Chicago Bears Team Overview 2020

Chicago Bears Team Overview 2020

Bears Team Overview 2020

Chicago Bears Team Preview 2020


Virginia Halas McCaskey.  Virginia’s father was George Halas and the NFC championship trophy is named after George. 

George died in 1983 and Virginia became the owner.  Her brother was supposed to take over as owner but he died suddenly of a heart attack in 1979. 

George was a player, head coach and owner of the Chicago Bears.  He was 1 of 17 people inducted into the National Football League’s 1st Hall of Fame class. 

The Bear’s uniforms have GSH on them because those letters represent George’s initials.  Now back to Virginia.  Virginia is one of many women owners in the NFL. 

Virginia is also the oldest owner in the NFL at 97 years old.  This is a very proud franchise.

General Manager  

Ryan Pace.  Pace has been the Bears GM since 2015.  At the time of his hiring he was the youngest GM in the NFL. 

Pace had a 14 year run with the New Orleans Saints scouting and front office.  Pace hasn’t had a good run as GM of the Bears. 

He fired John Fox to be the head coach in 2015 and after 3 seasons he let Fox go.  He then hired Matt Nagy and looked like a genius after the Bears went 12-4 and missed a chance at going to the NFC championship game because of a missed FG by Cody Parkey. 

However, you could blame Pace for not being able to find a reliable kicker after Robby Gould left the team in 2016. 

Anyways, the worst part of Pace as a GM is his draft selections.  He drafted Kevin White in the 1st round in 2015. 

White was supposed to be an amazing WR but turned out to be a bust.  In 2016, he took Leonard Floyd who has not lived up to his hype of being a top 10 pick. 

Then 2017 happened.  He unloaded a couple of 1st round draft picks and a 2nd round draft pick to move up 1 spot to take Mitch Trubisky. 

The embarrassing part of this story is that this was the same draft class that had Deshaun Watson and Patrick Mahomes. 

They skipped on them but then the 49ers weren’t even planning on taking a QB at the #2 overall spot.  I guess the Bears were afraid that someone was going to jump them at 2 to take Trubisky but they shouldn’t have cared. 

But they shouldn’t have worried because they could have drafted Deshaun Watson which looked like a no brainer selection to the average football fan. 

Scouts were saying that Watson didn’t have an NFL arm and while some of that may be true, what was clear was that Watson was a gamer and excelled in the biggest moments. 

Anyways, he has done some good by getting this defense into a top 5 defense by accumulating top player personnel.  If he had drafted Watson or Mahomes the Bears could have had a Super Bowl by now. 

However, now Pace is trying to save his job by bringing in Nick Foles to hopefully out play Mitch Trubisky.

Head Coach: 

Matt Nagy.  Nagy rose up the coaching ranks really quickly and became the Bears HC in 2018.  He was most notably the offensive coordinator for the Kansas City Chiefs under Andy Ried. 

The only problem there was that Andy Ried has never given up play calling so Nagy was strictly an understudy. 

Nagy was supposed to come in and make Mitch Trubisky into the QB that GM Ryan Pace thought Trubisky could be.  After 2 seasons as the Bear’s starting QB, it is clear to me and plenty of other NFL fans that Trubisky was a complete bust. 

I can’t even fault Nagy on this one.  The only critique I will put on Nagy is that he doesn’t keep his demeanor on the sideline. 

He doesn’t look like a good leader and looks childish at times.  However, it appears that he has a pretty good relationship with his players. 

Nagy is always talking about how he is trying to build relationships with players on the team and how he tries to talk to everyone. 

It’s also kind of hard to see what kind of offensive guru he is with Trubisky holding him back.  Hopefully Foles plays better than he did in Jacksonville and gives Bear’s fans and NFL fans an exciting Bears team in 2020.

Fantasy Outlook for Da Bears

QB:  Mitch Trubisky/Nick Foles

I think the run game is better in 2020 and I think Mitch will have every opportunity to play well in 2020.  He showed flashes of really good play in 2020 but that was only a couple of games and it was all against really bad defenses. 

