Best Fantasy Running Back List 2020 – Half PPR LOCKS!!!

Best Fantasy Running Back List 2020

Hey guys, I’m back with another amazing ranking list.  This time it is my best fantasy running back list 2020 for half PPR leagues.

You can’t follow the sheep from the media giants when ranking your players.  That’s why all of our rankings look so different from the so called “experts”.

Running back is the most important position to draft in 2020.  This list will help you out big time.  Hope you enjoy.

Alvin Kamara Fantasy Outlook 2020

1 .  Alvin Kamara (344 Points)

209 carries. 1,089 rush yards. 12 rush TDs. 87 receptions. 956 receiving yards. 4 receiving TDs.

Kamara can do it all, and even with Latavious Murray, Kamara will be called on to do it all. Without a doubt my top guy.

Best Fantasy Running Back List 2020

2.   Saquon Barkley (332.6 Points)

317 carries. 1,711 rush yards. 11 rush TDs. 61 receptions. 598 receiving yards. 1 receiving TD.

Mr Barkley will literally carry the Giants organization. Just feed him the ball and watch him work!

Christian McCaffrey Fantasy Outlook 2020

3.   Christian McCaffery (324.2 Points)

284 carries. 1,294 rush yards. 9 rush TDs. 94 receptions. 813 receiving yards. 2 receiving TDs.

The top RB from 2019 shows up again with a top 3 fantasy finish in 2020 barring any injuries.

Austin Ekeler Fantasy Outlook 2020

4.   Austin Ekeler (297.7 Points)

201 carries. 889 rush yards. 6 rush TDs. 102 receptions. 978 receiving yards. 4 receiving TDs.

Austin Ekeler plays with a chip on his shoulder. We will see if he can carry the load without Melvin Gordon, but his usage in the run game and pass game makes him a bellcow back.

Derrick Henry Fantasy Outlook 2020

5.   Big Hen (292.8 Points)

322 carries. 1,593 rush yards. 17 rush TDs. 14 receptions. 188 receiving yards. 1 receiving TD.

In 2019, Henry led the NFL in rushing yards and and tied for 1st in rushing TDs. In 2020, the big bully from Alabama will led the NFL in rushing TDs again and finish as a top 5 fantasy back.

Aaron Jones Fantasy Outlook 2020

6.   Aaron Jones (276.6 Points)

245 carries. 1,199 rush yards. 10 rush TDs. 57 receptions. 502 receiving yards. 3 receiving TDs.

Aaron Jones make a name for himself last season. The Packers RB tied for 1st with Derrick Henry in rushing TDs with 16. Look for him to have consecutive seasons where he makes fantasy owners proud.

Dalvin Cook Fantasy Outlook 2020

7.   Dalvin Cook (267.8 Points)

288 carries. 1,344 rush yards. 9 rush TDs. 51 receptions. 539 receiving yards. 

When healthy, Dalvin Cook is easily one of the most dynamic playmakers in the NFL. Effective in both the rushing attack and as a receiver, Cook has a chance to blossom again this season.

Ezekiel Elliot Fantasy Outlook 2020

8.   Zeke (263.6 Points)

289 carries. 1,322 rush yards. 10 rush TDs. 63 receptions. 479 receiving yards.

Ezekiel Elliott is as consistent a RB there is in the NFL. He has set the bar high for himself, but every year he continues to meet expectations.

Miles Sanders Fantasy Outlook 2020

9.   Miles Sanders (255 Points)

219 carries. 1,110 rush yards. 7 rush TDs. 71 receptions. 613 receiving yards. 1 receiving TD.

Miles Sanders enters his sophomore season in 2020. The Eagles have big plans for the youngster out of Penn State. As a full time starter, look for Sanders to deliver in a nice way.

James Connor Fantasy Outlook 2020

10.   James Conner (252.9 Points)

243 carries. 1,139 rush yards. 7 rush TDs. 66 receptions. 580 receiving yards. 1 receiving TD.

