Best Fantasy Football Quarterbacks 2020 – Expert Anaylsis

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Best Fantasy Football Quarterbacks 2020

Hey everyone!  This list of my best fantasy football quarterbacks 2020 will help you secure a top fantasy quarterback for your fantasy team.  This is the real deal expert analysis.

A lot of people just pick one average to good quarter back and take a late back up.  Some take one of the top 2 quarterbacks in either the 2nd or 3rd round of their fantasy drafts.

This year I would say to take Lamar Jackson if you have the chance to take him in the 2nd round.  He’s that valuable.  However, I wouldn’t do the same with Patrick Mahomes.

I know Mahomes is really upset about the NFL players top 100 ranking.  However, I don’t think he throws for 50 touchdowns like he did in 2018.  So I would wait and take a quarterback until the 6th or 7th round.

Best Fantasy QB Draft Strategy 2020

My expert draft strategy, says to take 2 quarterbacks back to back in the 7th and 8th round.  If you want to understand more about why I draft like this and why it is super effective, please click the link in the beginning of this paragraph.

In short, the reason why I draft 2 quarterbacks in rounds 7 and 8 is because I know that more often than not, one of those 2 quarterbacks is going to score close to 25 points that week based off of match-ups.

This allows me to play the better quarterback match-up every week while having top talent at all of my running back and wide receiver positions because I used my first 6 draft picks on top talent wide receivers and running backs.

Ok, enough of the best draft strategy proven theory.  Let’s talk quarterbacks!

1 .   Lamar Jackson (400 Fantasy Points)

Pros & Cons

  • Greg Roman is a Genius Offensive Coordinator
  • Offensive Line is Talented and has Depth
  • More Screen Passes in 2020
  • No Reason this Offense isn’t Efficient in the Redzone
  • Great Fantasy Playoff Schedule (Browns, Jaguars, Giants)
  • Could this be the Year Lamar Gets Injured?
  • Is his Fantasy Playoff Schedule too Easy?
2020 Projections = 3,200 passing yards and 31 passing touchdowns with 150 carries for 1,050 rushing yards and 8 rushing touchdowns.  Good for around 400 fantasy points.

He is Big Truzz for a reason.  But the person you really need to put your trust in is the offensive coordinator Greg Roman. 

Roman has been able to duplicate offensive success in both Buffalo and San Francisco.  Roman says he spends everyday trying to figure out how to make Baltimore not look the same in 2020. 

I really trust Roman to have this offense in the top 5 in the NFL.  I think they rush Lamar a little less than 176 times like they did in 2019. 

Let’s just do Lamar’s worst case scenario stats for 2020 and decide if he is worth taking in the 1st or 2nd round. 

Worst case, I say Jackson finishes with 150 rushing attempts for 1,000 rushing yards and 6 rushing touchdowns.  Worst case scenario for passing would be Jackson throwing for around 2,800 yards and 25 touchdowns.  Those rushing and passing numbers will give him around 350 fantasy points in most fantasy leagues. 

Over the last 5 to 8 NFL seasons there have only been about 8 NFL quarterbacks to get to 350 points not including Jackson.  Again, those numbers would be Jackson’s worst case scenario. 

Say you want to lower it a little more to 340 fantasy points.  You would still easily have yourself a top 3 fantasy quarterback. 

The real enticing thing about drafting Lamar as your fantasy quarterback are his last 4 games of the season which will be during your fantasy playoffs.  He plays the Browns, Jaguars, Giants and Bengals.  It doesn’t get much better than that. 

If Lamar is available for you to draft in the 2nd round then you need to draft him.  Even if that means you are the 13th pick.  I wouldn’t fault anybody for drafting him in the late 1st round.  The only concern is obvious and that is he could get hurt.  It’s something you would have to take into consideration and make sure to draft a quality back up in the 9th or 10th round.

2.   Patrick “Patty” Mahomes (375 Points)

Best Fantasy Football Quarterbacks 2020

Pros & Cons

  • Andy Reid is an Offensive Genius
  • Mahomes Feels Disrespected by Players Top 100 List
  • Same O-Line and Receivers
  • Good Group of Running Backs
  • Reid likes to Run Up the Scores a Little
  • AMAZING Fantasy Playoff Schedule (Dolphins, Saints, Falcons)
  • Not the Best of Runners

2020 Projections = 4,600 passing yards, 42 passing touchdowns and 200 yards rushing and 1 rushing touchdown.  Around 375 fantasy Points.

Patty’s going to have an incredible season.  He didn’t like ending up #4 on the players top 100 list. 

He is out to prove that he can throw 50 touchdowns again in 2020.  I wouldn’t be surprised if Reid lets him run up the score in the 3rd quarters until the Chiefs are up by 30.  He has all the weapons and motivation to be a top 2 fantasy QB in 2020. 

He is being drafted in the 2nd round of mock drafts.  I think that is way too high to even take Patty. 

Mahomes is magical but not worth the 2nd round pick.  I would take him if he fell to me in the 3rd round but his ceiling is around 400 fantasy points.  Which is incredible but I don’t think he gets to his 2018 fantasy numbers.

I think he will end up more around the 375 point range.  While this is still impressive, I think I can get 2 quarterbacks from rounds 5 to 7 that can get around 375 fantasy points if I alternate them, depending on their game match-up. 

I call this theory the quarterback carousel.  It has worked perfectly in plenty of fantasy seasons.  Don’t take Mahomes in the second round.  Instead, take a workhorse running back.

3.  Kyler Murray (355 Fantasy Points)

Pros & Cons

  • Great Play Caller in Kingsbury
  • Great Receiving Corps
  • Better Running Back Situation
  • Can Run and Scramble Really Well
  • O-Line is Better Then People Think
  • Good Playoff Schedule (Giants, Eagles, 49ers)
  • O-Line Depth
2020 Projections = 4,200 passing yards and 30 passing touchdowns with 550 rushing yards and 4 rushing touchdowns.  Good for around 355 fantasy points.

I think you have to love Murray’s potential in fantasy this season.  I also think that he has really good value at being drafted around the end of the 5th or early 6th round. 