When Mitch played bad, it was worse then anyone could have imagined.  He makes throws where you are just scratching your head and wondering did he really just throw that ball. 

I really don’t think Mitch makes it to week 4 as the starter.  Don’t draft him or have him on your team at all.

Nick Foles is interesting because he had that unbelievable playoff stretch in the 2017 season.  Then in Jacksonville he didn’t play well when he did play. 

I think Foles does start by week 4 but nobody has any idea what they will get out of Foles.  I think Foles is an upgrade from Trubisky but that isn’t saying much. 

The best thing to do is to monitor Foles every week to see if he is worth picking up off the waivers.

RB:  Tarik Cohen

Tarik Cohen enters into his contract year.  He admits that he didn’t take care of his body the best last year and he says he took this off season more serious. 

I think Cohen returns more to his 2018 form.  I don’t think his numbers will be as good as 2018 but I still think that Cohen will be a lot better then 2019. 

He has spoken on getting in better shape and also being motivated by his contract being up after the season.  Head coach has a better scheme and personnel to fit this run scheme in 2020.  I think this all bodes well for Cohen. 

I think he will finish with 900 total yards and 6 touchdowns with 70 receptions.  This should be good for around 160 fantasy points in half ppr leagues. 

If this is the case then he will be around a top 24 fantasy back.  He is currently being drafted around the 10th round in mock drafts. 

I think Cohen would be a really good pick at that spot.  The other running backs around pick 124 do not have as much potential and fantasy floor as Cohen. 

I wouldn’t mind Cohen being my 4th fantasy back and play him in my flex when I think he has a good matchups.  I say draft Cohen in the 10th round if you need a RB still.

RB:  David Montgomery

I had no idea that David Montgomery had 240 carries last season.  This is pretty hard to believe since the Bears didn’t run the ball a lot some games. 

I’m pretty sure the Bears didn’t lose last season when Montgomery ran the ball 16 times in a game.  I want to put faith in the Bears new run philosophy by hiring an offensive line coach,

Juan Castillo, that has coached Nagy’s run scheme in the past under Andy Reid.  Also the Bears feel like they have tight ends that can line up and run block better this season. 

They also shifted players around on the offensive line back to the positions they played in 2018 when they ran the ball better. 

All of this looks good in theory but its just too much risk for me to take on when it comes to David Montgomery. 

He is super risky this season but he could end up being a top 15 fantasy running back if all of the things I mention pan out.  I just can’t risk it. 

There are better options there at running back that have higher floors and still good fantasy ceilings.  Draft at your own risk with Montgomery.

WR:  Allen Robinson

Robinson was a stud last year.  He showed why he was worth so much money in coming to Chicago. 

He made incredible catches and created separation from defensive backs.  Nagy really gave him a shot at being the true #1 WR and it worked really well. 

He played well with different quarterbacks too.  If Nick Foles becomes QB then Robinson should have another great season. 

If it is Trubisky, you just don’t know what you are going to get.  Regardless, I think Foles gets a chance to start and take over this job at some point during the season so there is hope for Robinson. 

He has been mocked around the end of the 3rd round right now.  That makes him the 12th best WR according to public consensus. 

Robinson will only be 27 years old this season so its hard to imagine that he doesn’t put up great numbers again this season. 

I do think Foles takes over this job by the midway point of the season.  This makes me believe that Robinson would finish as a top 15 wide receiver in fantasy in 2020. 

I always take 3 straight RB’s in my fantasy drafts so i won’t be taking Robinson but if he fell to me in the 4th round then I might actually consider taking him. 

He would be an investment because I don’t know how many points he will get with Mitch as QB.  But by week 8 I think he and Foles has a great connection that should get you a lot of fantasy points down the stretch of your fantasy season and playoffs. 

If you take WR’s early or in the 3rd round then Robinson should be a relatively safe pick for you. 

TE:  Cole Kmet/Jimmy Graham

These 2 players are hard to tell if they will have any fantasy value in 2020.  There is potential there but I don’t think enough to have on my fantasy team starting out.  I definitely want to see what they do before I take a chance on them.  I would not draft any of these players.  There are better and more safe options at tight end.