The Steelers have been a team that historically features one back and Mike Tomlin has admitted that is the way he plans to keep it. Conner’s biggest concern is staying healthy. However, if healthy, Conner gets a ton of touches and rounds out the top 10 of fantasy backs.

Nick Chubb Fantasy Outlook 2020

11.   Nick Chubb (247.3 Points)

320 carries. 1,607 rush yards. 11 rush TDs. 22 receptions. 156 receiving yards.

Chubb is establishing himself as one of the better backs in the NFL with his blend of power and speed. With a new coaching staff and a new vibe in Cleveland, look for Chubb to cash in.

Leonard Fournette Fantasy Outlook 2020

12.   Leonard Fournette (242.1 Points)

274 carries. 1,198 rush yards. 7 rush TDs. 63 receptions. 488 receiving yards.

Fournette has had an up and down start to his career. Yet, in 2019, he finally stayed healthy and improved his overall play. Even if the Jaguars are not very successful, Fournette’s bellcow status will make him successful in the fantasy football world.

Josh Jacobs Fantasy Outlook 2020

13.   Josh Jacobs (229.4 Points)

309 carries. 1,485 rush yards. 9 rush TDs. 22 receptions. 159 receiving yards.

Josh Jacobs is a very skilled young RB in the NFL. If he was used more in the passing attack he could be that much more dangerous but nonetheless, Jacobs is in line to have a big year in 2020.

Le'Veon Bell Fantasy Outlook 2020

14.   Le’veon Bell (219.7 Points)

262 carries. 1,010 rush yards. 6 rush TDs. 68 receptions. 487 receiving yards. 

Bellcow Le’veon Bell. Although Bell did not do much damage in 2019, his first season with the Jets, Adam Gase fed him the rock. By default Bell’s numbers will go up this season because he is still talented and the Jets got him some help in the offseason.

Joe Mixon Fantasy Outlook 2020

15.   Joe Mixon (217.1 Points)

287 carries. 1,223 rush yards. 10 rush TDs. 30 receptions. 198 receiving yards.

Mix has to be excited with the new additions the Bengals have on offense. As long as rookie QB Joe Burrow can make some throws, Mix should be able to turn in a solid performance in 2020.

Raheem Mostert Fantasy Outllook 2020

16.   Raheem Mostert (208.8 Points)

177 carries. 1,013 rush yards. 9 rush TDs. 29 receptions. 289 receiving yards. 1 receiving TD.

Mostert is a home run threat at any time with his speed. The 49ers are very good at running the football. Combine Mostert and the 49ers ability to the run ball and you have a nice option at RB.

Kenyan Drake Fantasy Outlook 2020

17.   Kenyan Drake (208.4 Points)

198 carries. 943 rush yards. 7 rush TDs. 39 receptions. 406 receiving yards. 2 receiving TDs.

The Cardinals have an explosive offense on paper with a ton of weapons. Kenyan Drake is one of those weapons. We will see how they use him but Drake is a talented back that will take advantage of the opportunities they give him.

Chris Carson Fantasy Outlook 2020

18.   Chris Carson (193.6 Points)

256 carries. 1,104 rush yards. 8 rush TDs. 32 receptions. 201 receiving yards. 

Due to injuries, it has become a very crowded backfield in Seattle. Carson has his work cutout for him, but last season he handled the majority of the work and produced well. 

Todd Gurley Fantasy Outlook 2020

19.  Todd Gurley (192.4 Points)

231 carries. 1,159 rush yards. 10 rush TDs. 33 receptions. 279 receiving yards.

Todd Gurley is now an Atlanta Falcon. One of the more underrated moves of the offseason, yet the Falcons should get a good return on investment. Gurley still can produce and should be on everyone’s fantasy radar.