Murray was 7th in fantasy QB points last season and averaged around 19 points a game. 

With a year under his belt and Kingsbury learning to change his offense to his personnel, I think it’s a no brainer that Murray will be a top 5 quarterback this season. 

I haven’t even mentioned Deandre Hopkins yet either.  I think the most exciting potential for Murray is that Kingsbury has been studying the Ravens offense this off season. 

Murray already had 540 yards rushing last season.  I think that is Murray’s floor when it comes to rushing yards in 2020.  I also think Murray gets close to 30 passing touchdowns in 2020 too. 

I really like Murray to make the jump in his 2nd season.  I don’t see any red flags.  I only see tons of potential and a lot of hungry players around him to prove everybody wrong. 

You definitely want to draft Kyler Murray.

4.  Dak Prescott (355 Fantasy Points)

Pros & Cons

  • Great Receivers
  • Great O-Line
  • West Coast Offense Concepts = More Throws
  • Same Play Caller in Kellen Moore

  • Has a Lot to Prove

  • Great Running Threat
  • Just an Okay Playoff Schedule in (Bengals, 49ers, Eagels)
  • Needs to Prove he is a Natural Passer
2020 Projections = 4,500 passing yards and 33 passing touchdowns with 275 rushing yards and 4 rushing touchdowns.   Good for around 355 fantasy points.

You have to like Prescott this year.  I just broke down the Cowboys defense and they probably aren’t going to be special in 2020. 

This means that there will be a lot of games in which the Cowboys will be trailing or competing in the 4th quarter.  This obviously means more points and fantasy points. 

He won’t be in the down field passing scheme of last year so I don’t think he will get as many passing yards as he did in 2019.  But then again it’s hard any year to get 4,900 passing yards like Prescott did last year. 

With Kellen Moore as offensive coordinator once again, this will give Prescott chances to score goal line touchdowns with the zone read.  Prescott has scored 21 rushing touchdowns in 4 seasons. 

Prescott also scrambles for close to 300 rushing yards each season.  His rushing stats alone will get you an extra 60 points that most other quarterbacks will not get. 

It’s very likely that McCarthy’s west coast offense is to have more of an influence then the down field passing scheme of last year. 

I actually like this more for Prescott and I think he will get into better grooves during games.  Thus will lead to more touchdown passes in the red zone because timing and feel for the game should be better. 

The biggest thing to like about Prescott is that McCarthy likes to throw the ball.  McCarthy’s offenses have only ever been in the top 10 in rushing attempts twice since he has been a coordinator or head coach in the NFL. 

I think the Cowboys will still likely be in the top 10 in rushing attempts because McCarthy’s never had a running back like Ezekiel Elliot but I doubt they will be top 5 like the past couple of seasons. 

McCarthy also likes to pass the ball on 1st down.  This is something the Cowboys never do. 

Lastly, Prescott is betting on himself again to prove to the Cowboys and to all of the haters that he is worth a huge contract. 

Everything is there for you to love Prescott as your starting quarterback.  I think he is more consistent this year too with all of the previous mentioned things. 

That was his biggest fantasy problem last year but I think that goes away for the most part in 2020 due to more quick passes.  Don’t be afraid to draft Dak in the early 5th round or even late 4th round if you really want a reliable QB.

5.  Matthew Stafford (350 Fantasy Points)

Pros & Cons

  • He has a Top 3 Arm Talent in the NFL
  • Very Good Receivers
  • Likes the OC Darrell Bevell’s Scheme

  • Playoff Schedule is Pretty Good (Packers, Titans, Bucs)

  • Play Action Deep Balls
  • Lions Defense is Bad so this Will Keep Stafford Throwing
  • Not a Great Pass Blocking O-line
  • Run Heavy Offense
2020 Projections = 4,600 passing yards and 37 passing touchdowns with 120 rushing yards and 2 rushing touchdowns.  Good for around 350 fantasy points.

Before Stafford got hurt and sat out the rest of the 2019 season, he was top 5 in pretty much every passing statistic. 

A lot of this had to do with the Lions not being able to run the ball effectively those first 8 games.  It also had a little to do with the Lions being behind a lot as well. 

I think things balance out a little more in 2020.  I think the defense still gives up a lot of points or at best is a middle of the league defense in terms of points allowed. 

This will definitely keep Stafford and the offense in attack mode all season long. 

I do however, believe that this run offense will be vastly better in 2020.  The Lions added in great run blockers in the draft and in free agency. 

Then they drafted, in my opinion, the best college running back in 2020 in D’Andre Swift. 

This should benefit Stafford too by having better play action throws down the field. 

A question mark for Stafford is that this offensive line is just average in pass protection.  The newly signed right tackle is actually pretty bad in pass protection. 

So they will definitely need a solid running game to slow opponents’ pass rush.  He still has enough wide receiver talent in Kenny Golladay and Marvin Jones to put up big numbers. 

He could also build better rapport with 2nd year tight end TJ Hockenson. 

With everything considered, I feel very strongly that Stafford will finish inside the top 10 in fantasy in 2020. 

He is currently being drafted around the 9th or 10th round and that would be an absolute steal.  You do not want to miss out on Stafford in 2020.

6.  Deshaun Watson (350 Fantasy Points)

Pros & Cons

  • Special Player that Makes Plays Happen
  • Makes Others Around Him Better
  • Same Offensive Scheme

  • Great Playoff Schedule (Bears, Colts and Bengals)

  • David Johnson Affect
  • Great Runner
  • No Top Wide Receiver on Team.
  • Below Average Pass Blocking O-Line
2020 Projections = 3,700 passing yards and 25 touchdowns with 650 yards rushing and 8 rushing touchdowns.  Good for around 350 fantasy points.

Watson hasn’t had a good wide receiving corps since he got to the Texans.  He has had essentially Deandre Hopkins and that is it.  Will Fuller struggles to stay healthy every year he has been in the NFL. 

Kenny Stills isn’t anything to rely on week in and week out.  They also have average tight ends but Watson makes everybody look better then what they actually are. 