Bears Offensive Preview 2020

Matt Nagy is the offensive play caller but he did hire a new offensive coordinator.  His name is Bill Lazor.  Lazor has had basically zero success as an NFL OC. 

He was OC for the Dolphins in 2014 and 2015 and then for the Bengals in 2017 and 2018.  His offenses were below average in pretty much every statistic. 

This hire doesn’t make much sense.  Nagy is definitely still going to be calling plays in 2020.  The Bears offense is a big time problem  It was probably the worst in football last year.  Nobody really knows where to point the blame either. 

Everyone is pointing everywhere.  Some believe the O-line is not very good.  Some people believe it is Matt Nagy’s scheme and then others blame Trubisky. 

Honestly, all 3 of those things were the problem.  The O-line is a below average offensive line.  Nagy’s play calling abandoned the run most of 2019 and Trubisky is just down right awful. 

Now in 2020, they hired a proven offensive line coach in Juan Castillo.  Castillo has worked under Andy Ried and Gary Kubiak.  Nagy came from Andy Ried’s coaching tree. 

So now Nagy and Castillo can hopefully get a better run scheme for this offense.  Nagy also wasn’t here when the GM, Ryan Pace drafted Trubisky. 

The Bears are hoping to fix this problem by bringing in Nick Foles this offseason.  Foles is definitely somebody Nagy likes.  Now it’s on Nagy to put together a scheme that fits his players. 

He has admitted that this season he will try to do better in calling plays to the talent on his team. 

The reason why I am a little optimistic that this offense becomes respectable in 2020 is that Nagy has been very honest with himself about his mistakes. 

The first step to a problem is admitting that you have a problem.  Nagy blamed himself for running plays that didn’t fit his personnel.  He says in 2020 he is going to do a great job in fixing this. 

Another thing that will fix this problem is that he should have good enough tight ends to help him use 2 tight ends at the same time.  This is called 12 personnel. 

1 Running back and 2 tight ends.  In 2018 when they had tight end Trey Burton and they used him in 12 personnel, the Bears were able to run the ball very well. 

Now in 2020, the Bears used their first draft pick on a tight end out of Notre Dame, Cole Kmet. 

I watched Kmet a couple times last season at Notre Dame and he really impressed me.  You could tell that Kmet looks to be a natural NFL tight end. 

The Bears also added Jimmy Graham from the Packers.  A joke in the NFL right now, is that the Bears have 10 tight ends on the roster. 

I am sure that they will cut this  down to around 5 once the season starts but it is pretty funny to think about. 

But this let’s us fantasy owners understand where Nagy is going in 2020.  He is looking to run the ball out of 12 personnel and then set up play action, bootlegs and roll outs in order to have a better passing game for struggling QB Mitch Trubisky. 

It’s a good idea in theory and the coaching additions and changes look good on paper too. 

However, the 2 biggest problem spots are the offensive line and the QB.  Some people believe that the offensive line is not very good but then some people believe the scheme didn’t fit them well. 

Like I said before it’s probably a mixture of the 2.  The bottom line is that this offense will never be a top 20 offense in 2020. 

The only chance this could happen is if Foles starts 12 games.  I think they try and have Mitch start week 1 and see what he can do.  Ultimately, I think Nagy knows Mitch is out as soon as he has one bad game. 

In terms of fantasy I think the only player I would look into is WR Allen Robinson.  I would also keep your eye on Cole Kmet. 

I want to like David Montgomery but i’m not taking a chance on him being my 2nd running back or even 3rd running back.  You could hit gold with Montgomery but there are safer picks out there then him.

Bears Defensive Preview 2020

The defensive coordinator and play caller is Chuck Pagano.  Pagano did a pretty good job taking over in 2019. 

Pagano had the 4th best scoring defense in the NFL.  They did everything well except create more turnovers and have more sacks. 

Usually those 2 things mirror each other so if the Bears can generate a better pass rush then they could have the best defense in the NFL in 2020. 

Defensive Line

To help with this pass rush they let go of Leonard Floyd and signed Robert Quinn.  Quinn will be 30 this season but at age 29, he recorded 11.5 sacks with Dallas. 

