Buffalo Bills 2020 Team Overview

Buffalo Bills 2020 Team Overview

Bills 2020 Team Overview

Buffalo Bills 2020 Team Overview


Terry & Kim Pegula.  They are billionaires and have their hat in a lot of different industries.  They are well liked in Buffalo and also own the Buffalo Sabres. 

They beat out Donald Trump and Jon Bon Jovi to buy the team in 2014 after the previous long time owner, Ralph Wilson passed away.

General Manager

Brandon Beane is the General Manager and didn’t have any GM experience since he became the Bills GM in 2017. 

Previously he was in Carolina for 8 years and only had 1 season as an assistant general manager. 

He has done a pretty good job in turning around the culture with Buffalo.  He did this by trading away numerous players that the previous GM drafted. 

Namely Sammy Watkins, Marcel Dareus and Ronald Darby. 

He has done a pretty good job with drafting players.  He also worked with Head coach Sean Mcdermott in Carolina before the both of them went to Buffalo together.

Head Coach: 

Sean McDermott.  Sean was a long time assistant coach in Philadelphia and then the Defensive Coordinator with Carolina for around 5 seasons under Ron Rivera.

  He has done a pretty good job so far and this year is definitely a tell all year.

Fantasy outlook for the Bills

Josh Allen: 

I am not high on Josh Allen as an NFL quarterback.  As a fantasy quarterback, he is definitely worth having on your team. 

The only reason is because of his running ability that has gotten him at least 8 rushing touchdowns in each of the past 2 seasons. 

It definitely isn’t the 2nd worst completion percentage in the NFL or the 197 passing yards per game he had in 2019. 

He is not very accurate and is focused on not turning the ball over rather than trying to make plays down field. 

He has gotten better every year under the OC Daboll but anyone who watches Allen, can tell you he doesn’t trust his accuracy.

Allen now has the most talent around him since he has played in Buffalo.  The 3rd year for most good NFL players tend to be a breakout year. 

Until Allen works on his accuracy, I don’t think he will ever be an elite Fantasy QB. 

I wouldn’t bank on Allen and would definitely want to draft another QB to back Allen up in case Allen has an unfavorable matchup during the season.

Stefon Diggs: 

I will not be drafting any Bills WR’s this year.  Diggs has never outperformed his preseason projections. 

You can blame it on Kirk Cousins or the Vikings OC but I don’t think Diggs will ever break into the upper echelon of top 5 NFL WR’s. 

He’s a very good NFL WR but his fantasy potential took a major hit when he got traded to buffalo with Josh Allen’s abysmal 58% completion percentage.  

John Brown: 

John Brown had a nice fantasy year in 2019 and finished 19th amongst all WR’s.  The addition of Stefon Diggs will definitely hurt Brown’s fantasy stock. 

Diggs became vocal in Minnesota when he was not getting enough targets his way.  Diggs will command his share of targets from a QB that isn’t very accurate to begin with. 

I don’t see Brown having a chance to shine this year.  Don’t bother drafting Brown.

Cole Beasely:

Cole Beasely is definitely somebody worth considering to have on your team during certain matchups. 

I would not draft Cole but if you know the Bills will be behind in a game or in a shootout, then you definitely want to consider picking Beasely up. 

Beasely is Allen’s security blanket and this is mainly due to Beasely being in the slot.  Beasely creates easier over the middle throws that won’t trouble Allen. 

This is why Beasely had so much production last year because Allen didn’t trust his accuracy to receivers on the outside.

Devin Singletary:

Brain Daboll loves to run the ball.  He also loves to have 2 running backs split the workload.  This will definitely happen with the Bills 3rd round draft pick, RB Zack Moss. 

However, Daboll always ranks in the top 6 in rushing attempts in a season.  Singletary will get around 160 rushes in 2020. 

Singeltary averaged around 5.1 yards per carry too.  However, Singletary is 5’7” and was not used on the goal line hardly at all last season. 

It was Frank Gore and Josh Allen in the redzone.  Zack Moss figures to be the new Frank Gore in the redzone this season. 

The only upside to Singletary is that in a Covid-19 offseason, he will have a huge advantage over Moss and definitely get a lot of touches in the early weeks of the season. 

Also, Moss didn’t catch the ball a ton in college.  So Singletary figures to be a better 3rd down option then Moss. 

With all things considered, you have to do your fantasy running back homework before drafting Singletary. 

He is not somebody I love but given the point in a draft and what other running backs are available, then Singletary might be your best selection.

Zack Moss: 

I think Moss has a lot of potential.  He looks to get more goal line touches then Singletary which is definitely exciting. 

The only concern is how much will he play early on in the season with limited practice reps due to Covid-19. 

He will definitely get around 130 to 150 carries in Daboll’s run happy offense.  If he can get 8 touchdowns then that is definitely somebody worth having as a fantasy back up. 

I still probably wouldn’t draft him unless you are thin at RB late in the draft.

Dawson Knox: 

Dawson has some potential but not with Josh Allen.  Do not draft Knox.