This is why Watson has not thrown more then 26 touchdown passes in any of his seasons in the NFL. 

He has only eclipsed 4,100 passing yards and that was 2 seasons ago.  Now, the Texans traded away Watson’s favorite pass catcher in Deandre Hopkins.  They just added Brandin Cooks but Cooks is very unreliable staying healthy the past couple of seasons. 

The Texans also added Randall Cobb and he should be a good possession receiver but he won’t boost Watson’s numbers tremendously. 

Will Fuller is special but Fuller is constantly hurt too.  The tight end is Darren Fells and again Watson makes him look better then what he actually is. 

They also have running back David Johnson who looks to rebound his career.  Lastly they have Duke Johnson as the other running back. 

It’s not a great cast for Watson.  However, fantasy projections still look favorable for Deshaun. 

The texans secondary is not very good so it looks like the Texans will be either behind or always giving up leads in 2020. 

This means Deshaun will be passing and scrambling a lot in 2020.  I think with the lack of quality receivers, Watson will scramble for a lot of first downs this year.

My projections are that he throws for 25 touchdowns, 3,700 passing yards, 8 rushing touchdowns and 800 rushing yards.  This will still make Watson a top 5 fantasy QB.

7.  Drew Brees (340 Fantasy Points)

Pros & Cons

  • Great O-Line
  • Same Play Caller and Offense for Past Decade
  • Great Receiving Weapons
  • Great Fantasy Playoff Schedule (Eagles, Cheifs, Vikings)
  • Limited Mobility
  • Weak Arm = No Deep Passes
2020 Projections = 4,800 passing touchdowns and 38 passing touchdowns and 30 rushing yards and 1 rushing touchdown.  Good for around 340 fantasy points.

Brees looked a little off last year with his arm strength.  This could be a reason why he had his highest completion percentage in his career in 2019 because he was throwing a lot of short passes.

That still didn’t slow him down.  He still averaged over 20 fantasy points a game.  He had an injury that made him miss 5 games but he still finished with 27 touchdowns. 

It’s truly remarkable how effective he is.  Brees was on pace for 40 touchdowns.  I wouldn’t bet against Brees and head coach Sean Payton in 2020. 

They are going to come up with a way to make this offense very effective like they have for the past 15 years. 

Brees hasn’t finished in the top 5 fantasy quarterbacks in awhile but he is always in the top 10. 

I believe Brees finds himself back in the top 10 in 2020.  Same O-line, a little better receiving options and the same play caller he has had for a decade.  Easy money with Brees.

He is being drafted around the 7th or 8th round.  That is a great spot to take him.  Keep your eye on Brees and don’t let him slip past you if you are the type of drafter that likes to take all RB’s and WR’s with your first 7 picks.

8.  Carson Wentz (335 Fantasy Points)

Pros & Cons

  • Doug Pederson Usually has a Top 10 Scoring Offense
  • Depth at Wide Receiver in 2020
  • GREAT Fantasy Playoff Schedule (Saints, Cardinals, Cowboys)
  • Pretty Good Offensive Line
  • Health
2020 Projections = 4,100 passing yards and 34 passing touchdowns.  300 rushing yards and 3 rushing touchdowns.  Good for around 335 points

It seems like with every position breakdown for the Eagles, the biggest concern is if this player stays healthy then this could be a good position group.  Quarterback is no different. 

Wentz has struggled to stay healthy the past 3 seasons.  If he stays healthy then I think Wentz is a sure lock to be a top 10 fantasy QB. 

I don’t love this Eagles defense even though their secondary is improved.  I think Wentz will have to come up big and I predict he will.

The biggest thing for Wentz this season is that they have a good running game in Miles Sanders and he has a lot of wide receiver weapons in 2020.  He should do really well.

I have Wentz throwing for over 30 touchdowns and 4,000 yards in 2020.  I thought that Wentz was a better runner then his stats showed.  But he is still brave inside the 10 yard line.

He has low interception numbers and this is because he loves to tuck it down and run.  He could get to 300 rushing yards this season but that looks to be his ceiling. 

Overall, I predict Wentz to have 34 passing touchdowns, 4,100 passing yards and 300 rushing yards and 3 rushing touchdowns.  Those numbers are definitely Wentz’s ceiling but his floor isn’t far off. 

He should finish as a top 8 fantasy quarterback and I would definitely draft him if he is available in the 8th round and you need a quarterback.

9.  Russell Wilson (330 Fantasy Points)

Pros & Cons

  • Probably the Best Ball Placer in the NFL
  • Will Scramble for 1st downs
  • Ultimate Competitor
  • Good Enough Receiving Options
  • Pretty Good Playoff Match Ups (Jets, TWFT, Rams)
  • Bad Pass Blocking O-Line
  • Run Heavy Offense
2020 Projections = 4,100 passing yards and 30 passing touchdowns with 350 rushing yards and 3 rushing touchdowns.  Good for around 330 fantasy points.

I never doubt Russell.  He is probably the most mentally tough player in the NFL.  I feel very confident that Russell throws for over 30 touchdowns in 2020 despite this being a run heavy offense. 

The Seahawks defense is not amazing, even with the addition of Jamal Adams.  So they should be in some high scoring contests from time to time. 

Pete Carroll also looks to be giving in to the idea of running more uptempo offensive drives in 2020.  All of this leads to believe that Russell should be throwing the ball maybe just a touch more in 2020. 

This offense will still be focused on running the football a lot.  It is also pretty apparent that Russell isn’t looking to run the football himself much either. 

He should get close to his usual 300 rushing yards and maybe 2 touchdowns so that is always a nice added bonus. 

He is currently being drafted around 60th overall in half PPR leagues.  That is right around where you would want to get him. 

I would then draft another qb pretty soon to have a reliable matchups between Russell and your other QB so that you can play whoever will have the better matchup.  Overall, you can never go wrong with Russell.