Quinn has usually been good for around 8 sacks a year the last couple of season.  If Quinn can get to 10 sacks this year then that will help Khalil Mack get back into double digit sacks in 2020. 

Mack only had 8.5 last season.  Another thing that can help their sack numbers will be to keep Akiem Hicks healthy the entire season. 

Hicks is a defensive tackle who when healthy can get you 7 sacks.  Hicks will be 31 years old this season so the Bears are hoping he can stay healthy and be a big contributor. 

If Hicks and Quinn play a majority of the season then this pass rush should be top 10 in the NFL. 

The other players next to Akiem Hicks on this 3-4 defensive line is Eddie Goldman and either Roy Robertson-Harris or Bilal Nichols. 

Goldman is a stud Nose Tackle.  He is an athletic freak for how big he is.  Goldman is great against the run and even can get 3 sacks in a season. 

Nichols had a good rookie season in 2018 but broke his hand in week 1 against the Packers in 2019.  The Bears D-line coach said this was due to his lackluster 2019 season. 

He says that Nichols has lofty goals for himself and should bounce back this season.  Harris on the other hand played pretty well and is going into a contract season this year.  Last season Harris had a couple sacks and also a couple tackles for loss. 

Other D-line depth is veterans John Jenkins and Brent Urban.  Both of these players are solid back ups.  This defensive line group is very impressive and should wreak havoc on Sundays.  I already touched on the 2 stud defensive ends in Mack and Quinn. 


The inside linebackers are really good themselves.  I used to play linebacker in college so I can tell a good inside linebacker when I see one.  Both Danny Trevathan and Roquan Smith are great inside linebackers. 

Trevathan will be 30 this year and he missed half of the season in 2019 due to injury.  Trevathan is a physical downhill linebacker but is also very athletic.  He isn’t the best in pass coverage but is not bad at it either. 

Smith was the Bears 1st round draft pick in 2018.  He too has had trouble staying healthy but when he is healthy, he is a tackling machine. 

He hasn’t had a ton of splash plays like Devin White has had in his short career with the Buccaneers and that is what Smith is looking forward to proving in 2020.  Smith says he is ready to prove the critics wrong and he has the talent to do so. 

I personally like both of these inside linebackers.  The rest of the depth for both the inside and outside linebackers is Barkevious Mingo. 

I am pretty sure that Mingo has played both inside and outside linebacker.  The Bears really do not have great depth at inside backer so that is something to keep in mind. 


The secondary is anchored by safety Eddie Jackson.  Jackson played college at Alabama and fell to the Bears in the 4th round of the 2017 NFL draft. 

Jackson does everything for this defense.  He has interceptions, forced fumbles and sacks.  He also has scored quite a bit of defensive touchdowns. 

He has made a ton of huge plays.  Next to Jackson looks to be 30 year old veteran Tashaun Gipson.  Gipson is a solid option to pair with Jackson. 

Gipson has recorded an interception every year he has played in the NFL.  After those 2 players, there isn’t much safety depth behind them. 


The cornerbacks are something to keep an eye on in 2020.  Kyle Fuller is the All-Pro cornerback  on this roster. 

He has had multiple interceptions every year he has been in the league.  He is a really good corner.   Kyle Fuller is a stud but outside of him, things get interesting. 

The likely other corners are Buster Skrine, Kevin Toliver, Artie Burns and rookie 2nd round pick Jaylon Johnson.  Johnson played his college ball at Utah. 

Johnson’s scouting report coming out of college was that athletically he can match up with anyone. 

He likes to play man coverage and press the wide receivers on the line of scrimmage.  The other guy competing with Johnson for the 2nd spot is probably Kevin Toliver. 

Toliver was undrafted out of LSU in 2018.  He hasn’t played a ton but looks to be the best challenger out of Skrine and Burns for Johnson. 

Skrine is a 30 years old veteran who has played in a lot of different places.  He isn’t afraid to challenge anyone but he definitely has his shortcomings. 

Artie Burns was a 1st round pick of the Steelers a few years back and is a complete bust.  I’m surprised Pagano is taking a look at him. 

