: Laremy Tunsil, LG: Max Scharping, C: Nick Martin, RG: Zach Fulton, RT: Tytus Howard


Tunsil is what the Texans needed at LT. He made his first pro bowl in 2019 so expect him to continue to have success in Houston.

Scharping was a bit of the problem last season. He has slow feet and does not play with good enough leverage which allows penetration into the backfield as a result.

Nick Martin is average to above average. He is the brother of all pro guard for the Cowboys Zack Martin but has a limited skillset compared to his brother.

Zach Fulton enters his third season with the Texans. He does not have any dominant traits and is also above average.

Right tackle Tytus Howard made the all rookie team in 2019 despite only playing in 8 games. 

The middle of the line is where the Texans need to improve or else DJ will have to rely on his own playmaking ability at times.

David Johnson Strength of Schedule

The Texans have four games against teams that possessed a top 10 defense in 2019. The AFC South is a weak division but the Texans have tough games outside of the division.

A Week 8 bye is a good rest week. It also allows fantasy owners enough time before the bye to trade or after the bye to ship a player before the deadline.

David Johnson only has two primetime games scheduled, Week 1 at Kansas City and Week 12 on Thanksgiving against Detroit.

Texans Schedule 2020

David Johnson Fantasy Playoff Schedule

Week 14 at Chicago is tough. Week 15 at Indianapolis looks better. Week 16 and 17 hosting the Bengals and Titans is much better.

David Johnson Injury History

Johnson missed all but 1 game in 2017 with a broken wrist. In 2019 he missed time with an ankle injury

David Johnson Skillset

Home Run Ability: C. DJ has not broken many long runs in his career but he does still have some juice.

Playmaking Ability: C. Johnson has lost a step since 2016 but still has some talent.

Is David Johnson a Good Fantasy Pick?

Barely yes. More suitable for the flex spot. Round 5 or 6 is not bad value for him. However, he has potential to breakout with a change of scenery this season.


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