10.  Matt Ryan (330 Fantasy Points)

Pros & Cons

  • Bad Falcons Defense will Create High Scoring Games
  • Great Receivers
  • Todd Gurley Improves Running Game
  • Ryan Feels Confident in 2020 with OC Koetter
  • Great Fantasy Superbowl Match-up with Chiefs
  • Right Tackle is Bad
  • Middle of the Pack O-Line
  • Not a Good Fantasy Playoff Schedule (Chargers, Tampa, Chiefs)
2020 Projections = 4,700 passing yards and 33 passing touchdowns with 130 rushing yards and 1 rushing touchdown.  Good for around 330 fantasy points.

Matt has been up and down almost every other year in terms of being a top 5 fantasy QB.  If that holds true then Ryan will be a top 5 fantasy QB this year in 2020. 

A lot has to come true for Ryan in order for this to happen.  The Falcons have to have better offensive line play. 

I think they will in 2020 with all of their starters coming back and they do have talent in 4 out of the 5 spots and with NFL worth back ups. 

If the line does in fact play a little better then that will give the Falcons a much better run game.  The offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter admitted that he has to run the ball more this year. 

If they can even be a middle of the pack rushing team in 2020 then this offense should take off.  Koetter also said that RB Todd Gurley looked healthy last season with the Rams but won’t know for sure if he can make it through the season in 2020 until he seems him in person.

However, the Falcons and Koetter are very high on Gurley returning back to his college state of Georgia and having a great year. 

An average run game with Gurley will help Matt Ryan have another top 5 fantasy season. 

Julio Jones is the best receiver in the NFL and Calvin Ridley is almost just as talented as Julio.  Russell Gage is also a nice 3rd option at WR. 

Matt Ryan loves tight ends, just ask Austin Hooper and Tony Gonzalez.  The Falcons traded with the Ravens and got tight end Hayden Hurst this offseason. 

Ryan has plenty of options and believes that he and Dirk Koetter will have better alignment in 2020. 

The right tackle position is probably the biggest concern to Ryan having a great year in 2020 outside of an improved run game.  Last year’s rookie right tackle Kaleb McGary led the league in allowing 13 sacks. 

McGary is slated to start in 2020 again but will obviously be on short leash.  With all of this being said. 

I don’t think Ryan will be a top 5 fantasy QB but I definitely think that he and OC Dirk Koetter take a big step from 2019 and that Ryan finishes as a top 10 fantasy QB. 

Even though Ryan should have a much better year in 2020 his average draft position is 71st overall.  That is a little too high for me to be drafting Ryan. 

I wouldn’t take Ryan unless he fell to me in the 9th round.  There are quarterbacks of equal value in the 9th round.  I would probably stray away from Ryan unless he falls to you.

11.  Tommy “TB12” Brady (310 Fantasy Points)

Pros & Cons

  • Great Receiving Weapons
  • Developing O-line

  • Great Playoff Schedule (Vikings, Falcons, Lions)

  • Chip On His Shoulder
  • Ultimate Competitor
  • No Great Pass Catching RB
  • Is His Arm Noticeably Weaker?
  • No Running Ability
2020 Projections = 4,500 passing yards and 33 touchdowns with 30 rushing yards and 1 rushing touchdown (QB sneak). Good for around 310 fantasy points.

I am pumping the brakes on TB12 in 2020.  Everyone is super excited for him to have wide receivers like Mike Evans and Chris Godwin.  Rookie, Tyler Johnson looks to be a really good wide receiver too. 

Last year in New England, Tom was rumored to blaming the Patriots offensive woes on the lack of talent at the wide receiver position. 

However, after watching Kurt Warner break down Brady’s play against the Texans last season, I started to consider that Brady could be losing his touch. 

Or Warner is still salty about Brady beating him in the Super Bowl 20 years ago, LOL.  But I think Warner had a lot of valid points regarding Brady being inaccurate during that loss to the Texans. 

I think a bigger target in Mike Evans will obviously help Brady have better production. 

However, the Buccaneers waited until the 7th round to draft a pass catching running back.  The 3rd round running back they drafted is a down hill bruiser.  So the lack of a reliable pass catching running back already concerns me for Brady’s production. 

The other part of the equation that I am considering is that with that 3rd round bruiser RB and with Arians liking RB Ronald Jones II, the Bucs could be looking to run the ball more in 2020. 

The Patriots did this with Sony Michel and Lagarrett Blount a couple years back.  Arians is a smart coach and I don’t see him having Tom sit back there 40 times a game and throwing passes. 

He wants to make sure Tom makes it through the entire season and healthy for a Super Bowl run.  I could be wrong on this but that is my strong gut feeling. 

Bottom line is that I don’t trust Tom to be a huge fantasy producer this year. 

I think he throws for just over 4,000 yards and gets to around 28 passing touchdowns.  Those are quality numbers but not worth having on my fantasy team.

12.  Josh Allen (310 Fantasy Points)

Pros & Cons

  • Has Fatherly Relationship with the OC
  • Very Good Runner
  • Tough and Competitive
  • Better Wide Receiver Weapons
  • 3rd year in NFL is Usually Great for NFL Players
  • Sporadic and Inaccurate Passer
  • Scared to Make Plays Down Field
  • Brutal Fantasy Playoff Schedule (Steelers, Broncos, Patriots)
Projections 2020 = 3,200 passing yards for 23 passing touchdowns and 500 rushing yards with 8 rushing touchdowns.  Good for around 310 fantasy Points.

Not a great passing NFL quarterback.  As a fantasy quarterback, he is definitely worth having on your team. 

The only reason is because of his running ability that has gotten him at least 8 rushing touchdowns in each of the past 2 seasons. 

It definitely isn’t his 2nd worst completion percentage in the NFL or the 197 passing yards per game he had in 2019.  He is not very accurate and is focused on not turning the ball over rather than trying to make plays down field. 

He has gotten better every year under the offensive coordinator Daboll but anyone who watches Allen, can tell you he doesn’t trust his throwing accuracy.

Allen now has the most talent around him since he has played in Buffalo.  The 3rd year for most good NFL players tend to be a breakout year. 

Until Allen works on his accuracy, I don’t think he will ever be an elite Fantasy QB.  I wouldn’t bank on Allen and I would definitely want to draft another QB to back Allen up in case Allen has an unfavorable match-up during the season.

