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Best Fantasy Football Draft Strategy Ever

I guarantee this best fantasy football draft strategy ever post will help you win multiple leagues or at worst get you into the top 3 in your fantasy league.

I have thought about this strategy for a very long time and have feel that I have mastered it now.

Ok, enough of the intro, let’s get to the goods.

Best Fantasy Football Draft Strategy Ever

Best Fantasy Football Draft Strategy

Half PPR Scoring Format Applies

The clock is ticking. 5..4..3..2.. “You are on the clock!”. When it is your turn to pick are you prepared? How many times have you had someone take the player you wanted right before you?

What about that year your sleeper was supposed to be there in round 10 and someone took him in the 6th round! Lets dive into the best strategy when it comes to drafting your fantasy team.

Christian McCaffrey Fantasy Outlook 2020

2019 Top Fantasy Scorers

I think we all know QBs score the most points every year. In 2019, these were the top 10 fantasy scorers.

  1. Lamar Jackson – 421 points
  2. Christian McCaffery – 413 points
  3. Dak Prescott – 348 points
  4. Jameis Winston – 335 points
  5. Russell Wilson – 33 points
  6. Deshaun Watson – 332 points
  7. Michael Thomas – 300 points
  8. Josh Allen – 297 points
  9. Kyler Murray – 297 points
  10. Patrick Mahomes – 291 points


Only 1 RB and 1 WR in the top 10. Now, I bet we all think the same though that we can get half of those QBs late in the draft and you are probably right. However, this is the first strategy we will talk about.

Most Points Draft Strategy

Fantasy football is different from DraftKings or any other week to week fantasy play.

It is important to analyze all the information available. Therefore, if you value overall points, take one of the two between Lamar Jackson or Patrick Mahomes with your first pick.

Some people in your league might laugh and say you reached on a QB but there is no replacing 400 points!

Lamar is basically a RB. He averaged 80 rushing yards a game last season which was 8th best in the NFL! Mahomes has a 5,000 yard and 50 TD season under his belt and if he did not get hurt last season he might have done it again.

Best Fantasy Football Quarterbacks 2020


These two are biggest point getters in fantasy so do not hesitate to take them with your first pick. You can still get a quality player with your second round pick and if you get Lamar you basically went RB with your first pick.

Then, after you have secured maybe the top fantasy scorer, take a stab at a RB. In the second round, you have hit the 2nd tier of RBs I get it.

However, there might be only one top tier WR still left. It would be much more wise to try and get a back than a WR because the odds of your RB scoring man than a WR are greater. 

  1. McCaffery – 413 points
  2. Michael Thomas – 300 points
  3. Aaron Jones – 290 points
  4. Big Hen – 285 points
  5. Zeke – 284 points
  6. Dalvin – 265 points
  7. Ekeler – 263 points
  8. Chubb – 237 points
  9. Chris Godwin – 233 points
  10. Mark Ingram – 229 points


In 2019, subtract QBs from the list and you will see there were 8 RBs in the top 10 for points and only 2 WRs.

Why waste an early pick on a WR when the chances of finding a 200 point player is much better when taking a RB.

Do not just take one either! Go RB again in the 3rd round. Here is a very optimistic view of this strategy if you hit with your picks.

Most Points Outlook

Lamar/Mahomes – 400 points

RB – 250 points

RB – 200 points

With just 3 players, you’ve almost secured 1,000 points! HOWEVER, YOU ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO HIT WITH THE BACKS YOU PICK.

Hoard The Backs Draft Strategy

This means 4 straight or maybe even 5! If you have backs, you have power. Do not settle for just one or two backs. It is not enough.

You have bye weeks, injuries and bad matchups too often to worry about. Even with just 3 backs you leave yourself vulnerable.

Imagine your biggest game against your biggest rival, and one of your backs has a bye week and you have to play some WR you don’t really like at your flex.

Dalvin Cook Fantasy Outlook 2020

With 3 backs, if one gets hurt, now you play the whole season with a WR you don’t love at your flex. When you have 4 backs you have so much wiggle room and peace.

Play favorites, play matchups do whatever you want because you almost cannot go wrong! If there is still a good back with your 5th pick then you should also take him too.

The other thing having all the backs does is allow you to control the trade market! Now the rest of your league has to come to you because the backs available in waivers barely even see the field.

If you need a WR you can wait for the one you want to land in your inbox.

Drafting 5 Straight Running Backs?

You might ask, why not just draft 5 backs but not in the first 5 picks? Well, the longer you wait the deeper in the RB depth chart you get.

Starting backs are pretty much all gone by round 5. Therefore, if you take 4 straight backs or 5, you get the 4 or 5 guys you like the most, and that play the most.

