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Best Fantasy Football Draft Picks

My best fantasy football draft picks are LOCKS!  I mean it.

For all of this incredible research that I am providing in this free post, I really should be getting paid by somebody.

However, I did all of this research really for my own sake.  I want to uncover all of the best draft picks this year.

How am I doing this?  Well, I have a knack for understanding football and especially how the NFL coaches use players according to their scheme.

I am also very good at identifying which teams will not be competitive and thus not good fantasy options and should be avoided at all costs.

With all of that being said.  There is a lot that goes into me discovering which year brings the best players based on previous draft history.  There is one tool that I have really taken a look at and I have made an incredibly helpful Google Sheets Doc that all of you can view.

Best Fantasy Football Draft Picks

My Secret Fantasy Football Draft Tool

The Google Sheet Doc below shows the Average Draft Position (ADP) of each player based off of 2,600 mock drafts that were held 2 days after the last preseason game.  So the data compiled from this website is essentially the final average draft positions for all NFL players.

I trust this site over all of the other draft sites when it comes to predictability of each players ADP.  The website is fantasy and I have used it for the last 3 years to help me for my fantasy football draft prep.

It has been scary accurate and has given me an incredible advantage in identifying who I will draft on draft day and also who will be available to me at each draft pick that I have.

So essentially these are the final ADP numbers for each year that I will have in this post.  I will start by using the data gathered from last year, 2019.

The Best Fantasy Football Tip on the Internet

Now how I have used the data from the website is rather elementary.  But it is still powerful and extremely insightful nonetheless.

All I did was take the final ADP of every NFL player (RB, WR, QB, TE, K, Defense) and then show where that player actually ended up at the end of the season in terms of how many total points they scored.

I did this for every player in the top 125 of ADP NFL players.  This way you can compare the trends of when players are normally drafted in fantasy drafts and how that draft position correlates to their actual final fantasy points number.





Thank you for reading my post. Dominique and I hope you find our website helpful. Please leave a comment below if you have any questions or comments!


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