13.  Aaron Rodgers (300 Fantasy Points)

Pros & Cons

  • Better Personnel for LaFleur’s Scheme = More Efficient Offense
  • Wants to Prove the Packers Wrong for Drafting Jordan Love
  • He is Still Aaron Rodgers
  • Still Has Good O-Line

  • Favorable Playoff Schedule (Lions, Panthers, Titans)

  • Could Butt Heads with LaFleur Really Bad in 2020
  • No 2nd Wide Receiver Option
  • Run Heavy Offense?
2020 Projections = 4,200 passing yards and 30 passing touchdowns with 175 rushing yards and 1 rushing touchdown.  Good for around 300 fantasy points.

Rodgers is currently being mock drafted around the 7th or 8th round.  As incredible as Aaron has been, he has only thrown over 30 touchdowns 6 times in his career. 

He also has not thrown over 4,700 passing yards in a season either.  We know that Aaron hasn’t had the best offensive coaching or play makers around him so that obviously contributes to the above statistics. 

I say all of this because in terms of fantasy it gives us a perspective of what his ceiling is going to be in 2020.  It’s not a very good looking ceiling. 

The Packers drafted Aaron’s back up by trading up in the 1st round to take QB Jordan Love.  In the 2nd round they drafted a RB in AJ Dillon. 

They have yet again ignored drafting a wide receiver in the 1st round when this 2020 draft was considered very deep with wide receivers. 

The thinking behind this draft was to fit in players that match head coach Matt LaFleur’s personnel scheme.  In the 3rd round they drafted a tight end that will be used like a half back. 

This goes back to Matt’s days in Washington using Chris Cooley and also in Tennessee when he had Delanie Walker.  Kyle Juszczyk is used like this in San Francisco under Kyle Shannahan. 

Shannahan and Matt LaFleur coached together in Washington.   Matt LaFleur like’s having personnel that creates mismatches, as does Shannahan. 

Using 2 or 3 running back personnel schemes is what LaFleur looks to be doing by drafting both AJ Dillon and Deguara, the 3rd round tight end. 

What does this all mean?  Well it obviously signals that the Packers will be running the ball a lot in 2020.  LaFleur has said this offseason that they want more explosive plays.  It looks like they will be leaning on play action in order to achieve these explosive plays. 

It also looks like Aaron Jones could be used like Alvin Kamara.  Dillon was a really good running back at Boston College and Jamaal Williams showed how valuable of a player he was last season. 

What does this mean for Aaron Rodgers fantasy value in 2020.  I’m going to say not great. 

Rodgers finished as the 10th best fantasy QB last season and his numbers were average.  He threw for over 4,000 yards and 26 touchdowns. 

Rodgers will be 37 years old this season but last season he still scrambled 40 plus times.  He didn’t rush over 200 yards like he normally does so he probably doesn’t get over 200 yards rushing this season either. 

This means in order for Rodgers to have a great fantasy season, he will need to throw over 30 passing touchdowns.  This could happen but isn’t very likely with his 2nd receiver options being Allen Lazard.

They also only have Mercedes Lewis at Tight End.  Carson Wentz, Josh Allen and Drew Brees are all being drafted around where Aaron Rodgers is being drafted.  All 3 of those QB’s are safer and more reliable options at your fantasy QB position in 2020.

14.  Jared Goff (300 Fantasy Points)

Pros & Cons

  • Good Receiving Options
  • Sean McVay will Figure it Out in 2020
  • Rams Defense Isn’t Great = More Passing
  • Not Amazing Playoff Schedule (Patriots, Jets, Seattle)
  • The O-Line Should Be Better but Not Great
  • What Will Run Game Look Like?
2020 Projections = 4,500 passing yards and 30 passing touchdowns with 75 yards rushing and 1 rushing touchdown.  Good for around 300 fantasy points.

 I think with Kevin O’Connell’s new offensive input and Sean McVay’s humility and bright football mind, that the Rams will figure this thing out in 2020 and put together an efficient offense. 

The O-line gets a worse rap than they deserve.  However, there are still major question marks surrounding the O-line but I believe if that group stays healthy, then it will be serviceable in 2020. 

With that being said, I like Goff to have a better season in 2020.  They lost Brandin Cooks but he isn’t a huge game changer. 

Josh Reynolds is a very good receiver and they drafted a WR in the 2nd round out of Florida.  They also really like the tight ends in Higbee and Everett. 

They have 4 running backs that could all see time too.  The biggest thing working for Goff’s fantasy numbers is that the Rams probably won’t have a very good defense this season. 

This team will be in a lot of high scoring games in 2020.  With all of this being said,  I like Goff to throw for 4,500 yards and 30 touchdowns in 2020. 

He also adds 1 or 2 rushing touchdowns every year too.  That will get him to around 300 fantasy points. 

That should be good for a top 10 quarterback this season.  Goff is being drafted in the 12th round. 

He is a prime example of why you should not draft a QB early in your draft.  Goff and other really good QB’s are available throughout later rounds.  Take Goff as your back up and be thrilled about it.

15.  Daniel “Danny Dimes” Jones (295 Fantasy Points)

Pros & Cons

  • Jason Garrett Likes to Throw the Ball Deep
  • Developing O-Line
  • Saquon Helps Bring Balance
  • Defense isn’t Good So the Giants Will Throw a Lot
  • He is an Inaccurate Passer
  • Developing NFL QB
  • Not a Good Playoff Schedule (Cardinals, Browns, Ravens)
2020 Projections = 3,700 passing yards and 27 passing touchdowns with 300 rushing yards and 4 rushing touchdowns.  Good for around 295 points.

There isn’t a ton of optimism surround Jones.  He showed hope in his first couple of starts but then he showed who he really is. 

I think he gets a little better in 2020 but I still won’t be drafting him 2020.

Jason Garrett is a smart coach and I do believe he will simplify this offense due to the Covid-19 off season but I don’t think this offense does anything special this year.  

There are a lot safer fantasy quarterbacks out there. 