Ronald Jones Fantasy Outlook 2020

20.   Ronald Jones (183 Points)

208 carries. 883 rush yards. 6 rush TDs. 37 receptions. 342 receiving yards. 1 receiving TD.

Rojo has been given the keys as the starting RB in the Bucs offense. Expect the Bucs to stay pass happy, yet Rojo could benefit by catching the defense off guard.

Sony Michel Fantasy Outlook 2020

21.   Sony Michel (182.2 Points)

255 carries. 1,091 rush yards. 9 rush TDs. 14 receptions. 121 receiving yards. 

Sony Michel is still trying to put together a clean season without any injuries. If he can stay on the field, he is a tough downhill runner that the Patriots can rely on. 

Cam Akers Fantasy Outlook 2020

22.   Cam Akers (181.7 Points)

201 carries. 899 rush yards. 7 rush TDs. 33 receptions. 263 receiving yards. 1 receiving TD.

Akers comes in as the top fantasy rookie RB for 2020. Well underutilized in college, Akers will burst onto the scene in the Rams offense and be a steal late in drafts.

D'Andre Swift Fantasy Outlook 2020

23.   D’Andre Swift (181.4 Points)

185 carries. 881 rush yards. 5 rush TDs. 39 receptions. 378 receiving yards. 1 receiving TD.

Swift is another super talented rookie RB. Keep an eye on Swift in the draft because his potential is through the roof.

Melvin Gordon Fantasy Outlook 2020

24.   Melvin Gordon (178.4 Points)

199 carries. 956 rush yards. 9 rush TDs. 22 receptions. 178 receiving yards. 

Now in Denver, Melvin Gordon has a chance to prove to the league why he views himself as a top back. Expect Gordon to play with an edge in his first season as a Bronco.

David Johnson Fantasy Outlook 2020

25.   David Johnson (174.3 Points)

236 carries. 978 rush yards. 5 rush TDs. 31 receptions. 310 receiving yards.

David Johnson is now a Texan and trying to rejuvenate himself. Once the king of fantasy RBs, it will be interesting to see if DJ can regain that form.

Clyde Edwards-Helaire Fantasy Outlook 2020

26.   Clyde Edwards-Helaire (172.6 Points)

185 carries. 842 rush yards. 5 rush TDs. 44 receptions. 244 receiving yards. 2 receiving TDs.

Edwards-Helaire steps into a beautiful situation as the lead back in KC’s high powered offense. Edwards-Helaire has one of the highest floors of any fantasy RB.

James White Fantasy Outlook 2020

27.   James White (168.2 Points)

88 carries. 301 rush yards. 1 rush TD. 84 receptions. 721 receiving yards. 3 receiving TDs.

James White is strictly a pass catching back. However, in the Patriots system he is very valuable and a late draft pick to watch for.

Devin Singletary Fantasy Outlook 2020

28.   Devin Singletary (167.6 Points)

189 carries. 905 rush yards. 4 rush TDs. 34 receptions. 301 receiving yards. 1 receiving TD.

Singletary was a solid rookie in 2019. Expect another above average season in 2020.

David Montgomery Fantasy Outlook 2020

29.   David Montgomery (163.6 Points)

250 carries. 969 rush yards. 5 rush TDs. 29 receptions. 222 receiving yards.

The Bears are searching for better play at the QB position. Admittingly, Matt Nagy has said he wants to give Montgomery more carries. Expect a bit of an increase all around from Montgomery’s rookie season.

Jonathan Taylor Fantasy Outlook 2020

30.   Jonathan Taylor (154.6 Points)

211 carries. 1,003 rush yards. 6 rush TDs. 7 receptions. 88 receiving yards. 1 receiving TD.

Jonathan Taylor will lead all rookies in rushing yards and attempts. He does not provide much as a receiver but expect Taylor to be a dominant rusher.


Thank you for reading my post. Eric and I hope you find our website helpful. Please leave a comment below if you have any questions or comments!


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