Defensive Conclusion

Overall, I think this defense is a top 3 defense in the league.  If Quinn and Hicks can stay healthy then the pass rush problem will be fixed and that will tremendously help out the secondary. 

The inside linebackers need to stay healthy too in order for this defense to be great.  Health is the only thing stopping this unit and also if they can’t find a 2nd cornerback to play opposite of Fuller.

Fun Facts About Coaches:

Nothing too interesting to post.  The only thing I would mention is Chuck Pagano being the former head coach of the Colts.

Depth Chart:

Contract year players:

WR: Allen Robinson

QB: Mitch Trubisky

RB: Tarik Cohen

S: Tashaun Gipson

Bears Offesnive Line Preview

A lot of fans have bashed this offensive line.  Some blame the personnel and others blame the coaching. 

However, it was apparent to head coach Matt Nagy to make a scheme change this year and also to move players around on the O-line. 

James Daniels played Center last year and it didn’t work out.  Daniels originally played left guard in 2018 and he played really well there. 

In 2020, Daniels will play left guard.  Cody Whitehair will play Center this year and he is the best linemen on this O-line. 

Whitehair excels in the run game.  Daniels was also pretty good at run blocking in 2018.  The 2 tackles didn’t play very well last season. 

In 2018 they were pretty good or just a little bit above average.  The left tackle is Charles Leno jr. and he regressed from 2018. 

2018 he was a pro bowler but last year he gave up 5 sacks and an alarming 13 penalties.  The bears coaching staff still has hope for Leno jr. but who really knows for sure. 

The right tackle is Bobby Massie.  Massie has never been a top tackle.  He is an average middle of the pack tackle.  He gave up 2 sacks and 3 penalties in 2019. 

He could have played better according to the fans and the reporters.  This now leaves the right guard position.  This will be a battle between Rashaad Coward and Germain Ifedi. 

Ifedi was a 1st round draft pick of the Seattle Seahawks in 2016.  He hasn’t panned out really well in Seattle.  Last year in Seattle he gave up 6 sacks and 13 penalties. 

Those are pretty bad numbers but that was at right tackle.  The Bears are hoping that a move to right guard might help him to play better. 

Coward used to be a defensive end when he came out of Old Dominion University.  He started 10 games at right tackle last year after Kyle Long was injured. 

Long has now retired.  Coward only gave up 1 sack and 4 penalties but was still overmatched.  Coward does enter his contract year so I am sure he will give it his best in 2020.  2 backups that are intriguing to watch are Alex Bars and Jason Spriggs. 

Spriggs played quite a bit with Green Bay the past couple of seasons and can definitely win a position if given the chance.  Bars is a sleeper lineman that the fan forums are high on. 

Bars played at Notre Dame and so any lineman that played at Notre Dame is definitely worth noting.  Noter Dame has basically been O-line University the past couple of seasons. 

The secret ingredient that head coach Matt Nagy is banking on is his new offensive line coach Juan Castillo. 

The O-line coach last year preferred a different run blocking scheme then Nagy.  Castillo on the other hand has coached under Andy Ried who Nagy was also under in Kansas City.  Castillo knows exactly the run scheme that Nagy wants. 

The other secret ingredient will be running the ball when they have 2 tight ends in the game.  They tried doing this last year but they didn’t have good tight ends.  Now they have Jimmy Graham and 2nd round rookie Cole Kmet. 

When the Bears had tight end Trey Burton play in 2018, the Bears were able to run the ball very efficiently. 

Now the Bears believe that they have better blocking tight ends, a better O-line coach and Daniels and Whitehair back in their natural positions.  In theory this sounds like a good idea and one that might have this unit a little bit above average. 

A great run game fixes everything for an offense.  It slows the opposing pass rush from a defense and also tires them out throughout the game. 

Is this line a dominant run blocking line? No.  But they can be efficient if all of this works out.  I am going to be an optimist with this group and say that they play better in 2020 and finish right in the middle of all O-line play.


Thank you for reading my post. Dominique and I hope you find our website helpful. Please leave a comment below if you have any questions or comments!


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