16.  Ryan Tannehill (290 Fantasy Points)

Pros & Cons

  • Great Offensive Line
  • Run Game will Set Up Play Action Passes
  • Same Receivers as Last Season
  • Year 2 in Titans Scheme
  • Likes to Run for First Downs
  • Not a Great Passer
  • Run Heavy Offense
2020 Projections = 3,500 passing yards and 28 passing touchdowns with 300 rushing yards and 2 rushing touchdowns.  Good for around 290 fantasy points.

If Tannehill started the first 4 games of the season, based on his 20 fantasy points per game, he would have finished as the 6th best fantasy QB in the NFL. 

He had a 70% completion percentage and also had a 7% touchdown to completion percentage.  This is all due to a successful running game that opens up the passing game. 

I know that the Titans will run the ball again a lot in 2020 but I think they let Tannehill open things up a little more often.  The Titans really like WR AJ Brown and Corey Davis flashes from time to time but this isn’t an amazing receiving crew. 

Jonnu Smith is a pretty good tight end and is primed for a breakout year.  Smith has always done well when he played but has been behind Delaine Walker the past couple of years. 

Another reason Tannehill’s completion percentage is so high and his interceptions low, is because he likes to tuck the ball and run when he doesn’t see anybody open. 

He had 4 rushing touchdowns in 2019 because of this.  The Titans also have 4 out of the 5 starting offensive lineman back for 2020 and have a reliable replacement for the departing Jack Conklin. 

That reliable replacement is Dennis Kelly.  The Titans also drafted a Tackle in the 1st round of the 2020 NFL draft. 

If last years numbers are no fluke then you should definitely look to draft Tannehill as your starting QB in 2020.  At worst, Tannehill should be drafted as your backup and play whichever QB has the best matchup that week.

17.  Joe Burrow (285 Fantasy Points)

Pros & Cons

  • Talent at Receiver
  • Confident Young Player
  • Great Running Back
  • Good Week 14 and 16 Match-ups (Dallas and Houston)
  • Bad O-Line
  • Learning Curve in NFL Leads to Interceptions
  • Bad Week 15 Match-up (Steelers)
2020 Projections = 4,000 passing yards and 28 passing touchdowns with 150 rushing yards and 2 rushing touchdowns.  Good for around 285 fantasy points. 

Joe Burrow looked so smooth at LSU.  Nothing fazed him.  I think he has a really good rookie year and wins offensive rookie of the year. 

If Andy Dalton can throw for 3,500 yards and 16 touchdowns in 13 games then I see no reason why Burrow can’t get 4,000 passing yards and 27 touchdowns in 2020. 

He has a lot of talent at wide receiver and at running back so he shouldn’t have any problem getting the play makers the ball. 

The only concern is that his offensive line is really bad. 

However, head coach Zac Taylor was able to change his offensive scheme midway through the season to fit his personnel better. 

I don’t see any reason why Taylor won’t be able to get the most out of this group in 2020. 

Taylor looks and sounds like a good leader for this team and offense.  Burrow is being drafted around the 13th to 14th round of fantasy mock drafts. 

I think he would be a great late round selection to be your backup quarterback.  He could blossom into something special.

18.  Teddy “2 Gloves” Bridgewater (285 Fantasy Points)

Pros & Cons

  • Good Offensive Scheme for Personnel
  • Teddy has Something to Prove
  • McCaffrey will Draw the Attention
  • Only has to Make Quick, Easy Throws
  • Will be in Comeback Mode Alot Throwing the Ball
  • Bad Playoff Schedule (Denver, Green Bay and TWFT)
  • New Team, New Offense will Take Time
  • No Great #1 WR
  • Not a Great Pass Blocking O-line
2020 Projections = 4,100 passing yards and 28 passing touchdowns with 100 rushing yards and 1 rushing touchdown.  Good for around 285 fantasy points.

Teddy only played 5 games last year but he was on pace to throw for 3,900 yards and 27 touchdowns. 

These are very respectable numbers.  Now he will get his chance to start again full time since he last did in 2015 when he was with Minnesota. 

I think Teddy will have a good year under Head coach Matt Rhule and OC Joe Brady.  Brady has discussed getting the ball out quick to his receivers and letting them work in space. 

This will definitely be a true west coast spread em out kind of offense.  They have short and small wide receivers in DJ Moore, Curtis Samuel and Robby Anderson. 

All of them are either quick or fast.  So it makes sense that they will be throwing short and quick passes to them. 

I think that the Panthers will be one of the worst teams in the NFL in 2020.  This means they will be behind in a lot of games and throwing the ball. 

I think this inflates Teddy’s numbers.  I think Teddy will be a serviceable back up and maybe even a fantasy starter some weeks against bad defenses. 

I think drafting Teddy would be a good idea.  The Panthers will be behind in a lot of games and Teddy will reap the benefits of garbage time stats.  I would definitely draft Teddy as my back up QB.  I project Teddy to have 4,100 yards passing and 28 touchdowns in 2020.

19.  Gardner Minshew  (285 Fantasy Points)

Pros & Cons

  • It’s His Position Now, No Back Up Threat
  • Good Receiving Options
  • Defense is Bad so He Will Have to Throw A Lot
  • Bad Playoff Schedule (Titans, Ravens, Bears)
  • Can’t Throw the Deep Ball Well
  • Below Average O-Line
2020 Projections = 3,800 passing yards and 26 passing touchdowns with 350 rushing yards and 2 rushing touchdowns.  Good for around 285 fantasy points. 

The new play caller is Jay Gruden.  Gruden is actually a pretty X’s and O’s guy.  Gruden also loves to throw the football.

The offensive line is better this season and should play a little better too.  However, this offensive line is probably below average compared to the rest of the NFL.

I really like the receivers on this team.  They added a pretty good WR in the draft and DJ Chark is an up and coming star.

Minshew loves to sling the ball around too.  There is potential for him to put up bigger numbers in 2020.  
The Jaguars defense doesn’t look to good and Minshew will probably be called on to throw the ball a lot in 2020.