Stay away from relying on the pass catching backs like Tarik Cohen or Nyheim Hines. Although they will have good weeks, it is too chancey to play them as your flex some weeks.

Play a guy who is likely to get 15 plus touches a game at your flex. Taking 4 straight backs could have your lineup look like this.


Hoard The Backs Outlook

RB1 (Zeke) – 20 plus touches                                      WR1 (Mike T.) – 8 receptions
RB2 (Aaron Jones) – 18 plus touches           vs.          WR2 (Odell) – 6 receptions
Flex (Josh Jacobs) – 15 plus touches                           Flex (DJ Chark) – 5 receptions
53 total touches                                                                            19 total touches 

Fantasy Running Backs versus Fantasy Wide Receivers?

WRs might make bigger plays, at times, but they only touch the ball sometimes 5 times in a game.

I am not trying to convince you that RB is more important than WR because I think we all know that.

However, depth at RB is much more important than WR also. Here is another reason why. Big Play WRs.

There are several guys in this category but if you love WRs you won’t love this piece because it is high risk high reward.

The Desean Jackson, Mecole Hardman, Robby Anderson types that have blazing speed hold so much fantasy value.

These type of guys can win you a game one week because you are comfortably getting 15-20 a week from your backs.

Now, one of these guys scores 13 points in one play because they ran past the defense and caught 75 yard TD!

They might only have 3 catches but they were all deep shots and they turned them into 100 yards and a TD.

It happens more often than one might think. In 2019, there were 21 receiving TDs that were 70 yards or more and over 50 that were 50 yards or more. The numbers don’t lie.

Two Of A Kind Draft Strategy

This is a safer strategy but still fun nonetheless.

Balance your team out and relieve yourself of stress.

This strategy once again controls the trade market.

When someone else looks at your team, they might see the flaws in their own team and it is hard to get your friends or whomever you play with to admit you have a better team than they do.

But with two of a kind, you’ve eliminated any weaknesses and secured yourself with depth.

Two Of A Kind Outlook

Round 1. RB 
Round 2. RB                                                         
Round 3. WR
Round 4. WR
Round 5. TE
Round 6. TE
Round 7. QB
Round 8. QB


Round 1. Dalvin Cook
Round 2. Miles Sanders
Round 3. Amari Cooper
Round 4. Courtland Sutton
Round 5. Mark Andrews
Round 6. Darren Waller
Round 7. Matt Stafford
Round 8. Ben Roethlisberger


With a team like this, how can you not be successful? This strategy still values going RB more than anything.

Pair two horses together and let them work. Next, go WR to create some consistency. You are on your way to stacking up points, but what comes next is very underrated. 

Tight Ends

First off, TEs always seem to get hurt so it is very key to have two. In rounds 6-9, if you still can get Mark Andrews or Darren Waller you are lucky.

Finding two guys like Jared Cook and Eric Ebron makes a lot of sense too, but take them both, not just one.

TEs are so inconsistent when you get past the top guys so you should really avoid fishing in the waivers.

If you get to a point where you are comfortable with just one, ship the other. Some people will offer you a back you cannot pass up because they are tired of getting less than 5 points every week from their TE.

So what happens, they start to search for a trade and who is the man they have to see, YOU, because you have all the trade pieces. 


If you do get either Lamar or Mahomes then I do not suggest getting a QB before round 5 anyway. Russell Wilson and Carson Wentz might be nice, but it is not worth it when some weeks Gardner Minshew can score 25.

Hear me out, stash two QBs like Matt Stafford or Big Ben and play the matchups. With two QBs you can feel much more comfortable.

One of your QBs might have to play a top defense but the other has a much easier matchup or a matchup that should be a shootout.

When taking a QB, here is a little secret. Look at the YPA (Yards Per Attempt). It is so frustrating when you watch a game and they never take any shots or they just hit the checkdowns all the time.

When a QB has a 7.9 YPA or higher, that means they are actually testing defenses down the field. Certain QBs see 1 on 1 coverage and like their matchups but some don’t like to mess up their stats and won’t throw it.

Some will only throw it to WRs that are wide open and most the time, the RB checkdown is wide open. Stay away if they don’t have a good YPA average.

Another secret, Big Ben and Matt Stafford have very high YPAs and are available later in the draft! These two along with others could help you solidify your QB position.

Thanks for Reading

Use any one of these unique strategies or just take what you want from them. Ultimately, you do not want to be the one panicking because you are not prepared.

Hopefully these strategies can help you force the hand of your opponents while you are in the driver’s seat. Enjoy!

What do you think?  Leave a comment below of your best draft strategy. 


Thank you for reading my post. Eric and I hope you find our website helpful. Please leave a comment below if you have any questions or comments!


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