Dalvin Cook Fantasy Outlook 2020

Dalvin Cook Fantasy Outlook 2020

This is the best and realest Dalvin Cook fantasy outlook 2020 on the internet. You can take that to the bank.  Below you will get an in depth look at how Dalvin will perform this year. We will look at every possible angle so that you have all the information you need in determining if you should draft Dalvin in 2020.

Dalvin Cook Fantasy Outlook 2020

Team: Minnesota Vikings

Height: 5’10

Weight: 210

Age: 25

Year in NFL: Entering his 4th year

Dalvin Cook Fantasy ADP & Half PPR Projections for 2020

ADP (Average Draft Position): 7

2020 Projection: (16 games) 288 carries. 1,344 yards. 9 rush TDs. 51 receptions. 539 yards. 0 receiving TDs.

2020 Score Projection: 267.8

Dalvin Cook Fantasy Outlook

Dalvin Dalvin Dalvin. He is an electrifying player. What a start he had to his 2019 campaign! His biggest bugaboo is his injuries. Nobody knows if they can trust him.

Last season was such a blessing for Dalvin. Gary Kubiak joined the Vikings in 2019 just as an offensive assistant but he had a huge task to revamp the run game and he did.

His zone scheme learned from Mike Shanahan in Denver back in the day fits Dalvin so beautifully.

Pros & Cons

  • Perfect Offensive Fit
  • Momentum from a Pro Bowl 2019
  • Durability

Dalvin is a pure stretch the defense, stick your foot in the ground and go runner and that is what we witnessed last season during his best year yet in the league. 

Bad news, official offensive coordinator last year Kevin Stefanski, is now the head coach of the Browns.

Good news, the Vikings just replaced him with Kubiak. We should be seeing a lot more of the same from this year’s version of the Vikings at least offensively.

Minnesota Vikings Offensive Line 2020

Projected Starting Line: LT: Riley Reiff, LG: Pat Elfein, C: Garrett Bardbury, RG: Dakota Dozier, RT: Brian O’Neill

In 2019 the Vikings committed the second most holding penalties in the entire NFL. 

For starters, this offensive line is young. Reiff and Dozier have the most experience but Dozier did not start last season. Josh Kline was the starting RG and he is currently a free agent. 

Where this unit has trouble is with their ability to move laterally. This group is physical but what is lacking especially in the scheme the Vikings use is the ability to come off the ball and be light enough on your feet to get to your spot.

They like to move the defense left and right and get them out of their gaps.

Dalvin fits this perfectly and makes this unit look good at times because all he needs is one defender not in their gap and he has game breaking speed to capitalize off of that mistake.

When you don’t have lineman that can move well typically that is when you get holding calls.

There were no additions to this offensive line during the offseason. Therefore we will have to wait and see if it improved. Obviously they did well enough because Dalvin had over 1,000 yards and a 4.5 ypc. However, this offensive line is not one of the better units in football. 

Dalvin Cook Strength of Schedule

The Bears (twice) ans Cowboys are the only contests the Vikings have against top 10 defenses from last season. That could be huge for Dalvin Cook.

The Vikings normally do not play on national TV much and this year is no exception. The Vikings have only 4 games after 1pm EST. 

Dalvin Cook Fantasy Playoff Schedule

Week 14 is at Tampa Bay who did have the number 1 rush defense in 2019. Week 15 the Vikings host the Bears who Dalvin only played against once last year and was held to 14 carries and 35 yards with 1TD. Week 16 and 17 the Vikings hit the road to face New Orleans and Detroit.

Dalvin Cook Injury History

2017 was his rookie year and after 3 games he tore his ACL. In 2018 he came back and played in 11 games but was bothered by a hamstring some of the year. 2019 Dalvin missed 2 games because of a chest injury.

Dalvin Cook Skillset

Home Run Ability: A. Not many people can catch him if he breaks loose.

Playmaking Ability: B. Dalvin has the ability to really hurt a defense. His confidence does seem rattled after he is injured and he does not run as hard.

Is Dalvin a Good Fantasy Pick?

No. It might be a surprise, but he has not shown he is durable which is a huge concern. The offensive line is a minor problem but his playoff schedule is not in his favor. He has way too high of an ADP for my liking only because he has not held up for a full season. 


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