I like Minshew to improve his numbers and surprise a lot of people in the NFL.  He is somebody to watch on the waiver wires.

19.  Drew Lock (280 Fantasy Points)

Pros & Cons

  • Great Wide Receiving Options
  • Confident in His Abilites
  • Better Run Game Will Lead to Play Action
  • Not a Great Playoff Schedule (Panthers, Bills, Chargers)
  • Not a Great Pass Blocking O-Line
  • Run Heavy Offense Under Pat Shurmur
2020 Projections = 3,800 passing yards and 26 passing touchdowns with 275 rushing yards and 2 rushing touchdowns.  Good for around 280 points.

Lock was on pace for around 24 touchdowns and 10 interceptions for his 2019 season if he started every game.  He only started the last 5 and went 4-1 as a starter.

He showed a lot of confidence and swag.  He looked great for the Broncos and showed promise of things to come. 

The Broncos didn’t bring a veteran qb in or draft another young one to compete with him.  This is purely his job now. 

I think he will have a pretty good year in 2020 but I think as long as Pat Shurmur is the OC, than Lock will never reach his potential. 

I don’t think he will throw for 30 touchdowns this season and I don’t think he throws for over 4,000 yards either.  I really like Lock but Shurmur is not a top play caller or offensive mind in the NFL.  Shurmur also likes to run the ball a lot.

20.  Ben “Big Ben” Roethlisberger (275 Fantasy Points)

Pros & Cons

  • Great Receiving Weapons
  • Great O-Line
  • Same Play Caller for the Last Couple of Seasons.
  • He is Always Injured
  • They Won’t Be Behind in Games
  • Probably a Run Heavy Offense
  • How Does His Repaired Arm Look?
  • Not a Great Playoff Schedule (Bills, Bengals, Colts)
2020 Projections = 3,900 passing yards and 28 passing touchdowns with 90 rushing yards and 1 rushing touchdown.  Good for around 275 fantasy points.

Ben has got to stay healthy for once in his career.  He is always recovering from something the past decade.

He does it to himself a lot of times too because he holds on to the ball long in order to find receivers down field.

I think the thing that will help him the most is that James Conner and the rookie running back out of Maryland should provide a really good rushing attack in 2020.

The offensive line is also going to be pretty solid in 2020.  The Steelers probably have the deepest receiving corps that Big Ben has ever had.  Granted they are very young but they have a ton of potential.

Big Ben has never had a problem throwing to unproven wide receivers either.  The Steelers also added a tight end in Eric Ebron.  Ebron is a lot better receiving option than Vance McDonald.

The negative thing facing Big Ben’s fantasy production in 2020 is that the Steelers have a great defense.  This should lead to Big Ben not needing to throw the ball a lot this season.  

I think this Steelers team will look like the Steelers teams of old.  They will probably be a run heavy and play tough defense team in 2020.  I don’t think Ben’s stats will be that amazing but I like them to be very efficient. 

21.  Philip Rivers (270 Fantasy Points)

Pros & Cons

  • Reunion with Head Coach Frank Reich
  • Top 5 Offensive Line
  • Solid Run Game to Set Up Play Action
  • Great Young Receivers and Big Tight End
  • Familiar with Reich’s Scheme.
  • Run Heavy Offense
  • Rivers throws a lot of Interceptions
  • No Rushing Potential
  • Bad Week 16 Match-up (@Pittsburgh)
2020 Projections = 4,100 passing yards and 30 touchdowns with 30 rushing yards.  Good for around 270 fantasy points.

Rivers still threw for 4,600 passing yards last season.  I still think he has a lot in the tank.  I think that this reunion with Reich and Sirianni is a great fit.  Reich, Sirianni and Rivers all were on the Chargers together.

Reich is a guy who really understands players strengths and weaknesses and has gotten the best out of every player he has coached. 

With a great offensive line and talented young receivers and a big tight end in Jack Doyle, I expect Philip to have a really good year. 

He also has Hines the RB to throw the ball to and we all know Philip loved throwing to Austin Eckler last year. 

I still think that the Colts will run the ball a lot behind this amazing offensive line but Philip should have more passing touchdowns this year. 

I think the Colts will be a very good team this year and be ahead in a lot of games and will rely on the running game to run the clock out. 

With all of this said, I think Rivers will throw for 4,100 yards and 28 touchdowns this season.  Still respectable numbers and worthy of a backup QB on your fantasy team.

22.  Kirk Cousins (270 Fantasy Points)

Pros & Cons

  • Gark Kubiak Offenses Succeed with Good QB’s
  • Great Run Play will Set Up Play Action Passing
  • Good Enough Receiving Corps
  • Vikings Defense is Transitioning, Will Keep Cousins Throwing

  • Really Bad Playoff Schedule (Tampa, Chicago, New Orleans)
  • Bad Pass Protecting O-Line
  • Run Heavy Offense
  • Fumbles the Ball a Lot
2020 Projections = 3,800 passing yards and 28 touchdowns with 90 rushing yards and 1 rushing touchdown.  Good for around 270 fantasy points.

Kirk is being drafted around the 10th or 12th round in fantasy mock drafts.  Cousins finished last season as the 18th best fantasy QB. 

I do think that Cousins finishes a little higher then 18 this year.  The biggest reason I believe this is because I think the defense will initially give up more points than a Vikings defense is used to giving up. 

This will cause the Vikings to throw the ball more.  However, I have faith in Zimmer to groom a young cornerback group and to get creative with pass rushes and blitzes to have this defense playing better at the midway point of the season. 

The other concerning thing is that this offensive line is not a good pass blocking offensive line.  The best player on this offensive line is right tackle Brian O’Neill. 

After O’Neill, there are a lot of question marks and flat out not very good pass protectors. 

The Vikings under OC Gary Kubiak are looking to run the ball early and often with both Cook and Mattison. 

I’m staying away from Kirk Cousins in 2020.  I wouldn’t even have him as my back up.  I think he quietly throws for 3,800 and 28 touchdowns in 2020.

