Alvin Kamara Fantasy Outlook 2020

Alvin Kamara Fantasy Outlook 2020

This is the best and realest Alvin Kamara fantasy outlook 2020 on the internet.  You can take that to the bank.  Below you will get an in depth look at how Kamara will perform this year.  We will look at every possible angle so that you have all the information you need in determining if you should draft Kamara in 2020.

Alvin Kamara Fantasy Outlook 2020

Team: New Orleans Saints

Height: 5’10

Weight: 215

Age: 25

Year in NFL: Entering his 4th year

Alvin Kamara Fantasy ADP & Half PPR Projections for 2020

ADP (Average Draft Position): 4

2020 Projection: 209 carries. 1,089 yards. 12 rush TDs. 87 receptions. 956 yards. 4 receiving TDs

2020 Fantasy Score Projection: 344

Alvin Kamara Fantasy Outlook

What is there not to like about Mr. Kamara? He can do it all. What stands out about him is his knack for gaining extra yards, ESPCIALLY AROUND THE GOALINE! This guy has a knack for getting into the endzone. Wait, and he is unguarable. Money in the bank.

Guess what.. Sean Payton (Head Coach) and Pete Carmichael (Offensive Coordinator) are still directing the ship in New Orleans. They form one of the longest tenured duos currently in the NFL where stability is not that common. That is great news for Kamara because it seems like they love getting the ball in his hands.

Drew Brees is another person that loves to get the ball in Kamara’s hands. Therefore the people calling the plays and the one with the ball to start every play are looking to Kamara to have a huge impact.

Fun fact in case you did not know, Kamara has caught exactly 81 passes in each of his 3 seasons thus far in the league.

It is great news to see Kamara’s receiving stats. In Half PPR and PPR leagues that puts his value way up! When you watch the Saints you can see he has designed routes called for him.

However, Brees likes to check it down quickly to him also. He is a player used throughout the drive also. What I mean by that is they call his number on 1st, 2nd or 3rd even 4th down.

Pros & Cons

  • Same Staff
  • Same QB With Great Chemistry
  • Heavily Utilized in Pass Game
  • Contract Year!
  • Nagging Injuries
  • Never Had More Than 194 Carries

They also look to him in the redzone with specific ‘Kamara’ plays like 1 on 1 routes against the LB or jet sweeps. 

The Saints are a great fantasy team. More specifically, they play in a division that can score points which means they have to stay aggressive.

They are aggressive by nature anyway and will go for it sometimes on 4th down or keep the starters out there for another series even with a lead.

They can blow teams out but most the time they are comfortably calling their plays and staying true to who they are.

New Orleans Saints Offensive Line 2020

Projected Starting Line: LT Terron Armstead, LG: Andrus Peat, C: Erik McCoy RG: Cesar Ruiz RT: Ryan Ramcyzk

Very similar to the 2019 unit.

Terron Armstead was drafted in the 3rd round of the 2013 NFL Draft and McCoy was a 2nd round pick of the 2019 NFL Draft. The other 3 starting linemen were first round picks! The Saints obviously value the big hogmollies and have a top 10 unit in all of the NFL. 

Armstead is a two time pro bowler and a 2018 second team all pro. Andrus Peat matches Armstead being a pro bowler in each of the last two seasons. Erik McCoy impressed from Day 1 and was on the 2019 All Rookie Team. Ramcyzk went from Second Team All Pro in 2018 to First Team All Pro in 2019. I change my statement, THIS IS THE BEST OFFENSIVE LINE THE IN NFL!

Alvin Kamara Strength of Schedule

As mentioned earlier, the NFC South is not known for their defensive play. The Saints ranked highest in overall team defense for 2019 at number 11. The Buccaneers, Falcons and Panthers all gave up 24 or more points per game last season. Yikes!

The Saints first 3 games are all Primetime games. How fun is it to be able to watch your fantasy players no matter where you live? Now, how fun is it to have a top fantasy player play on Sunday afternoon, Sunday night or Monday night while your opponent only has a Kicker or Tight End left to play? Kamara and the Saints only have four 1 o’clock kickoffs! It does not get any better than that.

Alvin Kamara Fantasy Playoff Schedule

Kamara’s playoff schedule is not a positive or negative. At Philadelphia, vs Kansas City, vs Minnesota and at Carolina is neither a cake walk nor a gauntlet so it is safe to say he should be his normal self.

Alvin Kamara Injury History

In 2017, Kamara’s rookie season he made it through 16 games but left Week 14 early with a concussion. 2019 Kamara battled knee and ankle injuries which caused him to miss 2 full games and not be heavily utilized in 5 other games.

Alvin Kamara’s Skillset

Home run ability: B. Kamara does not have elite speed but he can run away from some DBs and score long TDs.

Playmaking ability: A-. It is often we see Kamara make something out of nothing or make the extraordinary play.

Is Alvin Kamara a Good Fantasy Pick?

Kamara is my number 1 projected scorer this season for any non QB position. 

You can see the pieces around him. The good play calling, good QB play, great OL. It is obvious that he is setup for success.

A big note for Kamara, this is his contract season! Expect him to play like he wants the bag. 


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