Aaron Jones Fantasy Outlook 2020

Aaron Jones Fantasy Outlook 2020

This is the best and realest Aaron Jones fantasy outlook 2020 on the internet. You can take that to the bank. Below you will get an in depth look at how Aaron Jones will perform this year. We will look at every possible angle so that you have all the information you need in determining if you should draft Aaron Jones in 2020.

Aaron Jones Fantasy Outlook 2020

Team: Green Bay Packers

Height: 5’9

Weight: 208

Age: 25

Year in NFL: Entering his 4th year


Aaron Jones Fantasy ADP & Fantasy Outlook for 2020

ADP (Average Draft Position): 13

2020 Projection: (16 games) 245 carries. 1,199 yards. 10 rush TDs. 57 receptions. 502 yards. 3 receiving TDs.

2020 Score Projection: 276.6

Aaron Jones Fantasy Outlook

Aaron Jones tied Derrick Henry for the most rushing TDs in 2019 with 16. He was a great surprise player for Green Bay last season and a key reason they advanced all the way to the NFC Championship. 

Jones 2018 started with a two game suspension and because of that he scared some folks away because they thought it could be a timeshare between he and Jamal Williams. Well Jones put all that to rest in 2019. He has become the lionshare guy in that backfield and that is exciting. 

The Packers got a new coach in Matt LaFluer in 2019. LaFleur has been around the Shanahan’s for a good portion of his young career. What that means is he is creative and a bit innovative. The Packers are seen in 13 personnel at times which is 1 RB 1 WR and 3 TEs.

Unusual because the most common personnel today is 11 personnel, 1 RB 1 TE and 3 WRs. His ability to use different personnel groupings sets him apart and plays to Jones’ advantage as well.

When there are 3 TEs in the game, corners now have to come down and play more at the line of scrimmage because the TE could be a threat to run a route or the corner has the TE in man.

Pros & Cons

  • Lead Back
  • Great Momentum from 2019
  • Utilized as a Receiving Back
  • AJ Dillon
  • Will He Digress

Nonetheless, corners are not good tacklers in most cases, but more importantly they are not good at filling.

What I mean is that LaFleur makes it tough for the defense to have gap integrity because it is not naturally a corners job to be involved in the run game. Usually that is all the LBs’ job. 

Now Aaron Jones’ skillset comes into play because he is good at jumping in a hole or making it look like he has chosen a hole to run thru and jumping out of that hole and bursting thru somewhere else! Corners, naturally are not patient enough to pick the right hole or the same hole the back picks and that leads to big runs. 

This is just one way LaFleur takes advantage of a defense, not his only way. I just point that out because Aaron Jones had a good amount of long gains running out of 13 personnel.

The overall point is that LaFleur likes to attack defenses with the run game and with unusual run formations. Aaron Jones likes being the beneficiary.

Green Bay Packers Offensive Line 2020

Projected Starting Line: LT: David Bakhtiari, LG: Lane Taylor, C: Corey Linsley, RG: Billy Turner, RT: Ricky Wagner

David Bakhtiari is a decorated lineman. He has been named first team all pro once and been named second team all pro 3 times. Easily one of the best LTs in the league.

Linsley and Taylor have been regular starters for the Packers since 2015. 

Billy Turner has played for 3 other teams, but 2019 was his first season in Green Bay. Ricky Wagner was signed this offseason coming from Detroit.

In conclusion, this offensive line has some strong continuity from the left side. The right side has good NFL experience and will adapt with good leadership from the three guys who have been in Green Bay their whole careers. As a whole, this unit is able to do what is asked. They are not a very massive unit mainly because they are but they are athletic and physical. 

Aaron Jones Strength of Schedule

A week 5 bye week is pretty early. Not ideal for a back because he then has to go 12 straight weeks carrying the load. Glass half full, you do not have to miss having him for a big game later in your fantasy season.

The Packers face 4 teams who had top 10 defenses in 2019 and also have 5 primetime games. That should make you smile if Aaron Jones ends up on your team.

Aaron Jones Fantasy Playoff Schedule

Jones has one of the better fantasy playoff schedules. Week 14 is at Detroit. Week 15 and 16 the Packers play host to the Panthers and Titans. None of the teams mentioned ranked in the top 20 during 2019 in total defense! That is a huge help for Jones. If your championship is Week 17 however, Jones has a much tougher looking matchup at Soldier Field against the Bears.

Aaron Jones Injury History

Jones started every game in 2019 which is great news. In 2018 Jones missed some time during training camp with a hamstring injury and 2 regular season games with a knee sprain. 2017 Jones missed 3 regular season games with a knee sprain as well.

Aaron Jones Skillset

Home Run Ability: B+. Jones does not have elite speed but it certainly comes as no surprise when he does break long runs or take it all the way to the house.

Playmaking Ability: B+. Aaron Jones runs hard and does squeeze thru some tight holes. All around he does possess some excitement when watching him play.

Is Aaron Jones a Good Fantasy Pick?

Yes. A steal RB2 because he has RB1 upside. I do question if he can carry the load but last year he was very durable. Also adds value in the pass game.


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