23.  Jimmy Garoppolo  (265 Fantasy Points)

Pros & Cons

  • Great Receivers
  • Great Run Game to Set Up Play Action Passing
  • Great Play Caller
  • O-Line is Good
  • Good Playoff Schedule (Washington, Dallas, Arizona)
  • Not a Great Passer
  • System QB
2020 Projections = 4,000 passing yards and 27 passing touchdowns with 50 rushing yards and 1 rushing touchdown.  Good for around 265 fantasy points.

Jimmy threw for 27 touchdowns last season and around 4,000 passing yards.  I don’t think he gets much better in 2020. 

This is going to be a run dominant team again in 2020.  I wouldn’t draft Jimmy G at all.

24.  Baker Mayfield (265 Fantasy Points)

Pros & Cons

  • Great O-Line
  • Running Game Will Set Up Play Action Passing
  • Talented Receivers
  • Pretty Good Playoff Schedule (Ravens, Giants, Jets)
  • Run Heavy Offense
  • Not an Accurate Passer
2020 Projections = 3,700 passing yards and 25 passing touchdowns with 150 rushing yards and 2 rushing touchdowns.  Good for around 265 points.

Baker kind of showed his true capabilities last season.  It is known he isn’t a very accurate thrower. 

He is definitely a gun slinger when he scrambles but the ball doesn’t always find the right team. 

This is why the new head coach Stefanski will be running the ball a lot and setting up easier throws for Mayfield. 

The run game should work really well with Chubb and an improved offensive line so the play action passes will be there for Mayfield. 

However, I don’t anticipate huge numbers from Mayfield.  He should have numbers like Kirk Cousins did for the Vikings last season. 

Stefanski came from the Vikings last year. 

My projections for Mayfield will be around 3,700 yards passing and 25 passing touchdowns.  I wouldn’t have Mayfield on your fantasy team this season. 

Very little upside in his ability and in this new offensive run heavy scheme.

Don’t Even Bother List

Dwayne Haskins

I’m not a believer in Haskins. 

I think he is very competitive and will have a better year in 2020 and win more games for the Football Team. 

However, he is wildly inaccurate.  I watched him play a lot last year and you can’t coach accuracy at this point. 

Either you have it or you don’t.  Haskins doesn’t have it.  This receiving corps also isn’t going to help him win any 50-50 balls either. 

Stay away from Haskins at all costs.

Bears QBs

I think the run game is better in 2020 and I think Mitch will have every opportunity to play well in 2020.  He showed flashes of really good play in 2020 but that was only a couple of games and it was all against really bad defenses. 

When Mitch played bad, it was worse then anyone could have imagined.  He makes throws where you are just scratching your head and wondering did he really just throw that ball. 

I really don’t think Mitch makes it to week 4 as the starter.  Don’t draft him or have him on your team at all.

Nick Foles is interesting because he had that unbelievable playoff stretch in the 2017 season.  Then in Jacksonville he didn’t play well when he did play. 

I think Foles does start by week 4 but nobody has any idea what they will get out of Foles.  I think Foles is an upgrade from Trubisky but that isn’t saying much. 

The best thing to do is to monitor Foles every week to see if he is worth picking up off the waivers.

Tyrod Taylor & Justin Herbert

All of the chargers players will be on my do not draft list.  The reason being will be because of these 2 quarterbacks. 

Tyrod’s most touchdowns thrown in a season was 20.  He doesn’t turn the ball over that much but he doesn’t make a lot of plays in the passing game. 

He started 3 seasons in Buffalo so we know what we are getting with him and that is not much in terms of fantasy production for him or his receivers. 

The rookie Herbert might start halfway through the season if the Chargers think he is ready. 

I was high initially on Herbert before the draft but watched more of him and I don’t think he is a pure passer. 

He is an average passer but I think he struggles in the NFL.  I think these 2 quarterbacks will easily have this offense in the bottom of the league in 2020.

Cam Newton

I don’t think Cam is worth drafting.  The Patriots did practically nothing in addressing the wide receiver position in the offseason. 

This team will be using the same formula as last year. 

I expect them to run the ball a lot and throw short passes to the slot receivers and running backs.

I also am not a believer in Cam’s accuracy and passing touches.  I don’t expect amazing numbers from Cam this season.

Sam Darnold

The offensive line doesn’t look too good for the Jets.  I am not high on Becton either.  I think that they will cause Sam Darnold fits in 2020.

I do like the receivers that they added in the off season and the JETS defense probably won’t be very good in 2020.  This will cause a lot of passing situations and Darnold’s numbers could inflate a little.

However, it won’t be enough to have great fantasy numbers.

Tua Tongavailoa

If I knew that he would start right away like Joe Burrow in Cincinnati than I would probably rank Tua fairly well.  However, I think the Dolphins go with Ryan Fitzpatrick to start the season off.

I would wait and see how things progress with this QB situation before taking a chance on Tua.  I am not drafting Tua but will definitely keep an eye on his situation.

Dark Horse Pick

David Carr & Marcus Mariota

The talent has arrived for Carr to finally put up some decent stats.  However, he has only thrown over 28 touchdowns once in his career. 

He does have better receivers and for sure the best talent he has ever had as a Raider.  With that being said, Gruden has made it clear that he wants to run Josh Jacobs until the cows come home. 

So this really means that he doesn’t want to pass it a lot unless he has to or he wants to run play action passes.  Probably both.  It also most likely means that he doesn’t trust Carr.

Right now Carr isn’t being drafted in fantasy mock drafts because people don’t believe in Carr and they also think that Jon Gruden will play Marcus Mariota at some point.

That is completely understandable.  If you feel really good about your team then you could draft Carr as your last pick and stash him on your bench as trade bait. 

I think Carr gets back to the high 20’s in passing touchdowns and also stays under 10 interceptions. 

The Raiders defense will be a lot better in 2020 so Carr won’t be throwing the ball as much but he should be more efficient in doing so. 

Keep an eye on Carr this season.  Carr has said that he is tired of being disrespected and believes that he is a top NFL QB.  He has a lot to prove and is my Dark Horse QB for 2020.  He should bounce back well.




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