Bills Offensive Preview 2020

Offensive: Brian Daboll.  Daboll is the Offensive Coordinator and play caller for the Buffalo Bills. 

He was an OC for a couple teams previously.  Namely the Browns, Dolphins and Chiefs in the early 2010’s. 

He then went to the Patriots and 1 year with Alabama Crimson Tide before joining McDermott as the OC in Buffalo.

Matt Moore, Matt Cassel and a litany of Browns Quarterbacks was what Daboll had to deal with.  Now he has Josh Allen as his QB. 

None of these quarterbacks including Allen are known for being pure passers.  This might be why Daboll has all but one year as OC in the NFL ranked in the top 6 in rushing attempts. 

He has also had a lot of success running the ball with any running back that has been in his system.  He made Payton Hillis on the Browns look amazing and got Reggie Bush to have his best rushing season with the Dolphins. 

He also had Jamal Charles in KC.  He has always kind of shared the load with running backs except for when he had Charles in KC. 

So it will be interesting to see if he gives Singletary full reign in the backfield over Yeldon and the Rookie Moss. 

Singletary averaged 5.1 YPC and that is around what Jamal Charles averaged per carry under Daboll’s play calling. 

This offseason they acquired Stefon Diggs and already have John Brown and Cole Beasley.  The talent is there for Josh Allen but the likelihood of Allen improving his accuracy and consistency is probably not going to change. 

It will be up to Daboll to have another strong run game that will open up the passing game.  The better the run game, the more open the Bills receivers will become.  Should be interesting to watch this year.

Bills Defensive Preview 2020

Leslie Frazier is the defensive Coordinator and a really good one at that.  He was apart of the 1985 Chicago Bears team as a cornerback. 

Then he got into coaching.  He has been a DC for a really long time and was also the head coach of the Minnesota Vikings for a couple years in the early 2010’s. 

When Frazier has had the talent, all of his defensive units have performed really well.  This is no different with the Buffalo Bills. 

Beane, Mcdermott and Frazier have done a really nice job revamping the personnel and scheme that Rex Ryan left behind in 2016. 

Last season, Frazier had a top 5 passing defense and the 10th best rushing defense in the NFL. 

They were 8th in the NFL in interceptions and 14th in the NFL in fumble recoveries.  Frazier has always done a great job with knowing what players strengths and weaknesses are.

I expect Frazier to have another top 10 defense this year in terms of points and yards allowed but one thing to be concerned about is the pass rush and rush defense. 

They were already middle of the pack in terms of sacks in 2019. This offseason they lost their 2 sack leaders and didn’t do much in free agency that made you say wow. 

They added an older guy in 32 year old Mario Addison. 

They also added Vernon Butler who hasn’t had any amazing sack numbers in his career.  Butler’s most sacks in a year was 6. 

Lastly they drafted A.J. Epenesa from Iowa in the early 2nd round who is an edge rusher.  So Leslie Frazier will most likely be designing elaborate blitz schemes to help get pressure on opposing quarterbacks in 2020. 

This shouldn’t be a huge concern but definitely something to monitor in 2020.  The other thing to pay attention to is that they gave up a lot of rushing yards at times last season. 

They are very middle of the road in the NFL in terms of yards per carry.  The Bills defense gave up 4.3 yards per carry last season. 

So this is also something worth monitoring.  Other then that, the secondary is pretty much the same.  Same with the Linebackers. 

So expect another great year for Frazier and the Bills Defense.

Fun Facts About Coaches

Ken Dorsey is the quarterbacks coach. 

Dorsey was a very well known college quarterback.  Brian Daboll and Josh Allen have a very close relationship off the field.  Allen was really relieved when Daboll didn’t get the Browns Head Coaching job. 

The new Defensive Line coach, is Eric Washington.  Washington was the Panthers DC the last 2 seasons and ranked 2nd in the NFL in sacks in 2019.  This should help a lack luster defensive pass rush.

Depth Chart:

Contract Year Players:

CB: Levi Wallace

RB: TJ Yeldon

LT: Dion Dawkins

Bills Offensive Line Preview

  The Bills Offensive line isn’t the best unit in the NFL.  They gave up 40 sacks last season and that was 15th best in the NFL in 2019. 

They also have a mobile quarterback and a run first offense.  So the pass protection is not a strong suit.  The main problem with the pass protection was rookie RT Cody Ford.  Ford gave up 7 of the 40 sacks last season. 

The RG is either Jon Feliciano, Spencer Long or even Daryl Williams.  The thing the Bills are the most proud of, in terms of their O-line is the depth that they have. 

Though the players that they have are not amazing and not even Pro bowl worthy, they play well as a unit. 

The Left side of the line in Dion Dawkins and Quinton Spain is what anchors this unit.  Both of those players only gave up 4 sacks each last season. 

The center is Mitch Morse and he only gave up 1 sack last season.  So there are a lot of players on this O-line that have played well over 1,000 total snaps in the NFL. 

The run blocking should be fine under OC Daboll, as it always is, but finding a reliable right side of the line is needed. 

If Ford is able to play better this year then that gives Josh Allen and the Bills offense a chance at being special.


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